League IA Fall Wood Bat League
Aug 29 - Oct 4, 2009 Various Ballparks- Iowa - -, IA  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
White14Brett Baker Premium Content
Steel15Matt Beer Premium Content
Gold12Spencer Behne Premium Content
White15Jake Belzer Premium Content
Navy15Austin Benson Premium Content
Red15Keaton Blackford Premium Content
Royal14Spence Bonner Premium Content
Steel14Colby Brecht Premium Content
Steel9Dustin Carlson Premium Content
Iowa Select Red27Austin Christensen Premium Content
Gold11Nate Clark Premium Content
Royal13Jacob Coble-Frakes Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy1Tyler Craig Premium Content
Iowa Select Red26Alec Crawford Premium Content
White13Alex Crowl Premium Content
Iowa Select Red23Collin Crowl Premium Content
Gold13Tyler Curtis Premium Content
Navy16Joshua Davila Premium Content
Steel16Nick Day Premium Content
Iowa Select Red28Charlie Dennehey Premium Content
Navy17Brenden Drahn Premium Content
Columbia Blue14Alex Draper Premium Content
Gold10David Drucker Premium Content
Iowa Select Red3Cody Ege Premium Content
White12Dillon Egr Premium Content
Red14Dalton Emrich Premium Content
Columbia Blue13Cameron Engberg Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy2Benjamin Engler Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy4Nate Ewing Premium Content
Royal15Seth Fahnle Premium Content
Columbia Blue15Colt Feltes Premium Content
White11Cory Ferm Premium Content
Gold9Taylor Field Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy29Brennan Floss Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy5Justen Folger Premium Content
Royal12Leo Franz Premium Content
Steel17Dakota Freese Premium Content
Columbia Blue12Nathan Funke Premium Content
Steel18Anthony Gagliardi Premium Content
Navy14Trey Garton Premium Content
Steel13Matt Goiffon Premium Content
Maroon12Christian Goodman Premium Content
Maroon13Joe Goodman Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy41Nate Greim Premium Content
Navy13Nathan Greve Premium Content
Royal11Angus Gryp Premium Content
Columbia Blue11Joel Hall Premium Content
Royal10Luke Hammerberg Premium Content
White10Tyler Hill Premium Content
Maroon14Chase Hirschauer Premium Content
Navy12Preston Hoffa Premium Content
Columbia Blue10Jack Hoffmann Premium Content
Royal9Justin Hofland Premium Content
Steel19Jordan Hohensee Premium Content
Steel20Bailey Hollingsworth Premium Content
Maroon11Alex Hoop Premium Content
Columbia Blue9Keaton Hosch Premium Content
Navy11Sam Hunter Premium Content
Red16Colton Janssen Premium Content
Gold8Jacob Johnson Premium Content
Maroon15Taylor Johnson Premium Content
Maroon10Jordan Judkins Premium Content
Iowa Select Red48Jon Keller Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy40Will Kenny Premium Content
Iowa Select Red44Trevor Kenyon Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy22Hunter King Premium Content
White9Ryan Kirgan Premium Content
Navy10Jason Koski Premium Content
Red13Brandon Kruse Premium Content
Red12Tyler Kruse Premium Content
Maroon16Greg Kuhlman Premium Content
Navy18Alex Larson Premium Content
Royal8Christopher Lauer Premium Content
Royal16Ben Leopold Premium Content
Gold6Nick Little Premium Content
Gold7Zachary Little Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy6Brad Lombard Premium Content
White16David Lowe Premium Content
Red11David Lowry Premium Content
Navy9Justin Lytle Premium Content
Maroon9Isaac Maffett Premium Content
Maroon8Bennett Mann Premium Content
White8Tanner Marvin Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy31Mack Mattke Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy9Connor McClain Premium Content
Maroon53Kelly McConville Premium Content
Red10Tyler McCreary Premium Content
Navy8Matt McKinney Premium Content
Iowa Select Red10Jason McMurray Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy11Ean McNeal Premium Content
Steel12Griffin Michael Premium Content
Steel11Dakota Miller Premium Content
Steel21Luke Montgomery Premium Content
Iowa Select Red12Sean Moore Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy32Trent Muilenburg Premium Content
Maroon7Steven Murtha Premium Content
Iowa Select Red47Jonathan Musser Premium Content
Maroon6Dean Myers Premium Content
Iowa Select Red33Spencer Navin Premium Content
Navy7Blake Naylor Premium Content
Navy6Taylor Oltmann Premium Content
White7Andrew Owen Premium Content
Columbia Blue16Brandon Owens Premium Content
Iowa Select Red34Jordan Patton Premium Content
Royal7Aaron Peller Premium Content
White6Matt Pennings Premium Content
Iowa Select Red8Taylor Petersen Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy14David Peyton Premium Content
Columbia Blue8Corbin Ploessl Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy15Jake Raecker Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy24Alec Rash Premium Content
White5Eric Rasmussen Premium Content
Steel22Jake Ratz Premium Content
Maroon5Luke Rebik Premium Content
Iowa Select Red16Keaton Redlinger Premium Content
Iowa Select Red17Andrew Redman Premium Content
Gold5Keaton Rieks Premium Content
Maroon4Joey Rivas Premium Content
Columbia Blue7Trevor Roling Premium Content
Navy5Michael Rooney Premium Content
Royal6Will Ross Premium Content
Red9Jimmy Roth Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy18Ryan Rumpf Premium Content
Columbia Blue17Eric Schenck-Joblinske Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy25Michael Schinstock Premium Content
Navy4Gabriel Schrader Premium Content
Royal5Connor Schreck Premium Content
Royal4Jacob Scieszinski Premium Content
Maroon3Michael Scott Premium Content
Red3Alexander Sharp Premium Content
Gold4Cody Shepherd Premium Content
Steel10Brandon Shulista Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy19Braden Shull Premium Content
White17Jordan Sidwell Premium Content
Gold15Brandon Signs Premium Content
Iowa Select Red20Aaron Smit Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy35David Stagg Premium Content
Red8Mitch Stickney Premium Content
Red7Jack Strellner Premium Content
Columbia Blue6Mark Strempke Premium Content
Red6Austin Stroschein Premium Content
Red17Jordan Stroschein Premium Content
Steel8Joe Strub Premium Content
Iowa Select Red36Nick Suckow Premium Content
Steel2Terrell Sykes Premium Content
Red5Ben Tallman Premium Content
Gold3Zach Throckmorton Premium Content
Royal3Josh Tipton Premium Content
Iowa Select Red37Damek Tomscha Premium Content
Columbia Blue5Mike Troendle Premium Content
Gold2Austin Vaske Premium Content
Columbia Blue4Brandon Veirs Premium Content
Gold1Dillon Watt Premium Content
White4James Weaver Premium Content
Iowa Select Red21Clay Welter Premium Content
White2Ethan Westphal Premium Content
Columbia Blue3Dan White Premium Content
Royal2Nick White Premium Content
Red4Patrick Winnike Premium Content
Gold16Derrick Winter Premium Content
Navy3Gordon Wright Premium Content
Steel7David Yancey Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy7Aaron Young Premium Content
Iowa Select Red38Raymond Zalabowski Premium Content
Royal1Eric Zenisek Premium Content
Iowa Select Red39Taylor Zeutenhorst Premium Content
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