Showcase Underclass National Showcase
Jan 2 - 4, 2004 5-Plex - Player Development Complex - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
13-Teal7Bobby Abreu Premium Content
33-Maroon42Matthew Adams Premium Content
14-Cedar6Ryan Adams Premium Content
5-Gold7Justin Aldridge Premium Content
26-Teal36Matthew Alfano Premium Content
16-Navy26J.D. Alfaro Premium Content
8-Columbia Blue5Raiko Alfonso Premium Content
4-Royal3Eric Allegree Premium Content
15-Steel14James Allen Premium Content
4-Royal8David Almeida Premium Content
6-Dark Green11Dominic Altobelli Premium Content
26-Teal35Pedro Alvarez Premium Content
9-Orange4Billy Anderson Premium Content
27-Cedar26Jared Anderson Premium Content
33-Maroon49Robert Anston Premium Content
32-Navy48Tyrone Anu Premium Content
24-Columbia Blue21Patrick Arnold Premium Content
19-Red24Corey Ashner Premium Content
30-Maroon23Marc Avellino Premium Content
5-Gold10Jimmy Bailey Premium Content
13-Teal3Chris Baker Premium Content
22-Royal27Jabriel Bakhit Premium Content
30-Maroon21Andy Balentine Premium Content
25-Purple26Daniel Ballard Premium Content
8-Columbia Blue4Blake Barber Premium Content
4-Royal17Daniel Barr Premium Content
21-Black33Nathan Barton Premium Content
18-Orange43Brett Basham Premium Content
11-Kelly4Daniel Bassani Premium Content
30-Maroon35Sean Baumann Premium Content
1-Red5Brandon Beal Premium Content
1-Red6Michael Beal Premium Content
21-Black27John Beauchamp Premium Content
30-Maroon29Jeffrey Beliveau Premium Content
28-Steel37Bryan Bennett Premium Content
10-Navy13Daniel Bennett Premium Content
29-Orange27Tyler Benzel Premium Content
19-Red26Christian Bergman Premium Content
12-Purple1Corey Bevis Premium Content
14-Cedar7Travis Bice Premium Content
13-Teal6Anthony Biello Premium Content
2-White17John Bivens Premium Content
22-Royal21John Blalock Premium Content
29-Orange21Will Blankenship Premium Content
2-White13Jeremy Bleich Premium Content
12-Purple5Billy Block Premium Content
16-Navy27Ben Booker Premium Content
8-Columbia Blue16Andrew Boorse Premium Content
14-Cedar14John Botelho Premium Content
21-Black21Justin Bour Premium Content
9-Orange10Michael Brady Premium Content
28-Steel38Ryan Bridges Premium Content
9-Orange14Andrew Brouillette Premium Content
6-Dark Green8Jace Brown Premium Content
31-White45Bryon Brundage Premium Content
12-Purple2Rudy Burshnic Premium Content
22-Royal34Michael Bybee Premium Content
25-Purple27Christopher Cabrera Premium Content
20-White34Eric Callender Premium Content
6-Dark Green7Clayton Camp Premium Content
15-Steel7Geoffrey Campbell Premium Content
10-Navy18Dan Capeless Premium Content
7-Maroon2Joe Carbone Premium Content
8-Columbia Blue7Adrian Cardenas Premium Content
1-Red14Travis Carney Premium Content
2-White8Ryan Carnley Premium Content
21-Black30Alfredo Carrillo Premium Content
15-Steel16Jimmy Carroll Premium Content
20-White32Tyler Carroll Premium Content
19-Red27Peter Casais Premium Content
17-Dark Green30Anthony Case Premium Content
32-Navy59Joseph Castaldi Premium Content
26-Teal31Jordan Caviness Premium Content
15-Steel13Evan Chambers Premium Content
18-Orange53Landon Chester Premium Content
5-Gold8Chase Childers Premium Content
3-Black7Nick Chiricosta Premium Content
5-Gold9Robert Chlebnikow Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue47David Christensen Premium Content
24-Columbia Blue37Danny Ciaccio Premium Content
4-Royal14Matt Clark Premium Content
21-Black32Arthur Clyde Premium Content
29-Orange33Andrew Cobb Premium Content
18-Orange52Reece Cofer Premium Content
3-Black11Justin Cokeroft Premium Content
24-Columbia Blue27Christian Colon Premium Content
15-Steel10Justin Colvenback Premium Content
28-Steel29Frank Compagnone Premium Content
3-Black13Billy Concannon Premium Content
  Aaron Congo Premium Content
20-White28John Allen Conway Premium Content
27-Cedar36Jeff Cooper Premium Content
33-Maroon56Nolan Crawley Premium Content
11-Kelly6Chris Craycraft Premium Content
18-Orange49Dallas Crouch Premium Content
13-Teal2Steven Cruz Premium Content
11-Kelly16Nicolas Cucchiarella Premium Content
10-Navy14David Cunningham Premium Content
28-Steel21Jason Cunningham Premium Content
10-Navy6Matt Curley Premium Content
9-Orange7Jason Cutlip Premium Content
9-Orange13Gib Dannehower Premium Content
17-Dark Green27Jim D'Antoni Premium Content
30-Maroon28Jay Dantzler Premium Content
15-Steel15Stuart Davis Premium Content
33-Maroon41Tony Davis Premium Content
12-Purple14Glenn Desposito Premium Content
24-Columbia Blue30Mark Diapoules Premium Content
1-Red18Michael Diaz Premium Content
9-Orange16John Diebolt Premium Content
16-Navy31Brian Dillon Premium Content
26-Teal30Adam Dilworth Premium Content
33-Maroon47David DiNatale Premium Content
18-Orange58Jared Dobbs Premium Content
33-Maroon58Chris Dominguez Premium Content
20-White39Devin Donovan Premium Content
23-Gold28Chris Dooley Premium Content
22-Royal31Thomas Dore Premium Content
20-White22Wes Dravis Premium Content
8-Columbia Blue11Sean Driscoll Premium Content
31-White58Mario Duarte Premium Content
10-Navy8Tommy Dugan Premium Content
22-Royal23A J Dunn Premium Content
7-Maroon12Henry Dunn Premium Content
31-White42Matthew Edwards Premium Content
6-Dark Green3Shane Effertz Premium Content
25-Purple30Chuck Eller Premium Content
7-Maroon13Cam Ellis Premium Content
21-Black29William Ellis Premium Content
4-Royal10Emmanuel Escalona Premium Content
27-Cedar23Grant Escue Premium Content
15-Steel11Albert Espinosa Premium Content
18-Orange48Aaron Everett Premium Content
26-Teal29Lee Everett Premium Content
26-Teal24Josh Faaborg Premium Content
16-Navy22Ceasar Falcon Premium Content
20-White27John Feimster Premium Content
25-Purple33Chris Ferguson Premium Content
15-Steel4Manuel Fernandez Premium Content
11-Kelly5Salvatore Ferrara Premium Content
9-Orange15Matt Ferritto Premium Content
4-Royal15Ross Fetterly Premium Content
15-Steel2Justin Fitch Premium Content
22-Royal25Jay Flexer Premium Content
12-Purple4Jason Flud Premium Content
8-Columbia Blue6Daniel Foltz Premium Content
13-Teal9Brandon Fox Premium Content
24-Columbia Blue28Bill Franzke Premium Content
30-Maroon34Nathan Freiman Premium Content
32-Navy41Joseph Froelich Premium Content
7-Maroon1Justin Fry Premium Content
28-Steel24David Gagnon Premium Content
13-Teal5Dillon Garback Premium Content
26-Teal33Shaun Garceau Premium Content
11-Kelly7Cisco Garcia Premium Content
19-Red28Elbert Garcia Premium Content
3-Black14Kris Garcia Premium Content
29-Orange24Kamron Gardner Premium Content
25-Purple24Timothy Garza Premium Content
21-Black36Russell Geary Premium Content
6-Dark Green18Trevor Geist Premium Content
9-Orange6Wally Gentry Premium Content
26-Teal22Sean Gilfoil Premium Content
29-Orange32Weston Gilmer Premium Content
24-Columbia Blue36Andrew Giobbi Premium Content
31-White56Steven Giummo Premium Content
22-Royal30Albert Gonzalez Premium Content
8-Columbia Blue12Max Gonzalez Premium Content
23-Gold21Alex Gonzalez-Vinas Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue41William Gordon Premium Content
14-Cedar8Benjamin Graeff Premium Content
2-White7Ryan Gray Premium Content
31-White48Bobby Greene Premium Content
7-Maroon18Alexander Greer Premium Content
7-Maroon14Bryan Greer Premium Content
20-White25John Grunewald Premium Content
12-Purple17Andrew Gudmunson Premium Content
22-Royal37David Gutierrez Premium Content
5-Gold5Michael Guy Premium Content
2-White6Patrick Hackett Premium Content
28-Steel25Matthew Hall Premium Content
6-Dark Green10Taylor Hall Premium Content
12-Purple3Jacob Hamby Premium Content
6-Dark Green26Bubba Hardee Premium Content
23-Gold27Joshua Hardy Premium Content
12-Purple9Christopher Hart Premium Content
17-Dark Green36Chad Hartman Premium Content
30-Maroon27Charlie Hartt Premium Content
4-Royal16Tom Hatcher Premium Content
17-Dark Green37Ryan Hayes Premium Content
2-White3Michael Heard Premium Content
31-White47Trevor Hearl Premium Content
28-Steel34Will Hebberger Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue46Mason Heller Premium Content
20-White29Matthew Heller Premium Content
13-Teal1Tyson Helms Premium Content
17-Dark Green33Andrew Henderson Premium Content
16-Navy34Bryn Henderson Premium Content
7-Maroon19Brad Henke Premium Content
21-Black34Ralph Henriquez Premium Content
4-Royal7Seth Henry Premium Content
2-White5Jayson Hernandez Premium Content
28-Steel28Jose Hernandez Premium Content
33-Maroon43Tyler Herron Premium Content
29-Orange40Jason Heyward Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue44Thomas Hickman Premium Content
28-Steel22Charles Hill Premium Content
25-Purple34Eric Hillenbrand Premium Content
11-Kelly2Alex Hilliard Premium Content
11-Kelly3Greg Hinz Premium Content
15-Steel5Dustin Hirschfeld Premium Content
33-Maroon59Chris Hoffman Premium Content
17-Dark Green39Nathan Hogenmiller Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue51Brandon Holden Premium Content
30-Maroon31James Hone Premium Content
2-White2Daniel Houston Premium Content
23-Gold36Joey Hron Premium Content
13-Teal14Daniel Hudson Premium Content
19-Red35Andrew Huffstetler Premium Content
5-Gold14David Hum Premium Content
16-Navy30Jeff Hummel Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue56Chris Huseby Premium Content
19-Red22Dexter Jablonski Premium Content
32-Navy45Ryan Jackson Premium Content
1-Red19William Jahns Premium Content
25-Purple40John Jakob Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue57Addison Johnson Premium Content
11-Kelly15Chris Johnson Premium Content
14-Cedar5Cory Johnson Premium Content
29-Orange26Patrick Johnson Premium Content
2-White1Mycal Jones Premium Content
30-Maroon22Mark Joseph Premium Content
8-Columbia Blue2Brett Joss Premium Content
4-Royal13Nathan Karns Premium Content
28-Steel30Zach Kayne Premium Content
27-Cedar33Taylor Keith Premium Content
12-Purple18Richard Kenny Premium Content
19-Red33Bryan Kilgore Premium Content
29-Orange30J. W. Kilpatrick Premium Content
3-Black2Tyler Kimball Premium Content
18-Orange56Jonathan King Premium Content
17-Dark Green28Jonathan Kirby Premium Content
24-Columbia Blue34Chris Kirk Premium Content
3-Black10David Knapp Premium Content
1-Red16Kasey Ko Premium Content
10-Navy7Kevin Ksionzyk Premium Content
19-Red21Matt Kuna Premium Content
24-Columbia Blue35Jonathan Kutscherousky Premium Content
11-Kelly12Tyler Laing Premium Content
9-Orange5Ryan Lambert Premium Content
30-Maroon26Tyler Landers Premium Content
32-Navy53Charles Lansbury Premium Content
31-White43Jared Lansford Premium Content
16-Navy21Jeff Lara Premium Content
14-Cedar2John Large Premium Content
7-Maroon9Dexter Lashley Premium Content
23-Gold26Robert Lawler Premium Content
17-Dark Green31Joe Leal Premium Content
26-Teal26Michael LeCLerc-Spier Premium Content
4-Royal6John Lee Premium Content
11-Kelly14Michael Lee Premium Content
16-Navy35Jared Leeds Premium Content
26-Teal28Zachary Leighton Premium Content
23-Gold17Kyle Leith Premium Content
17-Dark Green22Dustin Leonard Premium Content
16-Navy25Aaron Lerma Premium Content
25-Purple29Jonathan Levy Premium Content
33-Maroon57Kurt Lipton Premium Content
1-Red11William Long Premium Content
20-White30Chris Lopez Premium Content
5-Gold2Cole Lujan Premium Content
20-White21Alexander MacKenzie Premium Content
3-Black6Jack Magee Premium Content
29-Orange25Michael Main Premium Content
17-Dark Green38Joey Manbodh Premium Content
27-Cedar35Adam Mancin Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue54Andrew Manning Premium Content
28-Steel27Christopher Manno Premium Content
32-Navy46Josh Marazzito Premium Content
23-Gold31Adrian Marban Premium Content
Navy4Jonathan Marcus Premium Content
1-Red2John Marks Premium Content
19-Red36Rick Marlin Premium Content
21-Black23Steven Maroshick Premium Content
33-Maroon44Chris Marrero Premium Content
5-Gold1Greg Marrone Premium Content
32-Navy55Jimmy Marshall Premium Content
6-Dark Green4Alan Mason Premium Content
Navy42DePhillips Mason Premium Content
32-Navy58Kent Matthes Premium Content
18-Orange51Dana Mayes Premium Content
13-Teal8Kyle Mayes Premium Content
17-Dark Green25Taylor McBath Premium Content
18-Orange41Lance McClain Premium Content
8-Columbia Blue14Paul McClay Premium Content
32-Navy47Matt McFolling Premium Content
22-Royal24Brant McKown Premium Content
23-Gold23Tate McMillan Premium Content
31-White57Bradley McPeek Premium Content
14-Cedar16Eduardo Mendiola Premium Content
27-Cedar30Brett Mendoza Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue58Jose Mendoza Premium Content
5-Gold12Kyle Migetz Premium Content
19-Red25Jordan Mills Premium Content
32-Navy56Nick Mitchell Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue60Ryan Mitchell Premium Content
30-Maroon30Elliott Morales Premium Content
9-Orange9Jesse More Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue52Stefan Morris Premium Content
8-Columbia Blue13David Munoz Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue45Buddy Munroe Premium Content
11-Kelly1Anthony Munson Premium Content
29-Orange38Christopher Murphy Premium Content
14-Cedar13Brian Myer Premium Content
15-Steel9Chris Nadeau Premium Content
3-Black15Nick Napiecek Premium Content
17-Dark Green32Nicholas Natale Premium Content
31-White59Cody Neer Premium Content
3-Black12Christopher Nessel Premium Content
29-Orange31Blake Newalu Premium Content
20-White24Shawn Newman Premium Content
4-Royal1Sam Newton Premium Content
22-Royal28Kyle Nickel Premium Content
19-Red34Matthew Nordsten Premium Content
22-Royal32Ruben Noriega, Jr. Premium Content
15-Steel3James Noto Premium Content
24-Columbia Blue23Alan Oaks Premium Content
1-Red17Christen Ocasio Premium Content
30-Maroon33Evan Ocheltree Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue48Sean Ochinko Premium Content
10-Navy9Aaron O'Connell Premium Content
32-Navy57Ruairi O'Connor Premium Content
20-White31Joey O'Donnell Premium Content
27-Cedar25Jason Ogata Premium Content
28-Steel36J. B. Oldenburg Premium Content
33-Maroon54Mark Ortega Premium Content
15-Steel8Corey Overholtzer Premium Content
5-Gold11Josh Owens Premium Content
7-Maroon10Erik Panek Premium Content
6-Dark Green2Michael Parson Premium Content
2-White10Marlon Pascual Premium Content
14-Cedar9Tim Patzman Premium Content
17-Dark Green34Anthony Perez Premium Content
8-Columbia Blue8Desi Perez Premium Content
3-Black5Joshua Perez Premium Content
28-Steel23Greg Perlewitz Premium Content
22-Royal22Chris Peterson Premium Content
20-White26Daniel Petitti Premium Content
26-Teal25Kyle Petrick Premium Content
27-Cedar21John Phelps Premium Content
33-Maroon45Richard Phelps Premium Content
21-Black26Ryan Phillips Premium Content
1-Red1Tyler Phillips Premium Content
20-White33Sam Phippen Premium Content
24-Columbia Blue38Will Pichard Premium Content
1-Red3Michael Pierce Premium Content
18-Orange44Trevor Pippin Premium Content
10-Navy1Ryan Plate Premium Content
1-Red15Angelo Ponte Premium Content
2-White15Will Posthumus Premium Content
12-Purple8Bryan Propst Premium Content
22-Royal29Tyson Pulsifer Premium Content
11-Kelly17Greg Pustizzi Premium Content
27-Cedar27Jonathan Quintero Premium Content
5-Gold16Jason Rago Premium Content
8-Columbia Blue15Derek Randolph Premium Content
25-Purple37Matthew Redding Premium Content
25-Purple36Ryan Reece Premium Content
29-Orange39AJ Regoli Premium Content
6-Dark Green19Dean Reinke Premium Content
27-Cedar37Scott Rembisz Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue42Ben Revere Premium Content
29-Orange22Jeremy Revers Premium Content
26-Teal34Sean Rigney Premium Content
25-Purple22Grant Ringenberg Premium Content
27-Cedar22Michael Roberts Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue49Rhys Roberts Premium Content
27-Cedar28Sam Roberts Premium Content
5-Gold6Matt Rodeghier Premium Content
10-Navy5Daniel Rodrigues Premium Content
33-Maroon53Christopher Rodriguez Premium Content
23-Gold13Eduardo Rodriguez Premium Content
21-Black38Jimmy Rodriguez Premium Content
15-Steel17Marcus Rodriguez Premium Content
23-Gold38Nicholas Rodriguez Premium Content
31-White46Matt Rogers Premium Content
7-Maroon6Hunter Rome Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue53Jason Rook Premium Content
9-Orange1Phil Rorabaugh Premium Content
2-White11Marcos Rosas Premium Content
18-Orange46Will Rothermel Premium Content
32-Navy54Ryan Saldivar Premium Content
7-Maroon5Eddie San Roman Premium Content
8-Columbia Blue1Jimmy Saris Premium Content
5-Gold15Nicholas Sarkissian Premium Content
26-Teal27Cory Schmaltz Premium Content
5-Gold3Erik Schmidt Premium Content
15-Steel6Stefan Schropp Premium Content
22-Royal35Nikolaus Schuttauf Premium Content
25-Purple23Matthew Scyoc Premium Content
13-Teal15Brandon Self Premium Content
10-Navy19Jake Shaffer Premium Content
7-Maroon11Joshua Shanahan Premium Content
9-Orange19Robert Shaw Premium Content
13-Teal10Blake Shay Premium Content
4-Royal5Nick Sheketoff Premium Content
26-Teal21Matthew Sherman Premium Content
16-Navy23Caleb Shofner Premium Content
10-Navy15Robert Shubert Premium Content
24-Columbia Blue25Clayton Shunick Premium Content
11-Kelly8Josh Siebenaler Premium Content
4-Royal4Emanuel Sifuentes Premium Content
17-Dark Green29Jerry Sills Premium Content
18-Orange47Ryne Simpson Premium Content
16-Navy29Keith Sims Premium Content
9-Orange8Matthew Skeffington Premium Content
1-Red10Brandon Skoff Premium Content
6-Dark Green9Tyler Slawson Premium Content
10-Navy17Jerry Slutzky Premium Content
23-Gold29E.J. Smith Premium Content
27-Cedar34Garrett Smith Premium Content
3-Black9Harold Smith Premium Content
31-White54Kurt Smith Premium Content
1-Red7Kyle Smith Premium Content
13-Teal4Benjamin Soley Premium Content
29-Orange34Matt Sorrell Premium Content
7-Maroon4Dan Sozzi Premium Content
9-Orange18Bret Spencer Premium Content
22-Royal26Michael Spencer Premium Content
6-Dark Green17Dustin Spruill Premium Content
7-Maroon8Matthew Stefany Premium Content
1-Red13Craig Stewart Premium Content
19-Red37Lee Stewart Premium Content
21-Black25Richy Stolpman Premium Content
23-Gold22Graham Stoneburner Premium Content
8-Columbia Blue9Clinton Storr Premium Content
13-Teal16Steven Stropp Premium Content
13-Teal11Travis Stropp Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue55A.J. Svitilla Premium Content
32-Navy43Dylan Swift Premium Content
15-Steel1Marcus Taylor Premium Content
6-Dark Green13Brandan Teague Premium Content
11-Kelly13Charles Thomas Premium Content
6-Dark Green14Nathan Thompson Premium Content
26-Teal23David Thoms Premium Content
2-White14Grant Thullen Premium Content
3-Black3Scott Tiemeyer Premium Content
9-Orange3David Tillis Premium Content
29-Orange28John Tolisano Premium Content
27-Cedar24Ben Toussant Premium Content
34-Columbia Blue43Chris Trappy Premium Content
12-Purple13Mark Triolo Premium Content
25-Purple28Brian Trymbiski Premium Content
24-Columbia Blue29Raphael Turner Premium Content
2-White9Jeff Ussery Premium Content
12-Purple16Joaquin Valdes Premium Content
28-Steel35Jose Valdez Premium Content
24-Columbia Blue22Luke Vanderham Premium Content
18-Orange55Alex Vaughn Premium Content
31-White44Rafael Vera Premium Content
3-Black8Steve Vitale Premium Content
19-Red23Grant Vogt Premium Content
10-Navy2Kris Wagner Premium Content
28-Steel26Jared Waits Premium Content
3-Black4Edward Wakefield Premium Content
25-Purple25Jacob Walkowicz Premium Content
4-Royal2Joel Wall Premium Content
13-Teal13Josh Wall Premium Content
17-Dark Green35Todd Waller Premium Content
18-Orange57L.V. Ware Premium Content
10-Navy16Robert Warne Premium Content
20-White35Dustin Warren Premium Content
21-Black28John Warren Premium Content
32-Navy44Nicholas Wenderoth Premium Content
12-Purple15Mickey White Premium Content
19-Red39Chad Wickersham Premium Content
16-Navy36Thomas (Trey) Wiedman Premium Content
23-Gold25Jason Wieland Premium Content
19-Red38Dustin Wier-O'Connor Premium Content
16-Navy33Michael Wild Premium Content
31-White53Maurice Wilhelm Premium Content
11-Kelly18Matthew Williams Premium Content
25-Purple35Ronald Williams Premium Content
8-Columbia Blue17Patrick Wilson Premium Content
14-Cedar1Alexander Wiltz Premium Content
29-Orange29Joey Winker Premium Content
2-White16Josh Wisnoski Premium Content
30-Maroon25Josh Wittcoff Premium Content
24-Columbia Blue24Erik Wojtkowiak Premium Content
30-Maroon36Robby Woodke Premium Content
18-Orange42Jordan Wormsley Premium Content
8-Columbia Blue10Robert Yaussy Premium Content
2-White4Joseph Young Premium Content
25-Purple21Joseph Young Premium Content
14-Cedar10William Zukowski Premium Content
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