Showcase National Underclass Showcase Session 3
Jan 3 - 4, 2009 Terry Park - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Purple75Oscar Aguirre Premium Content
Maroon13Blake Austin Premium Content
Royal66Andrew Baranosky Premium Content
Red66Tyler Barlow Premium Content
Orange62Storm Beasley Premium Content
Purple74Cyrus Beermann Premium Content
Navy61Kirby Bellow Premium Content
Orange61Mike Blumenthal Premium Content
Orange74Hardy Bolden Premium Content
Orange65Chris Brown Premium Content
Orange60Robert Bruce Premium Content
Orange68Robert Buckley Premium Content
Purple60Gabriel Cason Premium Content
Purple73Felix Castillo Premium Content
Maroon2Clinton Cronin Premium Content
Navy56Ian Cureton Premium Content
Navy65Luke Cureton Premium Content
Maroon12Conley Diaz-Gomez Premium Content
Red63Taylor Drake Premium Content
Royal62Hunter Duvic Premium Content
Red72Jonathan Dydo Premium Content
Red61Jacob Felts Premium Content
Royal64Jeremy Filipek Premium Content
Purple61Brooks Fleming Premium Content
Royal40Chris Foglia Premium Content
Royal73Oakley Fox Premium Content
Navy63Ben Freed Premium Content
Purple69Casey Gee Premium Content
Maroon10Casey Gibson Premium Content
Orange67David Goetz Premium Content
Red64Max Goodman Premium Content
Royal75Stephen Grabe Premium Content
Royal74Alec Gutierrez Premium Content
Purple63Alex Harris Premium Content
Navy60Keith Hedrick Premium Content
Royal67Will Henderson Premium Content
Royal60Trae' Hester Premium Content
Purple65Austin Hill Premium Content
Red60Tyler Hobbs Premium Content
Orange73John Hooker Premium Content
Maroon14Adam Hunter Premium Content
Purple62Myles Jaye Premium Content
Red65Tom Jervis Premium Content
Maroon17Dominic Jose Premium Content
Maroon11Alejandro Linares Premium Content
Maroon8Jacob Lindgren Premium Content
Navy62Robinson Logue Premium Content
Red67Matt Malik Premium Content
Maroon24Phillip Mandt Premium Content
Red69Khalfani Mar'Na Premium Content
Red68Blake Davis Martinez Premium Content
Royal69Connor McDonald Premium Content
Maroon1Alexander McMurray Premium Content
Orange64Dustin McNeil Premium Content
Royal71Joshua Mendoza Premium Content
Navy54Luke Miller Premium Content
Orange72Trent Miller Premium Content
Royal68Cody Mirabal Premium Content
Red62Marc Monroe Premium Content
Royal65Aaron Morgan Premium Content
Purple64Tito Nava Premium Content
Purple68Peter (PJ) Nowak Premium Content
Red70Yuta Okazaki Premium Content
Navy59Blake Parker Premium Content
Navy69Christopher Pula Premium Content
Maroon7John Clay Reeves Premium Content
Purple71Taylor Renegar Premium Content
Royal72Perry Rigby Premium Content
Orange75Edwin Rodriguez Premium Content
Maroon4Matthew Rogers Premium Content
Red73Christian Santo Premium Content
Navy66Brian Schleier Premium Content
Navy58Zachary Siegel Premium Content
Orange66Wendell Soto Premium Content
Maroon3Jace Statum Premium Content
Red71Ethan Striz Premium Content
Maroon9Esteban Tresgallo Premium Content
Navy55Pierce Trumper Premium Content
Navy57Ross Vance Premium Content
Royal61Jose Vazquez Premium Content
Orange63Cody Weemhoff Premium Content
Navy68Jordon Welch Premium Content
Navy64Timothy Zage Premium Content
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