2009 World Uncommitted Showcase

Jan 03, 2009 - Jan 04, 2009

Terry Park - 3421 Palm Beach Blvd Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map

Event Rosters

White54Nick Albano
White61Jonathan Arche
Teal72Steven Ball
Teal73Jacob Baroff
Texas Orange61Brandon Bartholomew
White59Kenneth Billera
Texas Orange72Jeff Birkofer
Teal60Taylor Boyle
Texas Orange63Alonzo "Beau" Buckler
White55Alex Bumb
White68Adam Cellini
Teal61Travis Coates
White65Andre Colon
White64Steven Colon
Steel69Dillon Cordell
Steel61Jordan Dale
Steel72Jacob Dameron
Teal62Jake Daniels
Steel62Jeremy Delgado
White77Joe Disney
Texas Orange64Charlie Durkee
White73James "Preston" Gainey
Steel63Lucas Giambattista
Teal63Manuel Gonzalez
Steel64Ian Graham
Texas Orange65Eric Green
Texas Orange73Seth Greene
White69Andrew Gummow
Steel83Keenan Hart
Steel65David Hatt
White58Israel Hernandez
Steel73Marco Hernandez
White70Jordan Hill
Steel74Vince Howard
Texas Orange82Stephen Howell
Teal64Travis Isensee
Steel71Matthew Longfield
Teal65Jose Martinez
Teal66Zeke McGranahan
White71Skyler Murray
Steel66Jose Ortiz
White72Taylor Paschal
Teal67Chris Pickles
Teal70Nathan Poff
Texas Orange66Lawrence Renouf
Teal69Denny Rivera
Texas Orange75Kyle Robertson
Steel75Scott Robinson
Steel67Joshua Rochelle
Steel68Isaac Rodriguez
White60Guadalupe Sanchez
White66Rich Saracione
Texas Orange67Nathan Schickling
Teal44Kenny Sharpe
Teal68Darnell Smith
Texas Orange68Jordan Stampler
Texas Orange69Phillip Steer
Teal74Chad Vanderbosch
Teal83Nate White
Texas Orange62Jonathan Zalud

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