Sunshine West Showcase
Jun 8 - 9, 2013 Southwestern College - Chula Vista, CA
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60 yard dash will be ran on the turf. Please bring tennis shoes (no track shoes or baseball cleats allowed)

Helix Charter HS Parking Instructions

*Field is located on Lowell street one block east of the front of school.  Don't park in front of school.  Park on Lowell.


From Southwestern College to Eastlake HS

From Eastlake HS to Southwestern College

From Southwestern College to Helix Charter HS

At southwestern.  We will have food (breakfast burritos, donuts, hotdogs, hamburgers) and drinks (including coffee) as a fundraiser for high school sports.

Event Schedule

2013 Perfect Game Sunshine West Showcase: Chula Vista, Ca. Presented by Rawlings
Friday, June 7th
• 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Early check-in to receive hat, jersey and printed materials
• 7:30 p.m. College Recruiting Seminar

Both check-in and seminars are at Courtyard San Diego Central
8651 Spectrum Center Blvd • San Diego, California 92123

7:00 AM Players report to field to check-in and receive hat, jersey and printed materials
7:30 AM PG Staff informs players and parents about showcase

Workout Begins at Southwestern College - Filming begins of all players by Skillshow

60 yard dash will be ran on the turf. Please bring tennis shoes (no track shoes or baseball cleats allowed)

8:00 AM Teams 1 thru 4- Fielding and Throwing - Players report to 60 immediately after throwing

Teams 5 thru 17- 60 Yard Dash Workout Format:      

OF - IF - 1B - C Outfielders field & throw from RF (2-3B, 3-HM)

Teams 1 thru 4- 60 Yard Dash Infielders field & throw from SS (1-at, 2-backhands, 1-forehand, 1-slow roller)

Teams 5 thru 17- Fielding and Throwing Firstbasemen field & throw from 1B (2- 3B, 2 Dp, 1-slow roller)

C - OF - IF - 1B Catcher's Pops (4 total)      
Southwestern Eastlake HS Helix HS
BP Hit Shag 10:00 AM 3-Drk Green vs 4-Gold Lo 10:00 AM 1-Black vs 2-Columbia Blue
12:00 PM 15-TxOr 14-Teal              
12:25 PM 16-Vgold 15-TxOr 12:45 PM 7-Maroon vs 8-Navy 12:45 PM 5-Gold Hi vs 6-Kelly Green
12:50 PM 11-Red 16-Vgold              
1:15 PM 12-Royal 11-Red   Game Rules: Games are 9 or 10 full innings.  
1:40 PM 13-Steel 12-Royal   No Walks or HBP. Pitchers must throw fastballs after ball 4 or HBP  
2:05 PM 14-Teal 13-Steel   keep the number of strikes until batter puts ball in play or strikes out  
2:30 PM 17-White 10-Purple   No more than 5 batters any half inning.  
2:55 PM 9-Orang 17-White              
3:20 PM 10-Purple 9-Orange 3:30 PM 13-Steel vs 14-Teal (5 inn) 3:30 PM 11-Red vs 12-Royal

4:05 PM 9-Orange vs 10-Purple 4:45 PM 14-Teal vs 17-White (5 inn)        


    6:00 PM 13-Steel vs 17-White (5 inn) 6:15 PM 15-Tx Orange  vs 16-Vegas Gold

Sunday, June 9th
Southwestern Eastlake HS Helix HS
BP Hit Shag          

8:00 AM 3-Drk Grn 7-Maroon 8:00 AM 9-Orange vs 11-Red 8:00 AM 10-Purple vs 13-Steel
8:25 AM 7-Maroon 3-Drk Grn          

8:50 AM 1-Black 5-Gold Hi          

9:15 AM 5-Gold Hi 1-Black          

9:40 AM 4-Gold Lo 8-Navy          

10:05 AM 8-Navy 4-Gold Lo          

10:30 AM 2-Col Blue 6-Kelly Gr 10:45 AM 1-Black vs 5-Gold Hi 10:45 AM 3-Dark Green vs 7-Maroon
10:55 AM 6-Kelly Gr 2-Col Blue          


11:40 AM 2-Col Blu vs 6-Kelly Gr 1:30 PM 12-Royal vs 16-Vgold (5 inn) 1:30 PM 4-Gold Lo vs 8-Navy


2:25 PM 14-Teal vs 15-Tx Orang 2:45 PM 16-Vgold vs 17-White (5 inn)    


    4:00 PM 12-Royal vs 17-White (5 inn)  

*To order Personal Recruiting Video, visit Skillshow booth at event
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