1998 Pre-Draft Showcase

May 10, 1998 - May 10, 1998

Perfect Game Field at Veterans Memorial Stadium - 950 Rockford Rd SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Map

Event Rosters

 61Wes Brant
 15Mike Bruner
 59Waylon Byers
 2Mike Clement
 57Jason Cromer
 22Nathan Cromer
 52Matt Daeges
 11Shawn Ded
 4Brent Delger
 16Billy Dolan
 38Alex Dvorksy
 24Dusty Edkin
 41Lars Finanger
 43Matt Freemole
 25Travis Grandgeorge
 6Craig Grobstich
 54Josh Habel
 27Andy Hansen
 17Josh Hanson
 53Cory Harris
 31Eric Howe
 19Roamn Hummell
 13Andy Jansen
 23Brad Johnson
 48Drew Kelly
 21Prentice Lofstedt
 1Jeremy Lord
 40Bill Martin
 44Ian Mattiace
 11Danny McMurty
 26Lincoln Mincks
 7Dustin Murphy
 37Darin Naatjes
  Jeff Nguyen
 60Aaron Paterson
 3Josh Pethoud
 50Brent Potter
 51Tony Quinn
  Gene Rausch
 55Eric Ray
 47Brian Ross
 39JT Sampson
 56Derek Schnorrenberg
 42Andy Shiltz
 49Jeremy Snyder
 36RD Spiehs
 8Chris Steele
 5Marty Sutherland
 58Matt Thissen
 9Rick Thompson
 18Joe Troncao
 14Nic Ungs
  Wade Van Vark
 12Aaron Vincent
 45Dustin Walker
 10Travis Welsch
 46Brent Whipps
 20Derek Wilcox
  Mitch Wiley

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