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2020 Top Prospects

Josh Carrico  3B - 2020 - Alpharetta, GA

Carrico's offensive game was on full display over the course of the weekend as he was consistently doing damage in game. He hit an absolute bomb of a home run on Saturday that got way out to right field, then continuing that offensive onslaught by picking up several more hits throughout the weekend with big jump off the barrel when squared.

Jonathan Villa  C - 2020 - Lumberton, NC

Villa stood out offensively all weekend long, taking a very good round of batting practice on Friday night with consistent firm barrels to all fields, then carrying those hitting tools into game action, where he consistently found the barrel again and showed impact potential with the bat overall.

Jake Newquist  RHP - 2020 - Clarksburg, MD

A primary righthanded pitcher, Newquist was good on the mound in this event. He worked 80-84 mph with his fastball, showing good arm speed in the process, working in a curveball that showed bat-missing potential as well. He also stood out defensively in the infield with with good hands and overall actions along with an 83 mph arm across the diamond.

Nick Duncan  RHP - 2020 - Patrick Springs, VA

Duncan showed well on the mound as a primary righthanded pitcher in this event, pounding the upper part of the strike zone with fastballs that reached 83 mph and had very good arm side life. He's able to miss bats with the fastball up in the zone consistently and mixed in a projectable curveball and developing changeup as well.

Shemar Dalton  OF - 2020 - Walnut Cove, NC
North Carolina A&T

A North Carolina A&T commit, Dalton's all-around game showed well in this event. He ran well, posting a 6.95 second 60 yard dash time, and also showed off very good arm strength with easy actions in the outfield, clocked up to 85 mph. Offensively he does a nice job getting into his lower half and generating good bat speed with projection for power long term.

2021 Top Prospects

Payton Green  SS - 2021 - Cary, NC

Green's overall game is extremely talented and he put it on display this weekend. A very talented infield defender, Green moves easily in any direction and his infield actions stand out above the rest, with clean hands and plenty of arm strength across the diamond to go along with a loose, whippy stroke at the plate that produces hard barrels consistently with tremendous overall power projection.

Corey Adams  2B - 2021 - Richmond, VA

Adams stood out over the course of the weekend both with the bat and in the field. He consistently squared the ball up in game and showed off both very good bat speed and quality strength, giving him good power now with projection for more. The arm strength is also a high-quality tool, as he threw 86 mph from the outfield and 84 mph across the infield.

Cole Peverall  RHP - 2021 - Alexandria, VA

A primary righthanded pitcher, Peverall's performance on the mound was a good one. He worked 80-85 mph with his fastball, generating very good life and missing bats up in the zone with ease, also showing good feel for his slider and changeup. He's also got intriguing power at the plate with projection for more long term.

Cole Sutton  C - 2021 - Fayetteville, NC

Sutton showed well with the bat throughout the course of the weekend, taking a loud round of BP and continuing to take good swings in games. There's a solid combination of bat speed and strength there, and he does a great job of consistently finding the barrel, pairing his offensive game well with with good defensive tools behind the plate.

Bryson Willis  OF - 2021 - Morehead City, NC

Willis' offensive game stood out throughout the weekend, showing some of the better barrel skills of those in attendance. He moves the barrel around the zone easily and is able to get barrel on balls all over the zone, showing a whole-field approach with very consistent bat-to-ball skills, along with quality athleticism and baserunning ability/instincts.

Zach Jones  RHP - 2021 - Hillsborough, NC

Jones' arm strength was on full display over the course of the weekend, throwing 85 mph from the outfield and 80 mph across the infield during the workout portion of the event. A primary pitcher, he was impressive on the mound as well, working 80-84 mph with his fastball, showing projectable arm speed as well as feel for throwing strikes with a 3-pitch mix.

Dylan Schloss  RHP - 2021 - Beaverdam, VA

Schloss showed solid two-way potential in this event. A primary righthanded pitcher, he ran his fastball up to 83 mph and mixed in both a curveball and changeup that show potential. He also has a good swing at the plate, getting the barrel out front and consistently driving the ball while also showing very good defensive ability over at first base.

Alex Smalls  RHP - 2021 - Charleston, SC

Smalls stood out as a two-way player in this event. He showed a quick, easy stroke when hitting that generates good strength and bat speed, allowing him to drive the ball on a line to all fields. He also was good on the mound, where he ran his fastball up to 83 mph with good sinking life and feel for his secondaries while throwing a good number of strikes.

2022 Top Prospects

Jason Cheifetz  RHP - 2022 - Centreville, VA
James Madison

Cheifetz's all-around game stood out throughout the course of the weekend, starting on the mound where he worked 80-85 mph with his fastball, projecting well and showing a full four-pitch mix that he threw for strikes. There's a fair bit of power in his offensive game as well, showing the ability to get the head out and drive the ball pull side with projection for even more.

Bailey Matela  LHP - 2022 - Norfolk, VA

A long, projectable lefthander, Matela was very good on the mound in this event. He's got an easy operation on the mound and ran his fastball up to 82 mph with significant projection long term, also mixing in both a curveball for strikes and a sharp slider that he was able to miss bats with. He's certainly one to follow in the '22 class.

Blake Pesante  SS - 2022 - Charlotte Hall, MD

Pesante showed well in several facets, looking like a potential two-way player at the college level. A primary shortstop, Pesante shows very quality fielding actions with hands that work out front and good athleticism along with an 82 mph arm across the diamond. He's got projectable bat speed at the plate, and also worked 81-84 mph on the mound with a pair of solid breaking balls.

Brooks Brannon  C - 2022 - Winston-Salem, NC

Brannon's offensive game stood out right away in batting practice on Friday night, showing a very good combination of strength and bat speed that he used to consistently leverage and drive the ball. He continued swinging it well throughout the games, picking up several loud barrels over the course of the weekend and looking like a potential impact offensive force.

Wagner Morrissette  OF - 2022 - Whitsett, NC

Morrissette's arm strength stands out right away, loose and whippy with lots of projection, throwing 83 mph from the OF. He graded out best on the mound overall, running his fastball up to 83 mph with good life and quality feel for his slider and changeup, possessing excellent long term projection on the mound given that arm speed and his physical projection overall.

Brad Gregory  C - 2022 - Sanford, NC

Gregory was good both with the bat and behind the plate. Offensively he showed a good combination of strength and bat speed that produces consistently well-struck liners with good carry off the barrel. Defensively, he showed very solid catch-and-throw ability, exploding out of his crouch with good direction and impressive arm strength clocked up to 81 mph.

2023 Top Prospects

Raymond Ladd  RHP - 2023 - Blacksburg, VA

Ladd has impressive physicality for a rising freshman and that physicality works well for him both on the mound and with the bat. He ran his fastball up to 83 mph with good angle as well as feel for a sharp curveball. He also showed serious strength at the plate, showing the ability to drive the ball pull side with big carry when square.

Preston Crowl  SS - 2023 - Wirtz, VA

A rising freshman, Crowl stood out on the mound in front of our evaluators this weekend. He showed good arm speed with present feel for his stuff and the zone along with very good projection. His fastball ran up to 81 mph and both his slider and changeup showed advanced action at this stage in his development. He's one to follow in the class of 2023.

Ryan Hench  3B - 2023 - Hillsborough, NC

Hench showed solid two-way upside in this one, handling the bat well at the plate and showing the ability to make solid contact all over the zone with good projection. He graded out best on the mound, running his fastball up to 82 mph with good life and very solid feel for his slider, which has some bite to it when he's on top of it.

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