Showcase Indoor Showcase
Mar 1 - 2, 2003 Perfect Game Indoor Facility - Cedar Rapids, IA  

Event Schedule

  Cage # 2 Cage # 2 Cage # 1 Cage # 1 Cage # 2 Back Cage
  Pitcher Catcher  Pitcher Warmup   Bullpen Catcher Live Hitters Film BP
9:00 AM     Bales Underkofler     
9:20 AM Bales LHP Underkofler  Belk Hall Sweeney,  Anderson, Walser, Eastlund  
9:40 AM Belk RHP Underkofler  Portes Hall Sweeney,  Anderson, Walser, Eastlund  
10:00 AM Grant RHP Hall Bergquist Eastlund Sweeney,  Anderson, Walser, Sadler Murray
10:20 AM Bergquist RHP Hall Zwilling Eastlund Underkofler, Sadler, Sweeney, Portes Anderson
10:40 AM Zwilling RHP Eastlund Joynt Belk Underkofler, Murray, Kalina, Portes Hall, Clark
11:00 AM Joynt RHP Eastlund Kohl Belk Underkofler, Murray, Bergquist, Portes Portes, Walser
11:20 AM Kohl LHP Belk Bignall Jefferson Hall, Clark, Murray, Skelton Underkofler, Sadler
11:40 AM Bignall RHP Belk Anderson Jefferson Clark, Hall, Skelton, Bergquist Joynt, Sweeney
12:00 PM Anderson RHP Jefferson Charvat Arp Clark, Hall, Skelton, Sadler Bergquist, Kalina
12:20 PM Charvat RHP Jefferson Grant Arp Bignall, Bergquist, Kalina, Sadler Tolsma, Zwilling
12:40 PM Rust RHP Arp Underkofler Difazio Bignall, Tolsma, Kalina, Zwilling Belk, Skelton
1:00 PM Underkofler RHP Arp Stringer Difazio Bignall, Tolsma, Kalina, Zwilling Cohen, Hardin
1:20 PM Stringer RHP Difazio Bouvine Clark Charvat, Belk, Joynt, Tolmsa Bignall, Eastlund
1:40 PM Bouvine RHP Difazio Cohen Clark Belk, Joynt, Zwilling, Charvat Jefferson
2:00 PM Cohen RHP Clark Oaks Skelton Difazio, Belk, Joynt, Charvat Stringer
2:20 PM Oaks RHP Clark Murray Skelton Difazio, Stringer, Jefferson, Cohen Charvat
2:40 PM Murray RHP Skelton Tolsma   Difazio, Cohen, Stringer, Jefferson Oaks
3:00 PM Tolsma RHP Skelton Elbert  XXXX Cohen, Stringer, Jefferson, Oaks Difazio
  Cage # 1 Cage # 1 Cage # 2 Cage # 2 Cage # 1 Back Cage
  Pitcher Catcher  Pitcher Warmup   Bullpen Catcher Live Hitters Film BP
8:40 AM     Sigfrinius Geelan    
9:00 AM Sigfrinius RHP Geelan Graham Hutchinson Robbins, Walser, Mason, Arp Gow, Robbins
9:20 AM Graham RHP Geelan Jostock Hutchinson Robbins, Gow, Mason, Arp Marko, Diehl
9:40 AM Jostock RHP Hutchinson Gnacinski   Robbins, Gow, Marko, Arp Mason, Sigfrinius
10:00 AM Gnacinski RHP Hutchinson Jensen Robbins Diehl, Gow, Sigfrinius, Marko Stanturf
10:20 AM Jensen RHP Hutchinson Sweeney Robbins Diehl, Gow, Sigfrinius, Marko Clauss, Jostock
10:40 AM Sweeney LHP Robbins Miller   Clauss, Hutchinson, Sigfrinius, Jostock Gnacinski
11:00 AM Miller RHP Robbins Kapala Arp Clauss, Hutchinson, Geelan, Jostock  
11:20 AM Kapala RHP Robbins Clauss Arp Diehl, Hutchinson, Geelan, Jostock  
11:40 AM Clauss RHP Arp Gow Diehl Sweeney, Hutchinson, Gnacinski, Graham Hutchinson
12:00 PM Gow RHP Arp Marko Diehl Sweeney, Gnacinski, Graham, Jostock  
12:20 PM Marko RHP Diehl Wachendorf Mason Sweeney, Gnacinski, Graham, Clauss  
12:40 PM Wachendorf LHP Diehl     Sweeney, Gnacinski, Graham, Clauss  
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