Showcase National Underclass Showcase Session 1
Nov 1 - 2, 2008 Fitch Park Cubs Spring Training - Mesa, AZ  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Columbia-Uncommitted12Will Abram Premium Content
White-Underclass7Andrew Albers Premium Content
Gold-Underclass14Frank Arellano Premium Content
Gold-Underclass7Kristofer Ashby Premium Content
Gold-Underclass13Sean Baumes Premium Content
Royal-Underclass16Brad Benbow Premium Content
Red-Underclass2Jordan Berger Premium Content
Red-Underclass14Aaron Blair Premium Content
Royal-Underclass7Matthew Brauer Premium Content
Navy-Underclass12Christian Castro Premium Content
Navy-Underclass1Nick Chapman Premium Content
White-Underclass14John Cialone Premium Content
Gold-Underclass17Jake Cole Premium Content
White-Underclass1Aaron Collazo Premium Content
Gold-Underclass4Chase DeJong Premium Content
White-Underclass13Daniel Denton Premium Content
Gold-Underclass6Kevin DeRue Premium Content
Crimson-Uncommitted11Tyler Doolittle Premium Content
Navy-Underclass8Will Dyer Premium Content
Green-Underclass14Austin Edwards Premium Content
Navy-Underclass3Dylan Ellis Premium Content
Crimson-Uncommitted16Taylor Erwin Premium Content
Gold-Underclass5Dillon Everett Premium Content
Gold-Underclass16Johnny Fasola Premium Content
Green-Underclass15Devin Ferguson Premium Content
Crimson-Uncommitted12Adrian Figueroa Premium Content
Royal-Underclass13Nathan Fishel Premium Content
Green-Underclass7Nick Fornaca Premium Content
Navy-Underclass11Connor Garelick Premium Content
White-Underclass10Nathaniel Gibbs Premium Content
Red-Underclass11Jeffrey Gonzales Premium Content
Red-Underclass8Robert Gonzalez Premium Content
Royal-Underclass10Timothy Gonzalez Premium Content
Royal-Underclass3William (Willy) Gustin Premium Content
Green-Underclass1Patrick Haenel Premium Content
Black-Uncommitted17Preston Hill Premium Content
White-Underclass8James Hood Premium Content
Red-Underclass6Blake Hunter Premium Content
Gold-Underclass1Kurt Jahnke Premium Content
Royal-Underclass4David Johnson Premium Content
White-Underclass5Darren Lauer Premium Content
Red-Underclass13Aaron Levy Premium Content
Green-Underclass10Steven Lindsey Premium Content
Gold-Underclass3Nick Maccarone Premium Content
Navy-Underclass2Jake Matson Premium Content
White-Underclass4Jordan Maynard Premium Content
Navy-Underclass9Robert McCormack Premium Content
Red-Underclass9Chase Mersola Premium Content
White-Underclass3Brandon Mikulka Premium Content
Navy-Underclass15Keegan Mitchell Premium Content
Royal-Underclass2Michael Morales Premium Content
Royal-Underclass15Sean O'Connor Premium Content
Green-Underclass6Adam Padilla Premium Content
Red-Underclass1Frank Pluskota Premium Content
Green-Underclass16Tyler Pollock Premium Content
Royal-Underclass1Jake Price Premium Content
Royal-Underclass11Blane Reutter Premium Content
Royal-Underclass9Ryan Richardson Premium Content
Navy-Underclass7Luke Riley Premium Content
Navy-Underclass4Tomas Rivera III Premium Content
Navy-Underclass4Tomas Rivera III Premium Content
Red-Underclass3Jake Rosenblatt Premium Content
Green-Underclass8Christopher Rowe Premium Content
Navy-Underclass10Gage Salquist Premium Content
Navy-Underclass13John Schott Premium Content
Green-Underclass11Nathan Sherman Premium Content
Green-Underclass5Bobby Shiroky Premium Content
Red-Underclass5Alex Smith Premium Content
Green-Underclass3Christian Smith Premium Content
Green-Underclass2Tyler Smith Premium Content
Red-Underclass7Christian Snuffer Premium Content
Gold-Underclass2Bradley Stefanski Premium Content
White-Underclass2Kevin Swick Premium Content
Red-Underclass12Devin Turner Premium Content
White-Underclass9Sergio Valenzuela Premium Content
White-Underclass6Aaron Vaughn Premium Content
Gold-Underclass83Ramon Vidallon Premium Content
Black-Uncommitted16Konner Wade Premium Content
White-Underclass15Lucas Whitehill Premium Content
Navy-Underclass6Trevor Whitmire Premium Content
Royal-Underclass8Jon Wilson Premium Content
Green-Underclass9Kevin Wirth Premium Content
Royal-Underclass5Ryan Wood Premium Content
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