Showcase Southeast Underclass Showcase
Sep 12 - 13, 2009 East Cobb Complex - Marietta, GA  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Red14Stephen "Marks" Abernathy Premium Content
Purple3Reed Anthes Premium Content
Red13Krystofer Appleton Premium Content
Purple14Chase Armstrong Premium Content
White23Kyle Asher Premium Content
Orange14Caden Bailey Premium Content
White22Joshua Baker Premium Content
Royal13Ryan Baker Premium Content
Texas Orange22Alex Barlow Premium Content
Royal23Jeremy Barlow Premium Content
Royal22Ian Barry Premium Content
Navy17Allan Bencid Premium Content
Red12Connor Betbeze Premium Content
Texas Orange14Ranz Bodison Premium Content
Purple23Michael Bollmer Premium Content
Steel13Dylan Bosheers Premium Content
Navy14Jared Brinson Premium Content
Orange23Mack Brooks Premium Content
Orange13Christopher Brown Premium Content
Royal21Jackson Campana Premium Content
Purple22RJ Carroll Premium Content
Orange12Tyler Clark Premium Content
White21Cody Connally Premium Content
Red19Gatlin Curlee Premium Content
Royal20Nicholas DeMasi Premium Content
Red10Keltin DeVoe Premium Content
Red18Derrick Durfee Premium Content
White14Zachary Edel Premium Content
Purple13Nick Edwards Premium Content
Navy13Adrian Farris Premium Content
Texas Orange13Joseph Ferme Premium Content
White13Nick Fernandez Premium Content
Navy12Nate Ferrell Premium Content
Texas Orange12Jordan Friend Premium Content
Royal12Ross Garrett Premium Content
Orange11Timothy Globus Premium Content
Steel12Keith Grabowski Premium Content
Royal4Joseph Gregory Premium Content
Orange10Tyler Harris Premium Content
Navy11Erin Hawk Premium Content
Navy22Trenton Higginbothem Premium Content
Red9Will Howell Premium Content
Steel11Joseph Hunt Premium Content
Purple11Will Hurt Premium Content
Purple10Tyler Jackson Premium Content
Royal11Brandon James Premium Content
Purple9Matthew Johnson Premium Content
Orange21Alex Jones Premium Content
White20Zack Kessinger Premium Content
Orange8Kendall Kinard Premium Content
Red21John King Premium Content
Navy10Loren King Premium Content
Royal10Stewart Knight Premium Content
Red8James Lane Premium Content
Royal9Andrew Lockliear Premium Content
Red7Michael Luing Premium Content
Steel10Daniel Lynn Premium Content
Orange7Tyler Lynn Premium Content
White12Zach Maier Premium Content
Royal8Justin Marx Premium Content
Red23Taylor Maura Premium Content
Texas Orange10Luke Maxwell Premium Content
Texas Orange9John McNamara Premium Content
Purple8Logan McQuerry Premium Content
Red6Dalton Mellott Premium Content
White11Austin Meyer Premium Content
White18Luke Miller Premium Content
Royal7Kyle Mills Premium Content
Steel9Sean Muller Premium Content
White24Sean Murphy Premium Content
Texas Orange8Tyler Murphy Premium Content
Purple7Travis Murray Premium Content
Steel8Kyle Nelson Premium Content
Steel23Zach Nitzel Premium Content
Orange20Tyler Norton Premium Content
White9Ronald Oberg Premium Content
Steel2Chance Osborne Premium Content
Red5Chase Patrick Premium Content
Navy9Brandon Pennington Premium Content
Steel22Andy Persons Premium Content
Texas Orange7Jordan Picini Premium Content
Texas Orange6Cody Puckett Premium Content
Texas Orange1Michael Purtell Premium Content
Orange6Sam Raphael Premium Content
Texas Orange5Ryan Reyes Premium Content
White19Perry Rigby Premium Content
Steel7Dalton Rogers Premium Content
Steel21Trevor Sams Premium Content
Steel6Jake Sandlin Premium Content
Steel5Brian Schleier Premium Content
Orange19Grant Sebastian Premium Content
White8DaJuan Shaw Premium Content
Navy8Charles Sheffield Premium Content
White7Andrew Short Premium Content
Steel4Taylor Simpson Premium Content
White6Lucas Sims Premium Content
Orange5Devante Smedley Premium Content
Purple6Blake Smith Premium Content
Purple21Matt Spalding Premium Content
Red4Charles Spencer Premium Content
Texas Orange2Daniel Spingola Premium Content
Navy7Travis Stanley Premium Content
Orange4Dan Stephens Premium Content
Texas Orange4Cole Stewart Premium Content
Texas Orange3Lance Stiles Premium Content
Navy21Andrew Tetrault Premium Content
Texas Orange20Joel Van Asch Premium Content
Purple5Reid Van Bussum Premium Content
Purple4Robert Waller Premium Content
Navy20Courtney Ward Premium Content
Navy19Sean Watson Premium Content
Red24Robert "Rusty" Way Premium Content
Steel19J Michael Weaver Premium Content
Navy6Hunter Webb Premium Content
Orange3Bryce Welborn Premium Content
Purple19Tyler Wells Premium Content
Steel3Kevin Werner Premium Content
White17Drew Wesolowski Premium Content
Royal19Brett White Premium Content
Navy18Jonathan Whittington Premium Content
Navy5Craig Wilson Premium Content
Royal5Dylan Zeenberg Premium Content
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