Showcase Sunshine East Showcase
May 30 - 31, 2009 Terry Park - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

- Terry Park  
  3421 Palm Beach Blvd Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map   

- 5-Plex - Player Development Complex  
  4301 Edison Ave Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map   

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Royal10Michael Abreu Premium Content
Steel12Jean Acevedo Premium Content
Royal6Andrew Adams Premium Content
Gold3Danny Alimonti Premium Content
Red8Cody Alling Premium Content
Columbia Blue1Adolfo Alvarez Premium Content
Purple13Gabriel Alvarez Premium Content
Purple4Jordan Alviar Premium Content
Steel8Colby Andrews Premium Content
White10Colton Andrews Premium Content
Maroon10Joshua Arencibia Premium Content
Dark Green8Michael Arencibia Premium Content
Dark Green20Matthew Arguello Premium Content
Teal21Kelby Barber Premium Content
Navy43Brandon Barnes Premium Content
White6Mark Bass Premium Content
Steel7Kyle Baumholtz Premium Content
Gold8Brandon Bednar Premium Content
Kelly Green2Allen Benzenhafer Premium Content
Dark Green11Paul Bretton Premium Content
Purple14Dylan Brown Premium Content
Dark Green23Robert Bruce Premium Content
Navy21Carter Bumgardner Premium Content
Teal8Adam Burton Premium Content
Gold11Kelcey Butts Premium Content
Maroon11Enmanuel Cabreja Premium Content
Maroon22Jeffrey Campbell Premium Content
Orange10Tyler Chartrand Premium Content
Gold14Andrew Chebator Premium Content
Red12Matthew Chelekis Premium Content
Dark Green16Josh Childs Premium Content
White7RJ Coffman Premium Content
Navy46Aaron Cohn Premium Content
Gold5Brendan Collins Premium Content
Gold4Tommy Cook Premium Content
Gold18Christian Correa Premium Content
Kelly Green76Patrick Cosgrove Premium Content
Red23Jose Cruz Premium Content
Maroon9Dayan Cubas Premium Content
Navy12Christopher (Cito) Culver Premium Content
White20Caleb Cunningham Premium Content
Kelly Green8Michael Danner Premium Content
Steel14Will Davis Premium Content
Steel23Luis De Quesada Premium Content
Teal9Matt Dearden Premium Content
Navy5Miles Detelich Premium Content
Teal30Joe DiNardo Premium Content
Steel20Jon Doughtry Premium Content
Royal1Tyler Doughty Premium Content
Kelly Green75Jonathan Dydo Premium Content
White11David Eberhart Premium Content
Red6Donato Elomina Premium Content
Kelly Green3Thomas Emery Premium Content
Teal5Zachary Espenship Premium Content
Orange11Corey Esteban Premium Content
Navy7Dylon Fabbri Premium Content
Purple5Ryan Falcon Premium Content
Royal5Jovany Felipe Premium Content
Purple21Aldo Ferrante Premium Content
Teal11Steven Fischer Premium Content
Royal8Joseph Gandolfo Premium Content
Orange7Casey Gee Premium Content
Purple10Brandon Gilbert Premium Content
Maroon7Wade Giles Premium Content
Black9Andrew Gocek Premium Content
Dark Green17Jordan Goins Premium Content
Dark Green14Gabriel Gomez Premium Content
Kelly Green1Ruben Gomez Premium Content
Purple11Alex Gonzalez Premium Content
Dark Green21Diego Gonzalez Premium Content
Dark Green18Franz Gonzalez Premium Content
White22Joshua Grant Premium Content
White23Milton Greer Premium Content
Teal29Tyler Griffin Premium Content
Purple22Adam Grindheim Premium Content
Gold20Joshua Groth Premium Content
Purple23Russell Hackworth Premium Content
Gold6Brandon Haney Premium Content
Orange6Colt Hankamer Premium Content
Maroon4Brandon Harrington Premium Content
Orange22Steven Harrison Premium Content
Purple12Taryn Hayden Premium Content
Navy4Ethan Haynes Premium Content
Steel4Michael Henriquez Premium Content
Royal12Hector Hernandez Premium Content
Purple20Curtis Hicks Premium Content
Kelly Green5Somer Hilo Premium Content
White14Bryan Hird Premium Content
Teal4Brad Hite Premium Content
Teal7Brent Hobson Premium Content
Maroon2Jack Hoover Premium Content
Steel3Zac Houck Premium Content
Navy20Greg Howard Premium Content
Orange1Luis Huertas Premium Content
Maroon21Jason Jabour Premium Content
Orange46Damon Jackson Premium Content
Kelly Green12Windham Jackson Premium Content
Orange3Daraio James Premium Content
Navy6Tom Jervis Premium Content
Red9JeLaney Johnson Premium Content
White19Yuri Johnson Premium Content
Steel10Christopher Kalousdian Premium Content
Royal7Max Kamradt Premium Content
Teal14Kyle Kazakevicius Premium Content
Red15Jonathan Keebler Premium Content
White21Martin Key Premium Content
Red13Mike Korte Premium Content
Kelly Green77Jared Kossman Premium Content
Royal51Patrick Kulick Premium Content
Navy8Walter Lamerson Premium Content
Maroon1Gillis Langston Premium Content
Kelly Green10Rudy LaVecchia Premium Content
Maroon3Jerrod Leinhauser Premium Content
Red5Zachary Lenns Premium Content
White4Gilbert Leon Premium Content
Steel6Connor Lien Premium Content
Steel5Patrick Lien Premium Content
Orange4Christopher Long Premium Content
Gold10Cody Manzella Premium Content
Orange49Josh Mason Premium Content
Royal21Matthew Mattone Premium Content
Red10Dillon Maya Premium Content
Steel22Zach McCulley Premium Content
White8Erick Mendoza Premium Content
Maroon23Alex Miller Premium Content
Gold13Dane Moore Premium Content
Steel11Tyler Moore Premium Content
Royal3John Nargoski Premium Content
Navy45Edward Nicklaus Premium Content
Red7Dylan Nyberg Premium Content
Columbia Blue9Adam Ogburn Premium Content
Dark Green4Sarkis Ohanian Premium Content
Dark Green22Jacob O'Keefe Premium Content
Steel21Christian Oliva Premium Content
Navy10Hugo Olivares Premium Content
Red20Karldwin Ortiz Premium Content
Dark Green12Chris Perez Premium Content
Dark Green1Kevin Phillips Premium Content
Royal4Kyle Pitts Premium Content
Orange18Dillon Popovich Premium Content
Red17Manuel Pupo Premium Content
Maroon6Taylor Ratliff Premium Content
Orange12Jonathan Richey Premium Content
Royal14Christian Rodriguez Premium Content
Teal6David Ryan Rodriguez Premium Content
Columbia Blue10Erik Rodriguez Premium Content
Maroon8Esteban Rodriguez Premium Content
Dark Green10Kevin Rodriguez Premium Content
Orange8Manny Rodriguez Premium Content
Purple19Robel Rodriguez Premium Content
Dark Green13Matthew Rogers Premium Content
Maroon34Tyler Ross Premium Content
Royal9Thomas Ruffennach Premium Content
Red3Justin Sagalow Premium Content
Red11Ricky Sanchez Premium Content
Kelly Green11Nicholas Santalucia Premium Content
Purple9Audry Santana Premium Content
Columbia Blue49Brandon Scott Premium Content
Kelly Green74Brent Skogen Premium Content
Gold19Trey Smith Premium Content
White5Ronnie Southard Premium Content
Navy9Dylan Spangenberg Premium Content
Orange9Cain Spangler Premium Content
Purple3Brian Stark Premium Content
Dark Green3Corey Stern Premium Content
Teal3Austin Stone Premium Content
Dark Green7Ethan Striz Premium Content
Steel13Cody Stull Premium Content
Gold21Shane Sweeney Premium Content
Royal2Jonathan Taylor Premium Content
Royal52Nolan Thomas Premium Content
White12Christopher Thompson Premium Content
Red14Drew Thornbrugh Premium Content
Kelly Green7Ryan Toimil Premium Content
Navy2Peter Torres Premium Content
Royal11James Traylor Premium Content
Teal13Dustin Tuck Premium Content
White13Samuel Turner Premium Content
Steel9John Ugai Premium Content
Red21Freddy Varela Premium Content
Teal12Derek Vazquez Premium Content
Teal10Kevin Vermillion Premium Content
Kelly Green4Brian Vincent Premium Content
Purple8Brian Walker Premium Content
Maroon12Jared Walker Premium Content
Kelly Green9AJ Watts Premium Content
Maroon5Daniel Wetzel Premium Content
Dark Green19Ryan Whaley Premium Content
Gold12Bryan White Premium Content
Purple7Robert Williams Premium Content
Orange47Ryan Woodrey Premium Content
Orange5Thomas Woodrey Premium Content
Royal16Stephen Yohay Premium Content
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