Ohio Valley Showcase
Aug 7 - 8, 2010 Whitaker Bank Park - Lexington, KY  

- Whitaker Bank Park  
  207 Legends Ln Lexington, KY 40505 Map   

- Transylvania's William A. Marquard Field  
  Radcliffe Rd and Haggard Ln Lexington, KY 40505 Map   

Directions to Transylvania's William A. Marquard Field: (field is at intersection of Haggard Lane and Radcliffe Road)

1.Leaving Applebee's Park, go to North Broadway Rd. Turn Left (northwest) on N Broadway Rd.
2.Go 1.3 miles. Turn Left on Haggard Lane (there will be a Shell Gas Station on corner).
3.Go 0.3 miles. Transylvania's William A. Marquard Field is on your right.

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Columbia Blue1Isaac Alger Premium Content
Navy1John Allen Premium Content
Maroon17Cody Angus Premium Content
Red15Ryan Arington Premium Content
Dark Green14Chase Armstrong Premium Content
Gold1Barrett Arnold Premium Content
Red1Zach Arnold Premium Content
Gold20Tyler Arthur Premium Content
Gold2Ryan Bale Premium Content
Dark Green1Clay Barton Premium Content
Dark Green15Nick Bertram Premium Content
Maroon13Taylor Blair Premium Content
Navy16Brady Boling Premium Content
Dark Green2Blaize Borovich Premium Content
Navy2Armando Bosch Premium Content
Dark Green3Aaron Bossi Premium Content
Dark Green12Ben Breymier Premium Content
Navy3James Brooks Premium Content
Columbia Blue12Cassidy Brown Premium Content
Gold24Devin Brown Premium Content
Maroon12Lou Bruck Premium Content
Dark Green4Walker Buehler Premium Content
Maroon9Eric Burnett Premium Content
Navy11Marcus Carson Premium Content
Dark Green5Nick Chafin Premium Content
Dark Green6Cole Clifton Premium Content
Red2Logan Coffey Premium Content
Navy4Ryne Combs Premium Content
Maroon8Michael Conner Premium Content
Navy12Corey Corum Premium Content
Steel1Corey Couch Premium Content
Orange1Austin Cousino Premium Content
Columbia Blue2Jacob Cronenworth Premium Content
Red16Trevor Cunningham Premium Content
Gold3Jonathan Damron Premium Content
Columbia Blue3Cory Deere Premium Content
Orange2Nick Edwards Premium Content
Maroon16Cole Evans Premium Content
Navy5Ethan Eversole Premium Content
Red6Connor Ferguson Premium Content
Maroon7Conor Flaherty Premium Content
Gold4Evan Fraliex Premium Content
Columbia Blue15John Gastinger Premium Content
Steel3Joe Gellenbeck Premium Content
Steel15Cale Giddings Premium Content
Red17Aaron Goe Premium Content
Steel4Chase Goulette Premium Content
Steel5Alec Graham Premium Content
Steel6Brad Hall Premium Content
Gold5Ryan Harper Premium Content
Maroon15Brady Harris Premium Content
Columbia Blue4Zachary Haynes Premium Content
Gold49Connor Heady Premium Content
Red10Brandon Hemberger Premium Content
Orange15Conner Hempel Premium Content
Red11Josh Henderson Premium Content
Gold6Kevin Herren Premium Content
Dark Green7Clinton Hollon Premium Content
Steel7Sean Horan Premium Content
Dark Green8Michael Huddleston Premium Content
Orange3Will Hurt Premium Content
Orange4Lawton Jackson Premium Content
Orange5Tyler Jackson Premium Content
Red12Matthew Johnson Premium Content
Orange6Anthony Kidston Premium Content
Columbia Blue5Hunter King Premium Content
Columbia Blue14David Kosinski Premium Content
Red38Cameron Langfels Premium Content
Maroon6Christopher Laporte Premium Content
Columbia Blue6Sam Lee Premium Content
Red13Ryan LeFevers Premium Content
Red14David Lenhardt Premium Content
Columbia Blue24Phillip Mandt Premium Content
Red25Jordan Martin Premium Content
Red28Trent Martin Premium Content
Navy14Reid Mathews Premium Content
Navy6Brent Mathias Premium Content
Gold7Brock McGivern Premium Content
Gold8Scott McMahon Premium Content
Gold9Logan McQuerry Premium Content
Steel16Kevin Meece Premium Content
Columbia Blue11Alex Mercer Premium Content
Dark Green9Cole Metcalfe Premium Content
Orange7Anderson Miller Premium Content
Maroon5Chris Mitchell Premium Content
Orange9Derek Mullins Premium Content
Navy15Jeff Murray Premium Content
Gold13Travis Murray Premium Content
Navy7Jordan Nester Premium Content
Navy8Nick Olson Premium Content
Steel8Curtis Olvey Premium Content
Maroon4Devin Osko Premium Content
Maroon3Ryan Pack Premium Content
Dark Green11Tyler Pagano Premium Content
Steel9Devin Pickell Premium Content
Orange16W Nelson Price Premium Content
Gold14Noah Revis-French Premium Content
Orange10Xavier Robertson Premium Content
Maroon2Reed Schlesner Premium Content
Columbia Blue7Payton Scott Premium Content
Maroon10Logan Shaftner Premium Content
Navy13Ryan Shears Premium Content
Dark Green17Jake Simmerman Premium Content
Steel10Jordan Simpson Premium Content
Orange11Blake Smith Premium Content
Orange12Jeff Smith Premium Content
Orange17Nate Snellgrove Premium Content
Dark Green13Matthew Spradlin Premium Content
Columbia Blue8Nicholas Stiles Premium Content
Columbia Blue13Zack Storm Premium Content
Steel11Logan Taylor Premium Content
Red26Jon Timmerman Premium Content
Gold19Hunter Tipton Premium Content
Maroon1Kellen Turner Premium Content
Steel12Alexander Valentine Premium Content
Maroon11Reid Van Bussum Premium Content
Navy9Trace Vorbeck Premium Content
Dark Green10Kyle Wallace Premium Content
Navy10Woody Wallace Premium Content
Orange13Robert Waller Premium Content
Columbia Blue16Chris Weed Premium Content
Steel13Cory Werner Premium Content
Steel14Drew Werner Premium Content
Columbia Blue10Dalton West Premium Content
Red27Brett White Premium Content
Columbia Blue17Adam Wilson Premium Content
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