Showcase MW Top Prospect Showcase
Sep 27 - 28, 2008 Perfect Game Field at Veterans Memorial Stadium - Cedar Rapids, IA  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Orange23Jordan Adams Premium Content
Orange8Jay Allen Premium Content
White1Michael Anderson Premium Content
Maroon5John Bailey Premium Content
Royal12Jerad Barth Premium Content
Navy20Matt Beer Premium Content
Maroon9Kyle Behnke Premium Content
Gold4Bryce Bellin Premium Content
White5Bobby Boddam Premium Content
White19Jordan Boston Premium Content
Gold18George Bougalis Premium Content
White8Christopher Branciere Premium Content
Orange5Chance Chilcote Premium Content
Gold19Austin Christensen Premium Content
White21Chad Christensen Premium Content
White4Ryan Clarke Premium Content
Navy8Reid Clary Premium Content
Royal7Jeff Davis Premium Content
Maroon23Joshua DeBoer Premium Content
White17Philip Diedrick Premium Content
Maroon8Stephen Dinanno Premium Content
Navy4Taylor Drake Premium Content
Royal8Darnell Duckett Premium Content
Orange18Dakota Dvorak Premium Content
Orange12Taylor Eikenberry Premium Content
Royal23Joseph Ellison Premium Content
Gold9Justin Fahy Premium Content
White22Michael Figueiredo Premium Content
Navy19Christopher Fitzpatrick Premium Content
Navy18Joseph Flattery Premium Content
Navy23Tommy Fleckenstein Premium Content
Orange22Andy Flett Premium Content
Maroon18Michael Foley Premium Content
Orange7Collin Frampton Premium Content
Royal19Daniel Franceschetti Premium Content
White10Stuart Fraser Premium Content
Navy9Harrison Freeland Premium Content
Navy6Martin Greinke Premium Content
Royal21Evan Grills Premium Content
Maroon19Alan Hardisty Premium Content
White25Joey Hawkins Premium Content
White9Tyler Hibbert Premium Content
Gold3Lucas Ingersoll Premium Content
Maroon12Austin Jarvis Premium Content
White12Dany Jimenez Premium Content
Gold6Horace Ryan Johnson Premium Content
Gold16Nathan Kamin Premium Content
Maroon20Jon Keller Premium Content
Maroon6Tyler King Premium Content
Maroon16Drew Korte Premium Content
Royal6Jeff Kosta Premium Content
Royal4Bronson Lake Premium Content
White18Cameron Mattice Premium Content
Orange9Kurtis McCallum Premium Content
Maroon7Jacob McFarland Premium Content
Orange11Seth McMullen Premium Content
Orange21Jeffrey McNeely Premium Content
Gold8Gavin Meyer Premium Content
Orange10Dakota Miller Premium Content
Gold22Trent Miller Premium Content
Navy22Alexander Mills Premium Content
Royal1Brad Mitchell Premium Content
Gold10Tyler Mitchell Premium Content
Maroon11Jonathan Moore Premium Content
White2Luke Mottashed Premium Content
White16Christopher Mullen Premium Content
Navy2Andrew Murphy Premium Content
Maroon24Jonathan Musser Premium Content
Gold21Jason Ormond Premium Content
Royal10Kenji O'Sullivan Premium Content
Gold17Mitchell Overstreet Premium Content
Royal3Gianfranco Pace Premium Content
Royal9Chris Panagakos Premium Content
Royal11Tyler Patzalek Premium Content
Navy10Devin Petersen Premium Content
Orange4Scott Phelps Premium Content
Orange20Chad Piersma Premium Content
Royal2Mike Reeves Premium Content
Navy12Cody Riemer Premium Content
Gold5Jordan Ries Premium Content
Gold20Mike Rocco Premium Content
Maroon17Zach Rohlf Premium Content
Royal18Chris Romano Premium Content
Navy1Domenick Romero Premium Content
Orange6Reid Roper Premium Content
Royal5Brodie Ross Premium Content
Navy21Rick Sandquist Premium Content
Gold12Steven Santon Premium Content
Navy3Scott Schebler Premium Content
Navy11Blake Schmit Premium Content
Navy7Robert Shedden Premium Content
Maroon10Mac Simotes Premium Content
White26Jimmy Six Premium Content
Orange24Cedric Smith Premium Content
Royal20Johnathan Solazzo Premium Content
Gold11Ian Staudenmyer Premium Content
Gold23Jordan Strawn Premium Content
Royal25Kellen Sweeney Premium Content
White11Jose Torralba Premium Content
Maroon3Matthew Van Winkle Premium Content
Orange19Matthew Weiss Premium Content
White3Clay Welter Premium Content
Royal22Tyler Wheeler Premium Content
White20Matt Wick Premium Content
White7Scott Wilcox Premium Content
White6Kyle Willard Premium Content
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