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2020 Top Prospects

Michael Quigley  RHP - 2020 - Halifax, MA
Massachusetts at Lowell

Quigley was loud on the mound, running his fastball up to 90 mph and working in a very good curveball as well. In addition to that, he threw 92 mph across the infield, showed off his athleticism with a 6.79 second 60 yard dash, and stood out at the plate as well with an intriguing combination of bat speed and raw power.

Connor Bradshaw  OF - 2020 - New Rochelle, NY

A Pepperdine commit, Bradshaw's athleticism and projection are both really high end. He ran a blistering 6.56 second 60 yard dash, a legitimate plus time, and has the kind of bat speed to go along with his physical projection that point to him hitting for serious power eventually. The arm strength is also there, with throws clocked up to 85 mph from the outfield.

Justin Humenay  RHP - 2020 - Beaconsfield, QC CAN

Humenay stands out as a legitimate two-way talent with real tools. A solid athlete, Humenay's athleticism plays well in the outfield where he has big time arm strength, clocked up to 92 mph on throws. He swings it well with quality bat speed and timing, showing the ability to drive the ball up the gaps, then got on the mound and ran his fastball up to 88 mph with good life and very good feel for spinning the ball.

Charlie Coon  LHP - 2020 - Duxbury, MA
Boston College

Coon stood out both on the mound and with his bat, showing pretty legitimate two-way upside as a Boston College commit. He worked up to 84 mph on the mound with a wipeout slider, quality changeup, and a lot of strikes; as well as showing off excellent bat speed at the plate with big power projection as well as solid athleticism.

Chris Vivenzio  RHP - 2020 - Setauket, NY

Vivenzio was dominant in his time on the mound, absolutely pounding the zone and missing barrels at a high clip. His 82-85 mph fastball was overpowering up in the zone and he does a great job generating life on the pitch, mixing in a solid slider as well that he tunnels really well off of his fastball.

Chris Presinal  1B - 2020 - Boston, MA
Massachusetts at Lowell

Presinal has excellent size and overall physicality, using that strength in a variety of ways on the baseball field. He showed off big arm strength from both the left side of the infield (87 mph) as well as first base (85 mph), then took some loud swings, showing impact bat speed and that strength producing excellent power.

James Ward  3B - 2020 - Queensbury, NY

Ward's physical strength stands out in addition to his quality all-around corner infield profile. He's got good hands and range at third base with plenty of arm strength, clocked up to 86 mph across the diamond with good carry on throws; in addition to showing off legitimate raw power at the plate, driving several missiles pull side with excellent carry off the barrel.

Julien Silvestre  RHP - 2020 - Lynn, MA

Silvestre was very impressive on the mound, working from a whippy low three quarters slot that creates excellent angle. He worked in the 81-85 mph range with his fastball, generating excellent arm side run, and showing a solid slider with good tilt as well.

Logan Pfannenbecker  C - 2020 - Woodbridge, CT

Pfannenbecker had a good week both with the bat and defensively. A switch-hitter who is legitimately mirrored in terms of being good from both sides, Pfannenbecker has excellent bat speed with extra base pop and good barrel skills from either side of the plate, and showed solid athleticism with easy movements and good footwork and arm strength behind the plate.

Carson Prouty  LHP - 2020 - Hermon, ME

Prouty showed well as a two-way talent, getting his fastball up to 82 mph from the left side with very good command and a quality curveball; and also showing off solid athleticism in the outfield with an 85 mph arm and swinging it well with quality bat speed and intriguing power projection.

Jackson Connerney  RHP - 2020 - Newtonville, MA

Connerney stood out in several ways over the weekend and shows two-way potential. He ran the 60 yard dash in 6.94 seconds, showed off that athleticism in the outfield as well as an 85 mph arm, has some strength off the barrel when hitting, and got on the mound and ran his fastball up to 83 mph with a solid curveball and good strikes.

Jaden Torrado  OF - 2020 - Bronx, NY

Torrado has quality all-around tools, with good size and projection on his body remaining. He ran a 6.95 second 60 yard dash, took a quality round of outfield and showed off an 80 mph arm, and then showed clean hands at the plate with bat speed and some strength, peppering the whole field with firm liners.

2021 Top Prospects

Phil Diblasi  RHP - 2021 - Derry, NH

Diblasi was extremely impressive on the mound, pounding the zone consistently and showing both good stuff and clean mechanics. He ran his fastball up to 90 mph and sat in the upper-80's, and complemented the heater with a very sharp, downer breaking ball that had plenty of depth and missed a lot of bats.

Jack Beauchesne  RHP - 2021 - Chelmsford, MA

Beauchesne, a primary pitcher, had an exemplary outing on the mound in this event, really dominating throughout his outing. He worked his fastball up to 86 mph with good life and command of it, got swings-and-misses off of his breaking ball, and pounded the strike zone. He also ran well (6.74 60 yard dash), and showing intriguing hitting tools at the plate as well.

Blake Chapman  OF - 2021 - Simsbury, CT
Georgia Southern

Chapman's tools stand out in a big way, with blistering speed (6.31 second 60 yard dash), outstanding arm strength (89 mph from the OF), the athleticism to play center field at a high level, and intriguing hitting tools that produce hard liners to all fields with some extra base pop there.

Jackson Linn  OF - 2021 - Cambridge, MA

Linn was excellent all weekend and he was excellent in a variety of ways. He's got a highly projectable frame and highly projectable athleticism, running a 6.75 second 60 yard dash, and showing off loud arm strength from the outfield up to 88 mph. Offensively, there's a lot to like, with plenty of bat speed as well as a substantial amount of raw power with projection for even more.

Frederick Rushton  SS - 2021 - Worcester, MA

Ruston is ultra-twitchy and that athleticism stood out right away with a dynamic 6.42 second 60 yard dash. That athleticism translates well defensively too, as Rushton showed excellent ability both in the infield and outfield to go along with good arm strength, topping out at 86 mph. There's a lot to like offensively as well with a quick, direct stroke that produced a lot of barrel.

Nick Toro  C - 2021 - Lincoln, RI

Toro has an intriguing all-around profile, highlighted by his power from the right side of the plate. He has very good bat speed and strength, and combines them to bring serious raw power to the table, including homering in game to deep left center. He's also good solid defensive tools behind the plate with good receiving skills and good footwork on his throw-downs.

Nick Remy  RHP - 2021 - Atkinson, NH

A highly-projectable righthander, Remy was very good on the mound in his outing. He worked in the low-mid 80's with his fastball, topping out at 86 mph a handful of times, showing the ability to sink the pitch well in addition to mixing in a solid curveball and a fading changeup. He did a good job of throwing strikes as well.

Lewis Cropper  RHP - 2021 - Wilton, CT

Cropper has excellent size with some projection remaining on his body, and he performed well on the mound as well. He ran his fastball up to 83 mph with good life and good ability to move it around the zone, showing both a curveball and a slider as well that he could land for strikes as well as miss bats with.

Ryan Eaton  2B - 2021 - Williston, VT

Eaton showed off in game action, finding the barrel loudly and consistently, including a missile double pull side followed by a loud, line drive home run to left-center. He's a solid athlete with good speed and defensive ability in the infield as well, though he stood out most for the offensive ability.

Sam Hill  3B - 2021 - Northborough, MA

Hill projects really well as a position player, as he consistently took very good swings throughout the weekend both in batting practice as well as in games, hitting several missiles with good extra base pop. He's also a quality athlete with plenty of arm strength, throwing 87 mph both from the outfield and across the infield.

Samuel Parks  OF - 2021 - Marion, MA

Parks stood out all weekend long and really showed well in game. He ran a 6.50 second 60 yard dash early in the weekend and that speed plays both in the outfield as well as on the base paths. He can really go get it in center field with good instincts and that speed, then turns on the jets after making contact at the plate, where he shows a compact stroke that generates plenty of bat speed and linear juice.

2022 Top Prospects

Ryan Kennedy  RHP - 2022 - Manassas, VA
Virginia Tech

Kennedy, an early commitment to Virginia Tech, stood out on the mound in this event. He ran his fastball up to 85 mph with good plane to the plate and good finish out front, also working in a good slider and developing changeup. He also showed that good arm strength in the infield, clocked up to 86 mph on his throws.

Hayden Miller  SS - 2022 - Sandy Hook, CT

Miller had a really interesting combination of athleticism and potential upside on the mound. He ran the 60 yard dash in 6.81 seconds and showed some bounce to his actions in the middle infield with an 82 mph arm, then got on the mound, ran his fastball up to 82 mph with excellent life as well as a combination of a good curveball and changeup with quality strikes.

Kyle Lavigne  C - 2022 - Bedford, NH

Lavigne showed off excellent power from the right side of the plate, highlighted by his highly-advanced physical strength. He generates plenty of leverage off of a firm from side and really drives the ball into the air, showing easy pull-side HR power that will only continue to grow as he continues developing.

Jack Levine  RHP - 2022 - Yarmouth Port, MA

Levine showed well in a few facets of the game in this event. A primary pitcher, he ran his fastball up to 83 mph with excellent life and very good feel for his changeup, doing a nice job of throwing strikes as well. He also showed off big arm strength in the infield up to 87 mph and took some nice swings with the bat as well.

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