Early Registration - Highly Recommended

Friday, May 31st 6-8 PM

Premier Baseball of Texas
20230 Cypress Rosehill Road
Tomball, TX 77375
Event Schedule
2019 14U Sunshine South & Sunshine South Showcase Schedule
Premier Baseball of Texas Complex-Tomball, TX
Sunshine South Teams 14u Sunshine South Teams
1-Black 5-Green 9-Purple 13-Gray 17-Orange 21-Black 24-Royal
2-Col. Blue 6-Maroon 10-Red 14-Green 18-Purple 22-Col. Blue 25-White
3-Gold 7-Navy 11-Royal 15-Maroon 19-Red 23-Gold
4-Gray 8-Orange 12-White 16-Navy 20-Gray
Saturday, June 1st        
7:00 AM Player Registration @ Premier Baseball of Texas Complex
7:30 AM PG Staff informs players about showcase
8:00 AM Filming begins of all players by Skillshow
Field 3 Catchers Pops
Field 6 Infielders and 1B throw
Field 5 Outfielders
Field 4 60 Yd Dash Teams 13-25 Run first, then report to throw
Teams 1-12 Throw then report to 60 yd
Field # 3 Hit Shag DK Testing   Hit Shag DK Testing
11:20 AM 23-Gold 25-White 4-Gray 2:40 PM 9-Purple 10-Red 12-White
11:40 AM 25-White 23-Gold 3-Gold 3:00 PM 10-Red 9-Purple 11-Royal
12:00 PM 1-Black 2-Col. Blue 23-Gold 3:20 PM 11-Royal 12-White 10-Red
12:20 PM 2-Col. Blue 1-Black 25-White 3:40 PM 12-White 11-Royal 9-Purple
12:40 PM 3-Gold 4-Gray 2-Col. Blue 4:00 PM 13-Gray 14-Green 16-Navy
1:00 PM 4-Gray 3-Gold 1-Black 4:20 PM 14-Green 13-Gray 15-Maroon
1:20 PM 5-Green 6-Maroon 8-Orange 4:40 PM 15-Maroon 16-Navy 14-Green
1:40 PM 6-Maroon 5-Green 7-Navy 5:00 PM 16-Navy 15-Maroon 13-Gray
2:00 PM 7-Navy 8-Orange 6-Maroon
2:20 PM 8-Orange 7-Navy 5-Green
  Field 4   Field 5   Field 6   Field 7
11:20 AM 15-Maroon vs 16-Navy 11:20 AM 13-Gray vs 14-Green 11:20 AM 11-Royal vs 12-White 11:20 AM 21-Black vs 22-Col. Blue
2:10 PM 19-Red vs 20-Gray 2:10 PM 1-Black vs 2-Col. Blue 2:10 PM 17-Orange vs 18-Purple 2:10 PM 3-Gold vs 4-Gray
5:00 PM 9-Purple vs 10-Red 5:00 PM 7-Navy vs 8-Orange 5:00 PM 5-Green vs 6-Maroon   Field 8
1:00 PM 23-Gold vs 24-Royal (5 inn)
2:30 PM 23-Gold vs 25-White (5 inn)
4:00 PM 24-Royal vs 25-White (5 inn)
Sunday June 2nd            
Field 3 Batting Practice Shag DK Testing   Field 4   Field 5
8:00 AM 17-Orange 20-Gray 18-Purple 8:00 AM 10-Red vs 11-Royal 8:00 AM 9-Purple vs 12-White
8:20 AM 20-Gray 17-Orange 19-Red
8:40 AM 19-Red 18-Purple 20-Gray 10:50 AM 18-Purple vs 19-Red 10:50 AM 6-Maroon vs 7-Navy
9:00 AM 18-Purple 19-Red 17-Orange
9:20 AM 24-Royal 21-Black 22-Col. Blue 1:40 PM 2-Col. Blue vs 4-Gray
9:40 AM 21-Black 22-Col. Blue 24-Royal   Field 6   Field 7
10:00 AM 22-Col. Blue 24-Royal 21-Black 8:00 AM 13-Gray vs 15-Maroon 8:00 AM 14-Green vs 16-Navy
Field 3
11:00 AM 21-Black vs 24-Royal (5 inn) 10:50 AM 17-Orange vs 20-Gray 10:50 AM 5-Green vs 8-Orange
12:30 PM 21-Black vs 22-Col. Blue (5 inn) Field 8
2:00 PM 24-Royal vs 22-Col. Blue (5 inn) 8:00 AM 23-Gold vs 25-White
10:50 AM 1-Black vs 3-Gold
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