Showcase National Underclass Showcase - Session 3
Jan 9 - 10, 2010 Terry Park - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Navy13Ricky Alfonso Premium Content
Maroon17Adonis Askew Premium Content
Navy3Richard Bacon Premium Content
Maroon7Dylan Becker Premium Content
Red18Zachary Bellinger Premium Content
Red4Eduardo Bermudez-Rosso Premium Content
Red2Tanner Blackman Premium Content
Royal8Mathew Bowers Premium Content
Navy17Brett Byrum Premium Content
Purple9Janluis Castro Premium Content
Maroon18Jeff Cavanaro Premium Content
Royal4Christopher Chinea Premium Content
Navy1Fabian Chirino Premium Content
Maroon15Michael Clemens Premium Content
Orange22Nick Colucci Premium Content
Red11Matt Constance Premium Content
Purple13Kellen Creech Premium Content
Navy15Brendan Croce Premium Content
Red5Joseph De La Torre Premium Content
Royal17Logan Devine Premium Content
Navy12Ramsey Diaz Premium Content
Orange20Joe Dunn Premium Content
Orange7Johnny Eierman Premium Content
Royal13Julian Escobedo Premium Content
Royal10John Essig Premium Content
Purple5Garrett Etheridge Premium Content
Purple17Will Finley Premium Content
Navy18Robert Fonseca Premium Content
Navy10Will Gayler Premium Content
Red17John Gorman Premium Content
Orange21Zach Haasz Premium Content
Red10Darius Hampton Premium Content
Navy2Spencer Harvey Premium Content
Orange18Ryan Henkels Premium Content
Purple14Tyler Hermann Premium Content
Orange2Quinton Hitchcock Premium Content
Maroon5Elige Jacobs Premium Content
Red7Jace James Premium Content
Maroon12Ed King Premium Content
Orange5Garrett Kriston Premium Content
Purple16Stephen Lapatin Premium Content
Maroon8Mark LaPointe Premium Content
Maroon11Gary LeClair Premium Content
Maroon19Christopher Leduc Premium Content
Purple18Connor Lien Premium Content
Purple4Patrick Lien Premium Content
Purple11Randy Loew Premium Content
Maroon24Brian Mackin Premium Content
Maroon4Adrian Marin Premium Content
Purple7Matt Meadows Premium Content
Royal5Thomas Meier Premium Content
Red9Melvin Mercedes Premium Content
Navy9Zachary Metzger Premium Content
Royal15Jordan Moody Premium Content
Orange15Christian Morris Premium Content
Royal2Daniel Moscato Premium Content
Royal11Cole Ondrejka Premium Content
Maroon9Luis Pacheco-Pares Premium Content
Orange1Grant Paschal Premium Content
Orange13Andy Perez Premium Content
Purple6Raul Perez Premium Content
Maroon10Duff Phinney Premium Content
Red15Tanner Pollack Premium Content
Navy4Brian Pruett Premium Content
Orange6Robert Rabakozi Premium Content
Royal6Tanner Renegar Premium Content
Royal16Taylor Renegar Premium Content
Red12Tomas Rivera III Premium Content
Red12Tomas Rivera III Premium Content
Orange8Matthew Roland Premium Content
Royal9Ismael Salgado Premium Content
Purple41Troy Salvatore Premium Content
Royal19Nicholas Sebastian Premium Content
Navy5Michael Simmons Premium Content
Orange19Matthew Sinclair Premium Content
Maroon1Jacob Slimak Premium Content
Royal12Bradley Spires Premium Content
Royal18Joshua Stadel Premium Content
Navy14Skylar Strickland Premium Content
Royal1Jordan Strittmatter Premium Content
Red16Jordan Suarez Premium Content
Navy6Adam (AJ) Sunstrom Premium Content
Maroon16Cole Sutter Premium Content
Red1Brett Thompson Premium Content
Orange9Tyler Thorson Premium Content
Orange17Mitchell Traver Premium Content
Maroon6Brandon Valentine Premium Content
Navy11Nick Valletta Premium Content
Purple10Clayton Vranic Premium Content
Red3Michael Washington Premium Content
Royal7Corbin Weeks Premium Content
Maroon3Micah Wells Premium Content
Orange4Max White Premium Content
Purple19Johnie Wilcox Premium Content
Royal3Justin Wong Premium Content
Red24Patrick Zilberman Premium Content
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