2005 Unsigned Seniors Showcase

Jun 13, 2005 - Jun 14, 2005

5-Plex - Player Development Complex - 4301 Edison Ave Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map

Event Rosters

  Tim Acheson
9-White (Unsigned)10Oscar Baez
12-Royal (Unsigned)30Nicholas Barkley
11-Red (Unsigned)27Brandon Barrington
11-Red (Unsigned)11Pat Belt
13-Dk. Green (Unsigned)13Griffin Benson
10-Navy (Unsigned)2Norman Black
11-Red (Unsigned)8Colin Bostin
10-Navy (Unsigned)22Matt Boyd
9-White (Unsigned)19Jacob Brown
10-Navy (Unsigned)16Joshua Burch
12-Royal (Unsigned)16Ryan Carnley
12-Royal (Unsigned)13Peter Casais
13-Dk. Green (Unsigned)3Larry Chavez
13-Dk. Green (Unsigned)6Matthew Chavez
11-Red (Unsigned)17Antony Costanzo
9-White (Unsigned)7John Cote
14-Gold (Unsigned)4Bryan Croushore
10-Navy (Unsigned)19Evan Cunningham
14-Gold (Unsigned)14David Del Guercio
14-Gold (Unsigned)17Robert Dyer
14-Gold (Unsigned)13Michael Eliseo
14-Gold (Unsigned)15Brian Farris
9-White (Unsigned)17Kevin Fetkowitz
11-Red (Unsigned)4Brian Flores
12-Royal (Unsigned)3Octavio Flores
13-Dk. Green (Unsigned)9Matt Foisy
10-Navy (Unsigned)1Joey Friedman
10-Navy (Unsigned)17Sean Goldmark
10-Navy (Unsigned)4Gilbert Gonzalez
14-Gold (Unsigned)6Nino Guerrero
12-Royal (Unsigned)9Andrew Hague
11-Red (Unsigned)26Christopher Harrison
9-White (Unsigned)21Johnathan Hernandez
10-Navy (Unsigned)18Spencer Howard
13-Dk. Green (Unsigned)7Patrick Hoynoski
12-Royal (Unsigned)8Todd Huffman
10-Navy (Unsigned)15Drew Hunter
11-Red (Unsigned)12Bryon Izzo
10-Navy (Unsigned)21Nick Jewell
10-Navy (Unsigned)3Mark Jigarjian
9-White (Unsigned)6Brandon Johnson
13-Dk. Green (Unsigned)20Samuel Kapacinskas
10-Navy (Unsigned)24Matthew Kilian
10-Navy (Unsigned)13Wayne Kirby
13-Dk. Green (Unsigned)4Kahmari Leonard
13-Dk. Green (Unsigned)5Brandon Lopez
11-Red (Unsigned)3Chris Lopez
13-Dk. Green (Unsigned)16Jason Madonna
14-Gold (Unsigned)21Adrian Marban
12-Royal (Unsigned)1Brock Martinez
9-White (Unsigned)16James Martinez
13-Dk. Green (Unsigned)14Ryan McPherson
9-White (Unsigned)4Alejandro Melendez
14-Gold (Unsigned)1Eric Mercado
12-Royal (Unsigned)21Chad Mills
9-White (Unsigned)3Samuel Moore
10-Navy (Unsigned)6Parenn Mulji
13-Dk. Green (Unsigned)8Richard Peeples
14-Gold (Unsigned)20Timothy Perkins
12-Royal (Unsigned)4Matthew Phillips
12-Royal (Unsigned)14Dustin Proctor
12-Royal (Unsigned)7Max Rios
14-Gold (Unsigned)3Arles Rivera Cola
14-Gold (Unsigned)2Rhys Roberts
9-White (Unsigned)20Mark Rood
11-Red (Unsigned)2Michael Rood
12-Royal (Unsigned)17Brett Savard
9-White (Unsigned)14Heath Sharp
12-Royal (Unsigned)19Ryan Staffeld
12-Royal (Unsigned)15Blake Suarez
10-Navy (Unsigned)7Jontavious Thomas
9-White (Unsigned)5Weston Ulbrich
14-Gold (Unsigned)5Chris Vasquez
12-Royal (Unsigned)5Louis Vazquez
11-Red (Unsigned)15Yassiel Veciana
11-Red (Unsigned)10Charles Warren
12-Royal (Unsigned)20Dave Watson
14-Gold (Unsigned)7Calvin White
14-Gold (Unsigned)18Chad Wickersham
9-White (Unsigned)13Dustin Wier-O'Connor
  Morgan Wynne
12-Royal (Unsigned)2Chris Zachodzki
9-White (Unsigned)1Emanuel Zeno
11-Red (Unsigned)1Zach Zupan

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