Showcase Sunshine West Showcase
Jun 9 - 10, 2007 Southwestern College - Chula Vista, CA  

- Southwestern College  
  900 Otay Lakes Road Chula Vista, CA 91910 Map   

- Point Loma College  
  3900 Lomaland Drive San Diego, CA 92106 Map   

- Eastlake HS  
  1120 Eastlake Pkwy Chula Vista, CA 91915 Map   

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
5-Gold22Timothy Alvarez Premium Content
14-White11Christopher Antoku Premium Content
1-Black19Kayvon Bahramzadeh Premium Content
4-Dark Green2Derek Baum Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue19Scott Baxter Premium Content
1-Black16Kenny Belzer Premium Content
7-Maroon6Wynton Bernard Premium Content
1-Black6Tim Berry Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue8Chris Black Premium Content
14-White8Nathan Bobrowski Premium Content
5-Gold19Royce Bolinger Premium Content
8-Navy11Joshua Borgman Premium Content
1-Black17Brock Bracamontes Premium Content
1-Black7Nick Bradvica Premium Content
3-Crimson6Stan Bray Premium Content
6-Kelly Green11Joseph Bristyan Premium Content
9-Orange6Matthew Brown Premium Content
10-Purple11Julian Bustamante Premium Content
12-Royal18Nick Carmichael Premium Content
4-Dark Green23Ryan Carrera Premium Content
3-Crimson21Beau Charbonneau Premium Content
3-Crimson12Denver Chavez Premium Content
14-White10Zach Chavez Premium Content
1-Black10Dillon Checkal Premium Content
7-Maroon10Lincoln Clapper Premium Content
10-Purple8Nolan Clark Premium Content
14-White19Gerrit Cole Premium Content
4-Dark Green7Chris Coleman Premium Content
8-Navy6Deen Coleman Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue11Eddie Coogle Premium Content
10-Purple6Jake Crawford Premium Content
9-Orange9Allan Cushing Premium Content
3-Crimson9Eric Debelak Premium Content
11-Red20Ryan DeJesus Premium Content
7-Maroon18Robert Delp Premium Content
11-Red9Eric Doi Premium Content
10-Purple9Conor Doyle Premium Content
13-Steel7Bobby Drummond Premium Content
9-Orange21Donovan D'Souza Premium Content
10-Purple23Daniel Duarte Premium Content
11-Red8Bryan Dunlavey Premium Content
11-Red7Bobby Egeberg Premium Content
12-Royal11Trevor Evans Premium Content
10-Purple19Kamron Fariba Premium Content
1-Black11Lukas Fortino Premium Content
4-Dark Green10Calvin Foster Premium Content
12-Royal21Andy Friery Premium Content
13-Steel5Cameron Gagnon Premium Content
5-Gold21Joey Gallo Premium Content
11-Red12Charlie Garner Premium Content
4-Dark Green11Brett Gavasse Premium Content
3-Crimson23Blake Gibbs Premium Content
12-Royal8Trevor Goff Premium Content
1-Black20Vincent Gonzalez Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue10Spencer Graves Premium Content
4-Dark Green1Josh Gray Premium Content
3-Crimson11Mike Grillo Premium Content
5-Gold8Colton Hamill Premium Content
11-Red4John Hansbrough Premium Content
8-Navy23Tom Harlan Premium Content
14-White7Max Harris Premium Content
14-White4Matthew Harrison Premium Content
5-Gold5Justin Herrera Premium Content
5-Gold9Adam Hill Premium Content
3-Crimson5Zackery Howe Premium Content
3-Crimson4Spencer Humphrey Premium Content
7-Maroon21Max Iantorno Premium Content
12-Royal12Allen Jardin Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue6Nathan Johnson Premium Content
14-White5Tucker Johnson Premium Content
6-Kelly Green20Brad Jones Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue7Danny Jordan Premium Content
8-Navy7Isaiah Kaneakua Premium Content
5-Gold6Ashton Kent Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue21John Kent Premium Content
13-Steel8Ryan Kincade Premium Content
14-White12Shane Kitagawa Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue5Bryan Kloppe Premium Content
4-Dark Green12Trevor Koons Premium Content
8-Navy4Ryan Krasn Premium Content
13-Steel20Shane Kroker Premium Content
9-Orange7Eric Lane Premium Content
11-Red6Christian Larragoitiy-Rosseland Premium Content
12-Royal19Chris Larsen Premium Content
9-Orange20Jenner Levy Premium Content
8-Navy21Charles "Cody" Lewis Premium Content
14-White23Artie Lopez Premium Content
6-Kelly Green7Ryan MacNair Premium Content
4-Dark Green8Jacob Mahan Premium Content
13-Steel4Jerry Mancuso Premium Content
12-Royal10Creed Mangrum Premium Content
8-Navy5Alex Mann Premium Content
8-Navy9Wyllie Marciel Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue3Austin Marshall Premium Content
5-Gold12Derek Martinez Premium Content
12-Royal22Tyson Martinez Premium Content
13-Steel22Trevor Matern Premium Content
7-Maroon11Michael Maxsenti Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue20James McCann Premium Content
13-Steel6Cornelius McCloskey Premium Content
10-Purple10Edwin Mendoza Premium Content
14-White22Brandon Meredith Premium Content
6-Kelly Green6Kyle Mettling Premium Content
5-Gold7James Miller Premium Content
3-Crimson3Andrew Mistone Premium Content
10-Purple21Jordan Mitchell Premium Content
11-Red23Tyson Moll Premium Content
12-Royal9Spencer Moniz Premium Content
5-Gold10Billy Moon Premium Content
8-Navy20Cass Morrison Premium Content
4-Dark Green6Mike Mudron Premium Content
1-Black12Justin Murray Premium Content
4-Dark Green5Scott Murray Premium Content
1-Black21Kevin Nay Premium Content
11-Red5Grant Nelson Premium Content
12-Royal23Tyler Nelson Premium Content
11-Red19Matt Nestlerode Premium Content
9-Orange22Phil Nyhoff Premium Content
7-Maroon7Kyran O'Green Premium Content
8-Navy10Reid Okita Premium Content
7-Maroon9Ryan O'Sullivan Premium Content
3-Crimson8McCoy Pace Premium Content
6-Kelly Green4Brian Palmer Premium Content
1-Black15Nick Pappas Premium Content
4-Dark Green19Spencer Park Premium Content
3-Crimson22TJ Parthemer Premium Content
13-Steel19David Paul Premium Content
6-Kelly Green5Kevin Peters Premium Content
9-Orange19Kyle Peyton Premium Content
12-Royal4Joe Pond Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue22Nicolas Quintero Premium Content
14-White3Mark Radmacher Premium Content
9-Orange4Travis Reed Premium Content
5-Gold3Robert Refsnyder Premium Content
6-Kelly Green9John Rezendes Premium Content
7-Maroon17Travis Rigsby Premium Content
14-White17David Rivera Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue4Joe Robinson Premium Content
6-Kelly Green10Stephen Rodgers Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue12Steven Roule Premium Content
1-Black9Erik Rowen Premium Content
8-Navy3Travis Rush Premium Content
1-Black18Tanner Rust Premium Content
9-Orange12Pablo Sanchez Premium Content
7-Maroon5Mario Sanelli Premium Content
10-Purple7Charlie Sauer Premium Content
5-Gold23Jack Schellin Premium Content
4-Dark Green3Ryan Schwenn Premium Content
13-Steel12Jordan Scott Premium Content
7-Maroon4Cade Sears Premium Content
4-Dark Green21C Andrew Seaton Premium Content
8-Navy22Steve Selsky Premium Content
4-Dark Green9Bryce Shaheen Premium Content
7-Maroon23Patrick Sharshel Premium Content
8-Navy8Taylor Shaw Premium Content
14-White18Michael Shenk  Premium Content
8-Navy19Cole Shidaki Premium Content
1-Black22Dustin Silva Premium Content
11-Red18Matt Skelly Premium Content
3-Crimson10Tony Smaldino Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue23Freezy Smalls Premium Content
12-Royal6Spenser Smith Premium Content
6-Kelly Green12Patrick Somers Premium Content
13-Steel11Seth Spivack Premium Content
9-Orange18John Stanley Premium Content
6-Kelly Green8Scott Stanley Premium Content
9-Orange11Levi Stevens Premium Content
7-Maroon19Kyle Sutherland Premium Content
8-Navy12Byron Tagalicod Premium Content
7-Maroon22Ryan Thomas Premium Content
3-Crimson20Harley Thompson Premium Content
10-Purple3Joel Thys Premium Content
14-White6Jomel Torres Premium Content
6-Kelly Green19Leroy Travis Premium Content
10-Purple4Edward Trovato Premium Content
14-White20Spencer Trygg Premium Content
9-Orange10Nick Turcotte Premium Content
10-Purple20Karl Turner Premium Content
13-Steel23Zack Turner Premium Content
13-Steel3Casey Upperman Premium Content
7-Maroon20Brandon Van Dam Premium Content
9-Orange23Aaron Verboom Premium Content
11-Red11Robert Vindiola Premium Content
10-Purple22Donald Walter Premium Content
6-Kelly Green21David Washington Premium Content
1-Black8Holden Watne Premium Content
3-Crimson7Ricky White Premium Content
5-Gold20Thomas White Premium Content
4-Dark Green4Stephen Wiley Premium Content
10-Purple12Kelcey Wirick Premium Content
9-Orange5Kenneth Wise Premium Content
11-Red10Ryan Wolf Premium Content
8-Navy2Marcus Wood Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue9Nick Woodward Premium Content
12-Royal7Tony York Premium Content
12-Royal5Kyle Young Premium Content
5-Gold11Cody Yount Premium Content
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