Showcase California Underclass Showcase
Jan 19 - 21, 2008 Riverside City College - Riverside, CA  

- Riverside City College  
  4800 Magnolia Ave Riverside, CA 92506 Map   

- Arrowhead Credit Union Park  
  280 South E Street San Bernardino, CA 92410 Map   

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Green12Jimmy Allen Premium Content
Columbia Blue12Albert Alvarez Premium Content
Green23Eric Andrews Premium Content
Royal23Nolan Arenado Premium Content
Navy12Joshua Bagwell Premium Content
Orange11Matthew Barnes Premium Content
Black12Ryan Beck Premium Content
White12Steven Beltran Premium Content
Green11Ryan Bergman Premium Content
Orange10Dylan Betancourt Premium Content
Black11Pierce Bily Premium Content
Silver12Kyle Biniasz Premium Content
Black10Corey Black Premium Content
Black22Casey Bohlmann Premium Content
Gold12Cody Bonner Premium Content
Navy23Nick Bradvica Premium Content
Crimson24Matt Brezinski Premium Content
Black9Dylan Brown Premium Content
Royal22Terry Cahow Premium Content
Silver11Tony Calhoun Premium Content
Green10Daniel Camarena Premium Content
Gold23A J Carman Premium Content
Royal12Christopher Carrillo Premium Content
Navy22Lee Casas Premium Content
Royal11Michael Chairez Premium Content
Silver10Kevin Cho Premium Content
Orange9Dylan Christensen Premium Content
Columbia Blue23Nolan Clark Premium Content
Navy24Jake Cole Premium Content
Maroon12Jack Colick Premium Content
Gold22Ben Conlin Premium Content
Green9Jonathan Contreras Premium Content
Columbia Blue22Brandon Cooley Premium Content
Crimson12Ryan Cunningham Premium Content
Orange8Bret Dahlson Premium Content
Maroon11Keegan Dale Premium Content
Crimson23Matt Daugherty Premium Content
Maroon22Matt Davidson Premium Content
White10Cory Davis Premium Content
Black24Erik Davis Premium Content
Navy11Callan Dawson Premium Content
Black8Michael DeLeon Premium Content
Royal3Damian Delira Premium Content
Crimson11Brandon Dixon Premium Content
Royal21Paul Donahue Premium Content
White9Jordan Dresner Premium Content
Orange23James Dykstra Premium Content
Navy21Calvin Ellis Premium Content
Black7Shawn Ellis Premium Content
Orange12Brandon Espinosa Premium Content
Maroon10Arby Fields Premium Content
Black6Kevin Francke Premium Content
Crimson22Brian Frattali Premium Content
Orange7Victor Galarza Premium Content
Maroon21Cameron Garfield Premium Content
Royal10Kyle Garlick Premium Content
Gold11Michael Gibellina Premium Content
Crimson21Phillip Gonzalez Premium Content
Maroon20Paul Graff Premium Content
Black5Chris Graves Premium Content
Black4Steve Hagy Premium Content
Maroon9Cory Hahn Premium Content
Silver21Travis Harrison Premium Content
Green8Ryan Haughey Premium Content
White23Daniel Hawksley Premium Content
Columbia Blue11Andrew Hendrickson Premium Content
Silver23Jake Hernandez Premium Content
Silver8Keaton Hernandez Premium Content
Gold10Roland Hernandez Premium Content
Crimson18Austin Hill Premium Content
Navy6Justin Hiller Premium Content
White8Gavin Hite Premium Content
Silver24Matt Hobgood Premium Content
Royal9Caleb Hodge Premium Content
Orange6Peter Hoyt Premium Content
Black22Justin Jacobs Premium Content
Crimson10James Jobusch Premium Content
Royal8Taylor Kahanowitch Premium Content
Maroon8Lonnie Kauppila Premium Content
Gold9Kyle Kilgore Premium Content
Columbia Blue6Sean Koyano Premium Content
Columbia Blue20Cade Kreuter Premium Content
Green5Justin Lamascus Premium Content
Crimson9Jason Lamb Premium Content
Green18Stephen Lapchak Premium Content
Gold8Kenny Leasure Premium Content
White22Thomas Lemke Premium Content
Crimson7Jonathan Maciel Premium Content
Green7Ian McCarthy Premium Content
Royal7Jonathan Meyer Premium Content
Black21Sam Meyer Premium Content
Gold7Taylor Meyer Premium Content
Gold6Jiovanni Mier Premium Content
Orange22Ethan Miller Premium Content
Columbia Blue9Chris Mocerino Premium Content
Silver19Adam Mott Premium Content
Maroon18Evan Mott Premium Content
Orange21Ricky Mount Premium Content
Maroon7Taylor Mowatt Premium Content
Royal20Matthew Moynihan Premium Content
Columbia Blue8Christian Muscarello Premium Content
White21Sean Narby Premium Content
Orange20Aaron Northcraft Premium Content
Maroon6Valente Ortega Premium Content
Green19Matt Page Premium Content
Gold5Matthew Paradise Premium Content
Orange5Race Parmenter Premium Content
Navy10Mitchell Patito Premium Content
Silver22Trevor Penny Premium Content
Crimson20Colton Plaia Premium Content
Green24Brooks Pounders Premium Content
White7Anthony Psaltis Premium Content
Gold4Tyler Rahier Premium Content
Royal6Chris Ramirez Premium Content
Maroon5Quinn Renner Premium Content
White6Kaden Richard Premium Content
Columbia Blue7Steven Robillard Premium Content
Green6Logan Rubino Premium Content
Columbia Blue21Denon Rushing Premium Content
Gold3Michael Russo Premium Content
Green20Stefan Sabol Premium Content
Crimson6Brad Salgado Premium Content
Gold2Ross Sanders Premium Content
Silver7Allen Sarkissian Premium Content
Silver6Duncan Satherlie Premium Content
Orange19Bryce Shaheen Premium Content
Navy19Elliott Sherrell Premium Content
Silver5Daniel Shine Premium Content
Navy9Eric Smith Premium Content
Royal5Christian Solis Premium Content
Green22Cory Soto Premium Content
Navy8Dominic Steil Premium Content
Gold21Taylor Stone Premium Content
Silver4Frank Strnad Premium Content
Silver3Rudy Strnad Premium Content
White5Andrew Thurman Premium Content
Royal4Evan Traffenstedt Premium Content
Green21Spencer Venegas Premium Content
Navy7Justin Viele Premium Content
Maroon4Mason Virant Premium Content
Columbia Blue19Dennis Waites Premium Content
Maroon19Christian Walker Premium Content
Columbia Blue18Keenyn Walker Premium Content
Columbia Blue17Stephen Wallace Premium Content
White4Hunter Warkentien Premium Content
Navy18Christian Weeber Premium Content
Gold1Andrew Wellman Premium Content
Black20Dustin Williams Premium Content
White3Kevin Williams Premium Content
Orange18Robert Witt Premium Content
Maroon3Pete Woodall Premium Content
Royal19Christian Yelich Premium Content
White20Andy Yingling Premium Content
Orange4Trent Zaks Premium Content
Black19Court Zollinger Premium Content
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