2008 National Underclass Session 3

Jan 05, 2008 - Jan 06, 2007

Terry Park - 3421 Palm Beach Blvd Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map

Event Rosters

Black Underclass8Shane Ammon
Maroon Underclass4Gabriel Babineaux
Black Underclass14Paul Baggett
Green Underclass11Caden Bailey
Black Underclass10R Connor Bartelman
Black Underclass3Benjamin Bokor
Black Underclass2Joshua Bokor
Purple Underclass13Carter Bumgardner
Black Underclass11Michael Clark
Maroon Underclass3Robert Cossey
Columbia Blue Underclass6P. Ryan Crowell
Black Underclass7Nicholas Crucet
Maroon Underclass6Jonathan Davis
Black Underclass4Shane DeFranco
Green Underclass4Bryan Doyle
Purple Underclass14Zach Etheridge
Maroon Underclass17Stephen Ferich
Purple Underclass2Logan Fiasco
Columbia Blue Underclass14Troy Foster
Royal Underclass7Michael Frank
Columbia Blue Underclass11Ruben Gomez
Purple Underclass12Luis Gonzalez
Green Underclass8Chase Graskewicz
Columbia Blue Underclass15Robbie Harris
Columbia Blue Underclass4Zacary Hawkins
Purple Underclass4James Hood
Purple Underclass11Dalton Irwin
Green Underclass15Cody Jacobson
Royal Underclass10Casey Kula
Columbia Blue Underclass5Sam Lewis
Purple Underclass3Charles LoBosco
Maroon Underclass13Thomas Malone
Green Underclass1Sean Mangus
Maroon Underclass15Connor McCarthy
Columbia Blue Underclass3Connor McDonald
Columbia Blue Underclass10Miles McHugh
Purple Underclass10Jon McManemin
Green Underclass10Mitchell Merten
Maroon Underclass7Adrian Morales
Columbia Blue Underclass12Andrew Moreno
Green Underclass5Jordan Morey
Royal Underclass2Luke Mottashed
Green Underclass3Will Nader
Black Underclass13Tyler Newell
Royal Underclass6Brendan O'Connor
Black Underclass24Brooks Oursler
Green Underclass7Luis Pla
Maroon Underclass2Greg Povlow
Columbia Blue Underclass13Justin Ray
Royal Underclass13Travis Reboulet
Maroon Underclass8Nicholas Riley
Royal Underclass5Mark Roberts
Columbia Blue Underclass9Seth Roberts
Royal Underclass8Tyler Rocklein
Black Underclass5Dantiez Saunderson
Royal Underclass3Michael Schmidt
Maroon Underclass14Stephen Seger
Columbia Blue Underclass8Timothy Shaub
Royal Underclass12Jordan Stampler
Purple Underclass7Jordan Suarez
Green Underclass12John Thompson
Black Underclass6Joey Tomko
Green Underclass6Stephen Toole
Royal Underclass14Juan Torrez
Green Underclass9Carlos Ugalde
Green Underclass2Tyler Underwood
Royal Underclass9Brandon Vega
Black Underclass9Mark Vidal
Royal Underclass24Taylor Walker
Purple Underclass8Alex Walton
Royal Underclass11AJ Watts
Columbia Blue Underclass2Brett Williams
Maroon Underclass5Casey Wilson
Royal Underclass4Christian Wolfe
Royal Underclass1Jonathan Zalud

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