2009 Northeast Top Prospect Showcase

Aug 14, 2009 - Aug 16, 2009

Muzzy Field - 35 Muzzy Street Bristol, CT 06010 Map

Event Rosters

Orange2Kyle Abbott
Maroon14Connor Abreu
White14Max Addy
Royal14Michael Ahmed
Gold12Michael Alas
Orange14James Alfonso
Navy23Garrett Alibozek
Teal14Ian Anderson
Red5James Anderson
Columbia Blue23Anthony Aprile
Columbia Blue18Corey Armstrong
Maroon24Stanley Bajerski
Navy14Gregory Bayliss
Green24Jordan Berry
Green75Anthony Bilotta
Teal13Evan Bissonnette
Orange48Ryan Blicker
Red24Andrew Bradley
Royal23Alexander Briggs
Red23Hunter Brown
Royal13Jeffrey Buck
Navy18Jason Buco
White23Steven Buduo
Teal23Frank Burke
Green60John Campbell
Maroon13Mike Campbell
Royal22Nikolas Campero
Maroon12Peter Cappiello
Columbia Blue11Patrick Carbone
Crimson13Richard Carbone
Red14Joe Carillo
Orange23Ryan Carr
Red13Eric Chase
Green74Charlie Cifrino
Crimson12Bret Clark
Gold14Tyler Colby
Red12Sean Cole
Royal11Kevin Collins
Royal10Louis Concato
Orange13Ryan Connolly
Crimson11Kyle Connors
Columbia Blue10Nick Constantino
Columbia Blue9Brian Corrigan
White5Brandon Cox
Maroon11Tim Coykendall
Navy13Ted Cullinane
Royal9Tyler Curry
Crimson10Christopher Daniel
Royal8Thomson Danz
Green43Joseph Davis
White10Kyle Davis
Maroon10Dylan DelaCruz
Crimson9Chris DeMorais
Orange22Charles Dennis
Orange12Nicholas DeRita
Maroon9Matthew DeRosa
Teal1Nicholas Dignacco
Gold23Dan DiIeso
White9Zack Donohue
Orange10Brendan Doonan
Maroon23Connor Doonan
Crimson8Paul Driscoll
Maroon8Andrew Dunn
Teal12Jayme (J R) Edwards
Royal7Josh Emerson
Crimson7Mark Esposito
Orange1Brian Estevez
White8Dylon Fabbri
Columbia Blue8Christopher Federico
Columbia Blue48Rob Ferrara
Gold13Michael Fischer
Maroon7Drew Fittry
Navy22Ian Fitzgerald
Maroon6Kevin Foley
Maroon5Ryan Forman
Crimson23Brian Fracasso
Columbia Blue17John Franco
Gold22Christopher Frask
Royal21Jesse Frawley
Green42Max Freccia
Green41John Galanoudis
Maroon4Joseph Galvin
Gold11Kevin Galvin
Red11P.J. Galvin
Crimson6Gregory Gamba
Green14Matthew Gavin
Teal11Joseph Gonzalez
Green73Jared Graziano
Teal10Brady Gremelspacher
Teal22Charles Griffiths
Teal9Michael Grofsick
Green9Shane Haney
Gold24James Hanson
Maroon3Oliver Hart
Royal6Ethan Hawes
Columbia Blue22John Hendy
White7Francis Herman
Columbia Blue80David Hickey
Orange9Jimmy Hill
Gold10Derek Hoagboon
White6Ricky Hodges
Royal5Andrew Hollis
Maroon2Austin Howard
White15Patrick Joel
Orange8Benjamin Johnson
Maroon22Spencer Judge
Green7Christopher Kalousdian
Teal8William Karalis
Maroon21Max Kelly
Navy12Brett Koliani
Crimson4Cato LaCroix
Gold21Kevin Lambert
Orange7Joseph Landi
Red10Michael Lang
Red22Nathan LaPointe
Green72Jared Leader
Teal21Connor Linde
Crimson24Maxx Lombardi
Crimson21Joe Lubanski
Columbia Blue5Tim Lusardi
White21Brendan Maghini
Columbia Blue4Robert Maguire
Navy11Vincent Mangiagli
Royal20Colin Markel
Red21Stephen Markus
Crimson20Michael Martin
Royal24James McConville
Gold8Rob McCunney
Navy4Kyle McDonough
Red20Michael McGowan
Gold7Jake McGuiggan
Royal4Brian McKenna
Navy9Casey McPartlon
Teal7Ben Meer
Gold6Andrew Mege
Columbia Blue3William Mooney
White20Charlie Moran
Navy8Jeff Murawski
Royal19Patrick Murphy
Columbia Blue2Jack Murray
Red19Tom Nagy
Red18Brendan Nugent
Navy21David O'Brien
Red9Yuta Okazaki
White4Matt Orlando
Crimson3Nick Pancerella
Orange21Nick Paxton
White3Michael Pendergast
Green6James Perron II
Red8Martin Persaud
Columbia Blue7Zack Philippas
Orange6Adam Picard
Teal6Joseph Pierce
Green5Eric Pizzico
Gold5Mitchell Plourde
Orange5Aaron Plunkett
White19Danny Powell
Navy7Johnny Pritts
Crimson2Derek Richards
Columbia Blue13Daniel Roland
Orange20Dave Roseboom
Red7Nick Rossomando
Green67Lincoln Sanborn
Teal5Nicholas Savage
Orange3Alexander Scott
Green4Danny Segel
Navy6Anthony Simon
Gold20Dylan Sinnickson
Gold4Ryan Sloane
Navy5Joe Smith
Royal3Marc Solecitto
Crimson19Jake Sorrentino
Maroon1Jake Sotir
Teal4Jeff St Pierre
Teal20Albert Stanton
Teal3Bryan Tatelman
Green21John "Jack" Vacheron
Crimson1Scott Valenzano
Red17Dan Valladares
Teal2David Valley
Columbia Blue1Brandon Vega
White2Nick Vorvis
Teal19Adam Wehr
Navy20Matthew Wojichowski
Navy19Ryan Woodrey
Gold3Matthew Zachariades
Red6Grant Zawadzki
White1Brandon Zerbe

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