League Iowa Fall Scout League
Aug 19 - Oct 23, 2006 Washington HS - Cedar Rapids, IA  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players GradSchoolCitySt.CountryPosCommitDraftedMLB DebutPG Rank
Iowa - Dark Green2Brad Agan2007KnoxvilleKnoxvilleIAUSA3B  Premium Content
Iowa - Orange1Riley Anderson2009HempsteadDubuqueIAUSAC  Premium Content
Iowa - Orange5Chris Baish2009WestWaterlooIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Dark Green10Trevor Beals2007Des Moines EastPleasant HillIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Dark Green7Kyle Beaman2008Mount AyrMount AyrIAUSAOF  Premium Content
Iowa - Cedar1Kevin Bolger2007ValleyWest Des MoinesIAUSA2B  Premium Content
Iowa - Red7Tony Bonar2008Burlington Notre DameBurlingtonIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Black1Trevor Brady2009Freedom ChristianHiawathaIAUSA2B  Premium Content
Iowa - Red13Austin Brown2007BeckmanPeostaIAUSAC  Premium Content
Iowa - Orange13Neil Brown2007SherrardSherrardILUSAC  Premium Content
Iowa - Black24Bryan Bruner2009KennedyCedar RapidsIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Dark Green6Dustin Burkett2007Mason CityMason CityIAUSAMIF  Premium Content
Iowa - Columbia1Ben Byriel2009BooneBooneIAUSA2B  Premium Content
Iowa - Red3Reis Cantrill2007BettendorfBettendorfIAUSAMIF  Premium Content
Iowa - Black7Brent Caviness2007KennedyCedar RapidsIAUSA2B Ellsworth CC  Premium Content
Iowa - Steel13Chad Christensen2009WashingtonCedar RapidsIAUSA3B Nebraska Rd 25 by Twins (2013)  Premium Content
Iowa - Red10Ryan Clark2008MarionMarionIAUSARHP Kirkwood CC  Premium Content
Iowa - Orange7Andrew Clendenen2008HempsteadDubuqueIAUSAOF  Premium Content
Iowa - Black11Seth Cox2008KennedyRobinsIAUSA1B  Premium Content
Iowa - Black2Bradley Cunningham2010KennedyCedar RapidsIAUSAOF  Premium Content
Iowa - Red14Jason Cusick2007BeckmanNew ViennaIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Steel10Austin Denny2007JohnstonJohnstonIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Steel16Troy DuBay2009JohnstonDes MoinesIAUSAC  Premium Content
Iowa - Columbia3Cris Ely2009BooneBooneIAUSAC  Premium Content
Iowa - Steel11Brendon Fifer2009ValleyCliveIAUSAOF Scottsdale CC  Premium Content
Iowa - Red6Drew Freie2009WiltonWiltonIAUSARHP DMACC  Premium Content
Iowa - Columbia24Josh Gowdy2007JohnstonJohnstonIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Dark Green3Mike Hagman2007Grandview Park BaptistAltoonaIAUSAC  Premium Content
Iowa - Black8Kaleb Hahn2007KennedyCedar RapidsIAUSASS  Premium Content
Iowa - Red12Andrew Hall2008XavierCedar RapidsIAUSAOF  Premium Content
Iowa - Dark Green1Kyle Hammann2007KnoxvilleKnoxvilleIAUSA2B  Premium Content
Iowa - Dark Green8Justin Haning2007KnoxvilleKnoxvilleIAUSAOF  Premium Content
Iowa - Orange11David Hart2007North ScottLong GroveIAUSASS  Premium Content
Iowa - Cedar20Jordan Hohensee2010BGMBrooklynIAUSARHP Iowa Central CC  Premium Content
Iowa - Red11Joel Hutter2008BettendorfDavenportIAUSAMIF Dallas Baptist/DMACC Rd 10 by Orioles (2012)  Premium Content
Iowa - Dark Green5Shane Jackson2007Grandview Park BaptistWaukeeIAUSAMIF  Premium Content
Iowa - Columbia2Jason Kemis2008AmesAmesIAUSAC  Premium Content
Iowa - Steel6Brett Kim2009Iowa City ReginaDavenportIAUSA3B Dana College  Premium Content
Iowa - Cedar6Ty Knowler2008Southeast PolkAlttonaIAUSAMIF  Premium Content
Iowa - Orange10Hunter Koth2008StarmontStrawberry PointIAUSAOF  Premium Content
Iowa - Orange6Andrew Kraus2009StarmontStrawberry PointIAUSAOF Kirkwood CC  Premium Content
Iowa - Steel4AJ Krist2008ValleyWest Des MoinesIAUSA3B  Premium Content
Iowa - Columbia7Gregory Lagan2008RooseveltDes MoinesIAUSAOF  Premium Content
Iowa - Cedar3Michael Lahart2007CharitonCharitonIAUSAC  Premium Content
Iowa - Red9Patrick Lala2008MarionMarionIAUSARHP Iowa Rd 29 by Phillies (2010)  Premium Content
Iowa - Cedar4Brad Lamberti2009Southeast PolkAltoonaIAUSAC Texas A&M-Corpus Christi/DMACC  Premium Content
Iowa - Red17Andrew Langfeldt2007NorthDavenportIAUSAOF  Premium Content
Iowa - Red4Ben Larison2011Linn MarRobinsIAUSAMIF Kirkwood CC  Premium Content
Iowa - Steel1Greg Larpenter2009JohnstonUrbandaleIAUSAOF DMACC  Premium Content
Iowa - Dark Green14Daniel Lee2008Mason CityMason CityIAUSAC  Premium Content
Iowa - Dark Green15Mark Lee2007Mason CityMason CityIAUSAOF  Premium Content
Iowa - Orange15Matt Leopold2007Mount VernonMount VernonIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Columbia10Bryan Lippincott2008JohnstonDes MoinesIAUSASS Concordia University, St. Paul Rd 19 by Nationals (2012)  Premium Content
Iowa - Cedar7Russell Lovan2008Southeast PolkDes MoinesIAUSAOF  Premium Content
Iowa - Orange3Tommy Lowry2009StarmontMaynardIAUSALHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Orange9Cody Luther2007PrairieWalfordIAUSAOF  Premium Content
Iowa - Red15Ryan Mabe2008BeckmanEpworthIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Cedar18Jordan Mallicoat2007Southeast PolkPleasant HillIAUSAOF  Premium Content
Iowa - Black3Tyler Manning2009KennedyCedar RapidsIAUSASS  Premium Content
Iowa - Cedar2Kevin Manser2007Southeast WarrenLaconaIAUSAC  Premium Content
Iowa - Black4Guy Martino2008KennedyCedar RapidsIAUSA3B  Premium Content
Iowa - Red8Kyler Massner2008Burlington CommunityBurlingtonIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Orange12Brandon Mast2007Waterloo EastEvansdaleIAUSAC  Premium Content
Iowa - Columbia13Ryan McCauley2008JohnstonDes MoinesIAUSA1B  Premium Content
Iowa - Steel5Chad Meier2008Linn MarCedar RapidsIAUSA3B  Premium Content
Iowa - Cedar16Jonathan Meister2009ValleyWest Des MoinesIAUSA1B  Premium Content
Iowa - Black23Brad Merritt2007KennedyCedar RapidsIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Dark Green11Parker Moorman2008Mason CityMason CityIAUSASS NIACC  Premium Content
Iowa - Orange8Ruben Muniz Jr.2008Waterloo EastWaterlooIAUSAOF  Premium Content
Iowa - Columbia23Zeke Musselman2008AmesAmesIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Steel14Jonathon Nelson2009JohnstonJohnstonIAUSASS  Premium Content
Iowa - Cedar19Eric Nordstrom2007ValleyWest Des MoinesIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Dark Green13Joe O'Conner2007LincolnDes MoinesIAUSASS  Premium Content
Iowa - Black10Travis Olson2008KennedyHiawathaIAUSAC  Premium Content
Iowa - Steel15Eddie Pantzlaff2008BettendorfBettendorfIAUSARHP Northwestern College (Iowa)  Premium Content
Iowa - Columbia15Robert Paxton2007East MarshallLaurelIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Red5Josh Pilcher2008BurlingtonBurlingtonIAUSAMIF  Premium Content
Iowa - Cedar15Luke Putz2007Southeast WarrenLaconaIAUSA3B  Premium Content
Iowa - Columbia12JJ Pyle2007MarshalltownMarshalltownIAUSAOF Marshalltown CC  Premium Content
Iowa - Cedar5Nicholas Reid2008Southeast PolkAltoonaIAUSALHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Black13Chris Sadler2008KennedyCedar RapidsIAUSA3B Scottsdale CC  Premium Content
Iowa - Cedar8Rick Sandquist2009Fort DodgeFort DodgeIAUSARHP Iowa  Premium Content
Iowa - Steel12Scott Schebler2009PrairieSolonIAUSAOF Wichita State/DMACC Rd 26 by Dodgers (2010) Dodgers (2015)  Premium Content
Iowa - Black15Danny Schmidt2007Benton CommunityVan HorneIAUSALHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Cedar13CJ Schreiber2008Southeast PolkAltoonaIAUSARHP Iowa Central CC  Premium Content
Iowa - Black5Eric Schultz2008KennedyPaloIAUSASS  Premium Content
Iowa - Black6Nate Shelton2007KennedyCedar RapidsIAUSAOF  Premium Content
Iowa - Black14Teddy Shonka2007KennedyCedar RapidsIAUSAOF South Dakota State  Premium Content
Iowa - Cedar17Jacob Slings2008Southeast PolkAltoonaIAUSALHP Northwest Missouri State  Premium Content
Iowa - Red11Shaun Staron2007NorthDavenportIAUSAMIF  Premium Content
Iowa - Steel7Tony Stenberg2009Benton CommunityAtkinsIAUSA2B  Premium Content
Iowa - Columbia11Joseph Stoker2009GilbertAmesIAUSAMIF  Premium Content
Iowa - Columbia6James Stone2008JohnstonDes MoinesIAUSASS  Premium Content
Iowa - Steel8Ben Strellner2009Linn MarMarionIAUSALHP Wayne State College (NE)  Premium Content
Iowa - Steel3Kellen Sweeney2010Thomas JeffersonCedar RapidsIAUSASS Rd 2 by Blue Jays (2010)  Premium Content
Iowa - Red16Matt Swynenberg2007NorthDavenportIAUSAOF Rd 28 by Nationals (2009)  Premium Content
Iowa - Columbia14Kyle Tegeler2008AmesAmesIAUSA3B  Premium Content
Iowa - Black9Derek Thomas2009KennedyCedar RapidsIAUSAOF Lewis  Premium Content
Iowa - Red2Nate Thomas2007BeckmanEarlvilleIAUSAOF  Premium Content
Iowa - Cedar14Robert Thornton2007Southeast WarrenLaconaIAUSA1B  Premium Content
Iowa - Columbia4Dane Titman2007BooneBooneIAUSAMIF  Premium Content
Iowa - Dark Green12Brett Toncar2007Des Moines EastDes MoinesIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Steel9Ryan Torgerson2009JohnstonDes MoinesIAUSARHP Indiana State/DMACC  Premium Content
Iowa - Red1Sam Tracy2007Linn MarMarionIAUSAC Ellsworth CC  Premium Content
Iowa - Orange2Anthony Trosky2007JeffersonCedar RapidsIAUSAMIF Ellsworth CC  Premium Content
Iowa - Columbia5Eric Tubbs2007JohnstonDes MoinesIAUSAOF  Premium Content
Iowa - Orange14Zack Van Roekel2007Waterloo EastWaterlooIAUSA1B  Premium Content
Iowa - Dark Green24Matthew Weir2007KnoxvilleKnoxvilleIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Iowa - Dark Green4Matthew Winter2007HubbardHubbardIAUSAC Ellsworth CC  Premium Content
Iowa - Dark Green9Drew Young2007LincolnDes MoinesIAUSARHP  Premium Content
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