Event Schedule

June 8th George Brett Fld Roberto Clemente Fld Connie Mack Fld Batting Practice Schedule-Stadium
9:00 AM Registration     June 8th Hitting Tm Shag Tm
10:00 AM Workout:     2:50 PM 3-Green 4-Navy
Run 60     3:15 PM 4-Navy 3-Green
Position Players Throw     3:40 PM 7-Purple 8-Black
3:30 PM 9-Teal vs 10-Kelly 5-White vs 6-Gold 1-Red vs 2-Royal 4:05 PM 8-Black 7-Purple
5:45 PM 11-White vs 12-Red 7-Purple vs 8-Black 3-Green vs 4-Navy 4:30 PM 13-Royal 14-Navy
8:00 PM 15-Gold vs 16-Green 13-Royal vs 14-Navy 5-White vs 7-Purple 4:55 PM 14-Navy 13-Royal
  5:20 PM 15-Gold 16-Green
  5:45 PM 16-Green 15-Gold
  6:10 PM 5-White 6-Gold
  6:35 PM 6-Gold 5-White
  7:00 PM 9-Teal 10-Kelly
  7:25 PM 10-Kelly 9-Teal
  7:50 PM 1-Red 2-Royal
  8:15 PM 2-Royal 1-Red
  8:40 PM 11-White 12-Red
  9:15 PM 12-Red 11-White
June 9th George Brett Fld Roberto Clemente Fld Connie Mack Fld
8:00 AM 2-Royal vs 4-Navy 1-Red vs 3-Green 6-Gold vs 8-Black
10:15 AM 1-Red vs 4-Navy 13-Royal vs 15-Gold 9-Teal vs 11-White
12:30 PM 2-Royal vs 3-Green 14-Navy vs 16-Green 10-Kelly vs 12-Red
2:45 PM 5-White vs 8-Black 9-Teal vs 12-Red 13-Royal vs 16-Green
5:00 PM 6-Gold vs 7-Purple 10-Kelly vs 11-White 14-Navy vs 15-Gold
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