Showcase Pitcher/Catcher Indoor Showcase
Feb 20 - 21, 2010 Perfect Game Indoor Facility - Cedar Rapids, IA  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
White1Spencer Allen Premium Content
White15Zach Arnold Premium Content
White2Anthony Bakeris Premium Content
White3Brett Barger Premium Content
White16Wyatt Bastien Premium Content
White4Taylor Beattie Premium Content
Red15Ben Bergman Premium Content
White24Dylan Blakeley Premium Content
White53Rocco Both Premium Content
White5Preston Brown Premium Content
White10Ryan Bull Premium Content
White17Dane Burman Premium Content
White12Cale Cannoy Premium Content
White18Kaleb Clark Premium Content
White30Andrew Cooper Premium Content
White35Eric Danforth Premium Content
Gold1Brenden Dunleavy Premium Content
Gold2Joshua Edwardson Premium Content
Gold3John Essig Premium Content
Gold4Jason Fachie Premium Content
Gold15Greg Fettes Premium Content
Gold16Conor Fisk Premium Content
Gold5Michael Foltynewicz Premium Content
Gold9Max Frederick Premium Content
Gold17Dakota Freese Premium Content
Gold24Anthony (AJ) Gaura Premium Content
Gold13Matt Geislinger Premium Content
Navy4Davian Giles Premium Content
Gold14Matt Goiffon Premium Content
Green33Joe Goodman Premium Content
Gold19Adam Grindheim Premium Content
Gold25Tommy Hager Premium Content
Gold32Jonathan Harris Premium Content
Gold34Andrew Hedrick Premium Content
Red1Danny Heim Premium Content
Gold20Nick Hellman Premium Content
Gold21Alex Hermeling Premium Content
Red2Matthew Hermsen Premium Content
Red3Lance Jeffries Premium Content
Gold23Bobby Juan Premium Content
Red4Will Kenny Premium Content
Maroon20Trevor Kenyon Premium Content
Red17Tyler King Premium Content
Red19Patrick Lala Premium Content
Red10Matthew Linderer Premium Content
Navy1Brad Lombard Premium Content
Navy2Lucas Long Premium Content
Red20Keith Mahler Premium Content
Green32Aaron Marrero Premium Content
Red21Stuart Martin Premium Content
Red22Mack Mattke Premium Content
Navy3Matt Meadows Premium Content
Red23Bill Michaels Premium Content
Navy5Blake Moe Premium Content
Navy7Carter Montgomery Premium Content
Gold29Jonathan Musser Premium Content
Navy17Kevin Phillips Premium Content
Navy18Brandon Platts Premium Content
Navy8Kam Prather Premium Content
Navy44Nicholas Prebelski Premium Content
Navy13Greg Raney Premium Content
Navy30Dominic Reed Premium Content
Navy31Zach Rengel Premium Content
Navy32Jack Roback Premium Content
Navy33Will Ross Premium Content
Navy45Damarii Saunderson Premium Content
Navy34Jordan Shipers Premium Content
Navy47Braden Shull Premium Content
Maroon15Sawyer Smith Premium Content
Maroon2Steve Smith Premium Content
Maroon16D.J. Snelten Premium Content
Maroon17David Stagg Premium Content
Maroon18Jacob Stenberg Premium Content
Maroon3Brett Sunde Premium Content
Maroon4Kellen Sweeney Premium Content
Maroon14Kevin Tully Premium Content
Maroon19Clay Wallace Premium Content
Maroon38Taylor Wallace Premium Content
Green13Brad Weatherman Premium Content
Green14Logan Wewers Premium Content
Green30Jacob Williams Premium Content
Green31Robert Youngdahl Premium Content
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