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Jan 8 - 9, 2005 5-Plex - Player Development Complex - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
White3Ryan Adams Premium Content
Royal2Timothy Aguilar Premium Content
Royal3Miguel Alicea Premium Content
Red1Leo Alvarez Premium Content
Navy1Pedro Alvarez Premium Content
Red2R.J. Anderson Premium Content
Navy2Chris Armstrong Premium Content
Gold1Miguel Barrientos Premium Content
Red3Daniel Bassani Premium Content
Maroon10Brandon Beal Premium Content
Navy4Scott Berke Premium Content
Columbia15Steven Blevins Premium Content
White17Arcelio Bravo Premium Content
Royal47Helio Burgos Premium Content
Royal15Hiram Burgos Premium Content
Maroon9Michael Burke Premium Content
Columbia16Cory Burns Premium Content
Royal6David Cales Premium Content
Orange1Matthew Carrasco Premium Content
Royal7Raul Cepeda Premium Content
Maroon16William Cherry Premium Content
Maroon17Chase Childers Premium Content
Navy13Matt Clark Premium Content
Maroon3Blake Coddington Premium Content
Orange2Casey Coleman Premium Content
Gold3Edward Colon Premium Content
Red13Jonathan Cook Premium Content
Orange3Wilfredo Cortes Premium Content
White16Bryan Costin Premium Content
Navy14Nick Criaris Premium Content
Royal21Eliud Cruz Premium Content
Orange11Ryan DeLaughter Premium Content
Columbia8Spenser Dennis Premium Content
Gold5Bruno Diaz Premium Content
Gold6Felix Diaz Premium Content
Navy11David DiNatale Premium Content
Orange12Chris Dominguez Premium Content
Maroon18Devon Duby Premium Content
Maroon19Colby Dye Premium Content
Red14Christopher Eggert Premium Content
Red4Jake Elmore Premium Content
Orange36Teddy Fallon Premium Content
Maroon5John Paul "PJ" Fandetti Premium Content
Gold14Gabriel Fargas Premium Content
Navy9Brian Farris Premium Content
Gold7Aramis Fernandez Premium Content
Maroon20Nathan Freiman Premium Content
Gold15Israel Fuentes Premium Content
Red6Elbert Garcia Premium Content
Royal17Manuel Garcia Premium Content
Gold8Pedro Garcia Premium Content
Columbia7Cesar Garrido Premium Content
Gold19Francisco Gomez Premium Content
White4Max Gonzalez Premium Content
Royal9Steve Gonzalez Premium Content
Navy12Luke Greinke Premium Content
White7Joshua Haney Premium Content
Orange13Chad Hartman Premium Content
Red16Bobby Hernandez Premium Content
Navy3Clark Hish Premium Content
White18Kevin Hoef Premium Content
Maroon8Scott Hollingsworth Premium Content
Maroon11Matt Holt Premium Content
Columbia6Eric Hymel Premium Content
Orange14Chris Jackson Premium Content
Columbia9Ryan Jackson Premium Content
Red7Joshua Jones Premium Content
White5Andrew Jordan Premium Content
Columbia18Brennan Kemper Premium Content
Red17Patrick King Premium Content
Columbia19Ryan Klinkert Premium Content
Navy6Chandler Laurent Premium Content
Maroon15Jared Leeds Premium Content
Columbia3Chris Lopez Premium Content
Gold16Jose Lopez Premium Content
Gold9Victor Luque Premium Content
Red8Alexander MacKenzie Premium Content
White8Robert Mancini Premium Content
Royal10Alexander Marchese Premium Content
White19Kent Matthes Premium Content
Navy10Steven Mazzurco Premium Content
Navy15David McChesney Premium Content
White9Tate McMillan Premium Content
Orange15Bradley McPeek Premium Content
Maroon22Michael Meaden Premium Content
Orange16Tommy Meagher Premium Content
White20Thomas Mendoza Premium Content
Orange17Nathan Moreau Premium Content
Royal16Luke Murton Premium Content
Red18John Newman Premium Content
Columbia11Sam Newton Premium Content
Columbia20David Nolting Premium Content
Gold4Arnaldo Ortiz Premium Content
Royal19Francisco Ortiz Premium Content
Royal18Elias Otero Ayala Premium Content
Royal13Hunter Ovens Premium Content
Royal11Juan E. Parra Premium Content
Columbia35Marlon Pascual Premium Content
Navy16Austin Peacock Premium Content
Gold10Luis Peguero Premium Content
Royal48Héctor L. Pellot Premium Content
Navy18Anthony Perez Premium Content
Navy19Christian Perez Premium Content
Orange4Ruben Perez Premium Content
Orange22Carlos Pertuz Premium Content
Orange10John Phelps Premium Content
Red9Frank Phillips Premium Content
Orange46Jim Pollack Premium Content
Orange5Dan Ramos Premium Content
White21Danny Rams Premium Content
Red19Derek Randolph Premium Content
Royal5Zak Ratko Premium Content
White6Shawn Redwine Premium Content
Columbia21Chris Rey Premium Content
Gold18Alex Rivera Premium Content
Royal8Arles Rivera Premium Content
Orange6Michael Roberts Premium Content
Royal12Anthony Rodriguez Premium Content
White10Daniel Rodriguez Premium Content
Gold21Pedro Rodriguez Premium Content
Gold22Wilfredo Rodriguez Premium Content
Gold26Carlos Rodriguez Macaya Premium Content
Navy20Chris Rollins Premium Content
Royal20Jonell Rosa Premium Content
Red10Eddie Rush Premium Content
Columbia22Ivan Rusova Premium Content
Red20Seth Sanders Premium Content
Columbia4Tyson Sandlin Premium Content
Orange7Eric Santiago Premium Content
Maroon12Patrick Scardino Premium Content
Columbia5Ryan Schiever Premium Content
Royal4Scott Schmitt Premium Content
Columbia23Wally Scott Premium Content
White22Sam Sharpe Premium Content
Navy21Zach Shy Premium Content
White1Nick Silva Premium Content
Red11Grant Simotes Premium Content
Maroon23Travis Smith Premium Content
Gold11Jefrey Sosa Premium Content
Red12Clinton Storr Premium Content
Navy22Kyle Sweat Premium Content
Columbia12Jeremy Synan Premium Content
Orange8Adrien Tapia Premium Content
White23Lukas Thomason Premium Content
Maroon46Jared Tippett Premium Content
Navy7John Tolisano Premium Content
Gold12Johan Trinidad Premium Content
Maroon6Josh Upchurch Premium Content
Orange9Adam Valiente Premium Content
Red21Benji Waite Premium Content
White47Josh Wall Premium Content
Maroon7Daniel Watters Premium Content
Maroon4Jemile Weeks Premium Content
Orange23Bryce Welder Premium Content
White48Tommy Williams Premium Content
Orange35Jake Wilson Premium Content
Columbia46Daniel Wiltz Premium Content
White2Josh Wittcoff Premium Content
Navy24Greg Wright Premium Content
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