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2020 Top Prospects

Michael Archie ll  OF - 2020 - Birmingham, AL
Miles College

Archie showed a big, physical frame with an athletic feel for the outfield. He flashed a raw tools set from both sides of the ball with his strength being his strongest attribute. He showcased a sub 7.00 second sixty yard dash with a mid-80's arm from the outfield. The righthanded hitter also showed a middle to pull side approach and proved to have some power to the pull side. With his skill set, the projectable outfielder has a chance to utilize his raw, physical tools to turn into a great ball player in the near future.

Ben David  C - 2020 - Lake Charles, LA
McNeese State

David is a primary catcher who flashed a very strong bat to compliment the advanced skill set behind the plate. He showed a quick, effortless transfer before throwing down at a pop time of 1.96 seconds with throws being on the money. At the plate, the righthanded hitter showed he could create leverage while making contact out front while getting extended. He made loud contact all weekend while showing a gap to gap approach.

Aaron Evers  OF - 2020 - Stonewall, LA

Evers would go on to prove himself as the strongest arm in the event as he would go on to throw it 96 mph from the outfield. He utilized a larger frame with a very mature skill set to go with it. The righthanded pitcher also showed that arm strength as he would go on to top out at 87 mph while he pounded the zone. With his build, he projects very well from the mound.

Tyler Lee  SS - 2020 - Panama City, FL

Lee is a primary shortstop who flashed signs of advanced feel while complimenting it with a good bat at the dish. He showed some range in the infield with an accurate, strong arm from all angles. He threw it 82 mph across the diamond while hitting his target each time. He showed a balanced look at the plate spraying the baseball to all fields while consistently finding the barrel. He showed a good feel for the pitch on the outer half of the plate letting it get deep.

Anthony Patterson  RHP - 2020 - Clarksville, TN
Bryan College

Patterson is a long, lanky primary who shows plenty of room to fill in the future. He proved to read the baseball well off the bat with good reads and a quick first step. He also showed a fast, whippy arm action with some carry on his throws entering the infield at 87 mph. The secondary righthanded pitcher showed a fluid delivery with a compact circle arm action delivering from a high three-quarter to over the top arm action. He had a good three pitch mix in which he stayed down in the zone getting weak contact. His fastball showed late life topping out at 86 mph. He also showed he could get it done at the plate as he showed he could get the bat head out front and found the barrel frequently. Showed some pull side pop with a middle to pull side approach. He also snuck just inside of sub-7.0 second sixty yard dash at 6.99 seconds.

Mailon Reese  OF - 2020 - Auburn, AL
St. Johns River CC

Reese showcased himself as one of the best all around ball players from this weekend. He flashed a sub-7.0 second at 6.72. He also proved to have a solid bat as the righthanded hitter created some bat speed as he showed some power potential as well with an all fields approach. He tallied a 92 mph exit velo as well to compliment his in game achievements. Not only did his bat show well but his arm did too. He topped out at 87 mph on the mound with the fastball complimented with a sharp 11/5 curveball. His arm strength stood out in the infield as well as he topped out at 92 mph throwing from the outfield with accuracy as well.

Dalton Rudd  C - 2020 - Ellsinore, MO
Western Kentucky

Rudd is a primary catcher and secondary outfielder who showed as very athletic. He showed projectable tools behind the plate with a quick transfer and release with pop time of 1.84 seconds. Rudd flashed strong footwork in the outfield as well with a big arm clocking in at 91 mph. He also got it done at the plate with loud contact. Showed a linear to uphill swing path while showing gap to gap type pop. He also was flashed a top exit velo off the bat at 92 mph.

Carson Sorrell  SS - 2020 - Tupelo, MS

Sorrel is a primary shortstop who showed a bigger frame with a lean build and plenty of room to fill in the future. He showed off his skill set in the infield throwing it 85 mph across the diamond as he flashed a smooth glove to go with it. He also ran a 6.93 second sixty yard dash. The righthanded pitcher topped out at 87 mph while it showed a downhill plane and late life. With his frame & skill set, he projects very highly.

Lance Wade  OF - 2020 - Baton Rouge, LA

Wade is a primary outfielder who also showed very well on the mound. Showed projectable arm strength from the outfield at 88 mph. The righthanded hitter also showed a simple, compact swing at the plate with a middle of the field line drive type approach while showing he can hit for power to the pull side. With his 6.63 second sixty yard dash, he showed he can create opportunities on the base paths with his speed. He also showed a nice three pitch mix on the mound while he filled up the strike zone during his outing. Fastball topping out in the upper-80's proved that the arm strength is relevant.

2021 Top Prospects

Jacob Almon  RHP - 2021 - Thompsons Station, TN

Almon flashed a stocky build with mature strength present in his build. The righthanded pitcher showed some projectability as he topped his fastball out at 85 mph delivering from a high three-quarter arm slot. He complimented it with a slider that showed more run than sink. He projects well off the mound as he flashed a fluid arm action with more in the tank.

Jonathan Burn  SS - 2021 - Wiggins, MS
Mississippi Gulf Coast CC

Burn showed some impressive skills in the middle infield as he had a confidence that was presently visible. His glove proved to be of high level as he showed fast twitch tendencies. Although he is not a burner in the speed department, his baseball IQ showed high as he made all the plays with his feet being in the proper spots. He also showed well offensively in the box as the righthanded hitter squared the baseball up all weekend. With a linear bat path, he proved that he could spray the baseball to all fields while making contact out front. With his build and already present skill set, the projectability here is through the roof.

Cason Firth  OF - 2021 - Lagrange, GA

Firth showcased a great skill set with his speed being his strongest attribute. He went on to run a quick 6.55 second sixty yard dash. He also flashed great instincts in the outfield with a quick first step while making great reads on the baseball. His arm showed carry through the infield as well that topped out at 81 mph.

Daniel Keber  SS - 2021 - Hilton Head Island, SC

Keber flashed an average frame with an athletic look and strong lower half. The primary shortstop showed a flashy glove with young footwork and a very strong arm. He ended up throwing it 90 mph across the diamond with carry to it and accuracy as well. He also showed great signs on the mound as he topped out with the fastball at 83 mph while spotting it up utilizing a compact arm action. He went on to show a nice three pitch mix where he relied on his curveball for swings and misses.

Myles Liggans  OF - 2021 - Loreauville, LA

Liggans proved to be a premier type outfielder who showed off his speed with an advanced feel in the outfield. He went on to run a 6.69 second sixty yard dash that was one of the top times from the weekend. He also showed a strong bat creating some loud contact with a linear swing path showing a gap to gap approach using his speed to create opportunities.

Brennon McNair  SS - 2021 - Magee, MS
South Alabama

McNair is an athletic looking, toolsy ball player with a good feel for the middle infield. He showed advanced first step reactions while staying balanced & low through the baseball moving in each direction. He also showed an arm that was accurate with carry across the diamond at 81 mph. While his glove showed very well, the bat was no less of a strong attribute. He also showed a balanced look here as he created strong separation before showing off good bat speed. McNair utilized a gap to gap approach while proving he could drive the baseball deep in the pull side gap.

Brendon Minor  RHP - 2021 - Madison, MS

Minor is a long, lanky righthanded pitcher who is showing plenty of room to fill down the road. The righty showed repeatable motions as he would go on to fill up the zone with a nice two pitch mix in a fastball and curveball. He flashed great pitchability as well as he would go on to work all four quadrants with a fastball topping out at 84 mph. He also showed some potential at the plate while he proved he could get the bat head out front finding the barrel often. After creating separation, he showed a linear swing path with a middle of the field approach. With his frame, look for him to be late bloomer on the mound in the future.

2022 Top Prospects

Elijah (Eli) Berch  C - 2022 - Jackson, MS

Berch showed an above average frame with strong, stocky look. The primary catcher used that frame and size to his advantage as he showed a solid transfer flashing a 2.03 second pop time. His bat proved to be his best attribute from the weekend. He showed strong hands as he would go on to create some obvious bat speed squaring the baseball up out front while getting extended. Berch showed some pull side pop with a gap to gap type approach. With him making loud contact all week, he will be a solid look for his bat.

Tyler Gunter  RHP - 2022 - Diberville, MS

Gunter is a tall, lanky kid here with long limbs showing plenty of room to fill in the future. The righthanded hurler flashed a deeper arm action before working from a high three-quarters slot. He showed a great three pitch mix as he worked off the fastball that he worked all four quadrants with as it topped at 82 mph. His swing and miss pitch was his slurvy type curveball that he struck multiple batters out with. With his skill set on the mound and projectable size, he will look to continue to progress and grow into a top arm from his class.

Ross Highfill  C - 2022 - Madison, MS
Southern Miss

Highfill, a Madison native shows strength in his game in every aspect. At the plate he creates hard jump off the barrel when squared with an 88 MPH exit velocity. He shows quick athletic actions behind the plate with a sub-1.9 pop time. As well as showing off his overall athleticism by running a 6.99 as a catcher.

Cameron Keshock  RHP - 2022 - Spanish Fort, AL

Keshock is a physical specimen who is already filling out as a young prospect. The big righthanded pitcher showed a fast arm with delivering from a high three-quarters arm slot. His fastball proved to have late life as he pounded the zone with it topping out at 88 mph. He also showed to have plenty more in the tank as he cruised through several hitters with ease. Keshock put that frame to use at the plate as well showing big time pop. He made loud contact after loud contact showing big pull side power while getting extended. While punishing the baseball, he proved to have some of the best bat speed at the event with an exit velo of 90 mph. WIth his size already prevalent and his skill set proving to be mature, his projectability is extremely high.

Tyler Morrison  OF - 2022 - Jasper, AL

Morrison showed a long, lanky build with plenty of room to fill out down the road. The righthanded pitcher showed an over the top arm action as he utilized his legs well driving down the mound. He showed repeatable mechanics as he showed a nice two pitch mix while pitching off his fastball. His fastball topped out at 84 mph but he showed more in the tank as he will continue to add weight to his frame. He also showed well in the outfield with a big arm and clean footwork with a smooth transfer into his accurate throws. He topped at 91 mph from the outfield as well showing off that arm. With his projectability, he will be an interesting watch as he gets older & stronger.

Chris Stanfield  OF - 2022 - Tallahassee, FL

Stanfield flashed a lean frame with an athletic build while he went on to run the fast sixty yard dash of the weekend at 6.44 seconds. He also showed he could get it done at the plate while he had a great Batting Practice round and proved it in the games. His exit velo of the tee was 87 mph as well. He proved to be a true utility type ball player this weekend with his athleticism leading the way.

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