Showcase Sunshine East Showcase
Jun 7 - 8, 2003 City of Palms Park - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

- City of Palms Park  
  2201 Edison Avenue Fort Myers, FL 33901 Map   

- 5-Plex - Player Development Complex  
  4301 Edison Ave Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map   

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
11-Royal1Matthew Adams Premium Content
5-Kelly Green12Matthew Akin Premium Content
5-Kelly Green8Casey Allen Premium Content
3-Dark Green8Daniel Alonso Premium Content
7-Navy1Daniel Annunziata Premium Content
8-Orange17Charlie Bailes Premium Content
13-White Ny/Rd12Tony Bandanza Premium Content
9-Purple15Christian Barnes Premium Content
8-Orange10Joseph Barrett Premium Content
3-Dark Green1Daniel Bassani Premium Content
14-White Rd/Bk16Dan Beachy Premium Content
4-Gold5Brandon Beal Premium Content
4-Gold10Michael Beal Premium Content
4-Gold15Brett Bentley Premium Content
5-Kelly Green1Ryan Bergh Premium Content
13-White Ny/Rd17Kendall Bos Premium Content
3-Dark Green13Michael Branham Premium Content
1-Black19Eric Brimer Premium Content
4-Gold11Jonathan Brown Premium Content
13-White Ny/Rd14Robert Brown Premium Content
7-Navy22Scott Buslawski Premium Content
11-Royal2Tommy Bussey Premium Content
3-Dark Green2Alfredo Carrillo Premium Content
3-Dark Green9Alejandro Castellanos Premium Content
3-Dark Green7Jorge Castillo Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue9Ronald Causey Premium Content
1-Black13William Cherry Premium Content
9-Purple20Colbey Cleckler Premium Content
9-Purple13Drew Clothier Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue15Colby Coates Premium Content
11-Royal19Daniel Cohen Premium Content
3-Dark Green19Justin Cokeroft Premium Content
9-Purple4Casey Coleman Premium Content
12-Teal1Justin Colvenback Premium Content
13-White Ny/Rd2Sean Comeaux Premium Content
9-Purple2Tony Conza Premium Content
4-Gold18Mike Cope Premium Content
13-White Ny/Rd19Christopher Correggio Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue2Joshua Cox Premium Content
6-Maroon19Jonathan Crockett Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue17Jose Cueto Premium Content
14-White Rd/Bk15Dale Curry Premium Content
14-White Rd/Bk24John D'Agostini Premium Content
12-Teal16Matthew D'Alessandro Premium Content
4-Gold17Christopher Daniels Premium Content
7-Navy23Stephan Davis Premium Content
3-Dark Green5Richard Delgado Premium Content
14-White Rd/Bk2Michael Diaz Premium Content
14-White Rd/Bk17Corry DiBiase Premium Content
14-White Rd/Bk18Corey Dickstein Premium Content
1-Black5Michael Dobre Premium Content
11-Royal8Chris Dominguez Premium Content
13-White Ny/Rd20Mario Duarte Premium Content
6-Maroon15Ryan Duffy Premium Content
7-Navy20Eric Eden Premium Content
12-Teal15Jake Edwards Premium Content
14-White Rd/Bk20Danny Elkins Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue11Chris Engle Premium Content
12-Teal13Chris Ernest Premium Content
11-Royal13Joseph Ezekiel Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue12Teddy Fallon Premium Content
10-Red15John Farrell Premium Content
7-Navy13Joseph Ferrer Premium Content
13-White Ny/Rd13Robert Fiala Premium Content
10-Red20Michael Fisher Premium Content
8-Orange12Sean Flaherty Premium Content
11-Royal18Kellen Floyd Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue1Karl Fultz Premium Content
6-Maroon13Daniel Garcia Premium Content
7-Navy14Kris Garcia Premium Content
10-Red14Mario Garcia Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue13Mark Gentry Premium Content
8-Orange15Michael Gilbert Premium Content
12-Teal8Marc Glickman Premium Content
10-Red4Phil Gnacinski Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue10Guy Gogliettino Premium Content
11-Royal5Roland Gonzalez Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue14Justin Graham Premium Content
14-White Rd/Bk21Bobby Greene Premium Content
5-Kelly Green15Drew Griffith Premium Content
9-Purple3Frank Gross Premium Content
3-Dark Green3Kyle Groth Premium Content
7-Navy21Alberto Guasch Premium Content
10-Red17Cody Guengerich Premium Content
11-Royal12Donald Gunn Premium Content
3-Dark Green11Brandon Guyer Premium Content
5-Kelly Green10Matthew Hacker Premium Content
8-Orange19Bush Hamdan Premium Content
14-White Rd/Bk11Kyle Harmon Premium Content
14-White Rd/Bk19Franklin Harris Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue3Nathan Hartline Premium Content
8-Orange9Spencer Harvey Premium Content
9-Purple5Trevor Hearl Premium Content
12-Teal6Wes Henderson Premium Content
11-Royal3Rob Hendrich Premium Content
5-Kelly Green4Ralph Henriquez Premium Content
1-Black18Ryan Hewitt Premium Content
12-Teal10Kyle Higgins Premium Content
14-White Rd/Bk23Justin Hildreth Premium Content
8-Orange18David Hill Premium Content
6-Maroon14Joel Hitchman Premium Content
4-Gold14Davin Homan Premium Content
4-Gold1Eric Hord Premium Content
3-Dark Green6Joseph Johnson Premium Content
13-White Ny/Rd1Andrew Jordan Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue16Daniel Jordan Premium Content
13-White Ny/Rd11Michael A. Jordan Premium Content
1-Black8Philip Joseph Premium Content
1-Black11Rashan Joseph Premium Content
4-Gold6Nick Jowers Premium Content
9-Purple12Kory Judd Premium Content
8-Orange1Tim Kellner Premium Content
3-Dark Green15Cullan Kight Premium Content
11-Royal4Steffan King Premium Content
3-Dark Green4Richard Kowalski Premium Content
14-White Rd/Bk13Andrew Kuykendall Premium Content
14-White Rd/Bk1Russell LaJoie Premium Content
6-Maroon11Robert Lawler Premium Content
9-Purple16Alexander Lewis Premium Content
4-Gold21Michael Logan Premium Content
1-Black7Brent Lopez Premium Content
6-Maroon17Chris Lopez Premium Content
12-Teal17Edwin Loubriel Premium Content
3-Dark Green17Chuck Lukanen Premium Content
10-Red18Owen Machemer Premium Content
3-Dark Green20Nathan Mangiapane Premium Content
7-Navy2Eugene Martinez Premium Content
6-Maroon12Kent Matthes Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue7Andy Mauldin Premium Content
11-Royal16Thad McBurrows Premium Content
11-Royal15James McCoy Premium Content
13-White Ny/Rd16Michael McKenna Premium Content
11-Royal14Brant McKown Premium Content
5-Kelly Green11Tate McMillan Premium Content
3-Dark Green18Bradley McPeek Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue8Dallas Meyer Premium Content
12-Teal9Ryan Miklusak Premium Content
1-Black23Michael Minervin Premium Content
1-Black20Nick Mitchell Premium Content
8-Orange2Travis Moore Premium Content
9-Purple1John Morgan Premium Content
13-White Ny/Rd6Eddie Morlan Premium Content
7-Navy17Brett Morris Premium Content
4-Gold13Chris Murphy Premium Content
8-Orange4Danny Murphy Premium Content
1-Black17Billy Murry Premium Content
13-White Ny/Rd15Brian Nentwig Premium Content
9-Purple11Alex Newman Premium Content
5-Kelly Green9Shawn Newman Premium Content
10-Red16James Oliver Premium Content
6-Maroon10Devin O'Meara Premium Content
1-Black9Mark Ortega Premium Content
10-Red8Luke Padgett Premium Content
9-Purple14Peter Paris Premium Content
10-Red5Alex Pepe Premium Content
12-Teal5Chris Peterson Premium Content
1-Black16Brandon Pick Premium Content
12-Teal14Brad Pitz Premium Content
10-Red7Tyson Pulsifer Premium Content
7-Navy18John Quailey Premium Content
13-White Ny/Rd3Stefano Rainelli Premium Content
8-Orange40Chuck Ralich Premium Content
1-Black10Evan Ramos Premium Content
5-Kelly Green5Zak Ratko Premium Content
4-Gold12D.J. Reagoso Premium Content
5-Kelly Green14Ryan Ricke Premium Content
5-Kelly Green6Daniel Robitaille Premium Content
6-Maroon18Tim Roche Premium Content
10-Red21John Rochow Premium Content
7-Navy19Juan Rodriguez Premium Content
4-Gold16Marcus Rodriguez Premium Content
6-Maroon5Nicholas Rodriguez Premium Content
9-Purple18Nicholas Rodriguez Premium Content
6-Maroon20Zach Ross Premium Content
11-Royal7Gabby Saade Premium Content
14-White Rd/Bk12Quinn Salmon Premium Content
10-Red3Michael Scanio Premium Content
12-Teal4Brock Schnabel Premium Content
5-Kelly Green7Aziel Shea Premium Content
10-Red1Chris Sica Premium Content
10-Red12Pete Simon Premium Content
4-Gold9Jesse Simpson Premium Content
13-White Ny/Rd28Brynson Smith Premium Content
12-Teal11E.J. Smith Premium Content
10-Red19Fuller Smith Premium Content
4-Gold3Tim Smith Premium Content
6-Maroon6Michael Spencer Premium Content
11-Royal23Kenneth Stone Premium Content
7-Navy16Kyle Strang Premium Content
1-Black14Brad Sturm Premium Content
7-Navy12Tyler Sullivan Premium Content
11-Royal22Kelby Taylor Premium Content
8-Orange11Grant Thullen Premium Content
10-Red2Scott Tiemeyer Premium Content
  John Tolisano Premium Content
5-Kelly Green13Derrick Townsend Premium Content
6-Maroon9Nicolas Vazquez Premium Content
9-Purple19Matthew Venezuela Premium Content
8-Orange13Jared Vermilya Premium Content
7-Navy8Matt Villani Premium Content
6-Maroon7Robert Walker Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue4Zack Ward Premium Content
11-Royal17Maurice Williams Premium Content
9-Purple17Adam Younger Premium Content
5-Kelly Green19Adam Zak Premium Content
5-Kelly Green3Alan Zak Premium Content
8-Orange3Zach Zimmerman Premium Content
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