Showcase Sunshine West Showcase
Jun 12 - 13, 2004 Maryvale Baseball Park - Phoenix, AZ  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Orange6Sean Abele Premium Content
Gold3Eric Anderson Premium Content
Royal6Donnie Apodaca Premium Content
Navy20Bennett Askew Premium Content
Red11Ryan Babineau Premium Content
Orange15Clay Barker Premium Content
White14Brett Beller Premium Content
Orange1Larry Bolding Premium Content
Green14Jack Bonnikson Premium Content
Navy8Steven Boudreaux Premium Content
White4Derek Bowe Premium Content
Red9Jeff Breedlove Premium Content
Gold2Andrew Breen Premium Content
Columbia2Paul Bridenbaugh Premium Content
Gold8Bryon Brundage Premium Content
Orange9Cory Burns Premium Content
White2David Bustillos Premium Content
Red14Eddie Camacho Premium Content
Orange11Jeff Campbell Premium Content
Orange12Seth Charms Premium Content
Navy3Anthony Cusimano Premium Content
Navy4Jason Danoff Premium Content
Royal4Spenser Dennis Premium Content
Royal12Garrett Dunlap Premium Content
Red6Tommy Echols Premium Content
Gold7Gary Eldred  Premium Content
Gold1Robert Engel Premium Content
Red3Kyle Eveland Premium Content
White6Joey Fandel Premium Content
White11Brian Farris Premium Content
Gold13Luis Florentino Premium Content
Columbia13Josh Gauldin Premium Content
Royal16Stephen Gillette Premium Content
Orange5Taylor Hale Premium Content
Columbia8Matthew Hall Premium Content
Red15Race Hansen Premium Content
Columbia10Tim Hartland Premium Content
Columbia14Scott Hofer Premium Content
Red1Brian Howe Premium Content
Gold12Ryan Huerta Premium Content
Green4Trent Johnson Premium Content
White1Brian Jordan Premium Content
Gold6Brice Kelly Premium Content
Royal8Joe Kent Premium Content
Royal7Jonathan Kutscherousky Premium Content
Green3Jason Lomonaco Premium Content
Gold9Jason Machado Premium Content
Green15David Mann Premium Content
White5Patrick Marshall Premium Content
Columbia1Brian Martutartus Premium Content
Gold5Jairo Mateo Premium Content
Gold11Timothy May Premium Content
Royal14Nick McCoy Premium Content
White7Ryan McDermott Premium Content
Navy10Blake McEwen Premium Content
White13Patrick McIntyre Premium Content
Navy11Daniel Meadows Premium Content
Navy7David Meals Premium Content
Red12Alexander Meschi Premium Content
Columbia12Matt Miller Premium Content
Green5Kevin Minnick Premium Content
Royal1Courtney Morgan Premium Content
Royal3Kyle Morrison Premium Content
Green16Patrick Murray Premium Content
Columbia5Matt Neal Premium Content
Green7Brian Nichols Premium Content
Columbia11Jason O'Keefe Premium Content
Columbia7Will Oliver Premium Content
Red13Jordan Ott Premium Content
Columbia9Alexis Padilla Premium Content
Red5Jacob Parham Premium Content
Navy6Roman Pena Premium Content
Orange14Robbie Platt Premium Content
Columbia15Devin Powers Premium Content
Columbia4Taylor Preston Premium Content
Green6Michael Provencher Premium Content
White12Jake Pulliam Premium Content
Columbia3Dan Rackley Premium Content
Green12Tim Ramseyer Premium Content
Gold4Jeff Rapoport Premium Content
Royal15Austin Rauch Premium Content
Royal2Adam Robbins Premium Content
Royal13Chad Robinson Premium Content
Red2Austin Roff Premium Content
Royal5Nick Romero Premium Content
White9Daniel Rose Premium Content
Orange16Eric Ruff Premium Content
Gold14Peter Ruiz Premium Content
Green8Dustin Runyon Premium Content
Navy2Judge Scott Premium Content
White8Travis Scott Premium Content
Green2Robert Sedin Premium Content
Green13Mark Serino Premium Content
Navy13Devin Shepherd Premium Content
Columbia6Nate Simon Premium Content
Green11Mark Smith Premium Content
White10Benjamin Soley Premium Content
Royal11Matthew Spinks Premium Content
Red4Curtis Stimbert Premium Content
Green9Spencer Tate Premium Content
Navy12Michael Trump Premium Content
Green1Marcus Valenzuela Premium Content
Orange8Ken Van Sickle Premium Content
Navy5Daniel Vargas Premium Content
Navy9Dustin Warren Premium Content
Red8Chad Watkins Premium Content
Navy1Ellis Webster Premium Content
White3Stephen Werner Premium Content
Orange7Austin Weymouth Premium Content
Gold10Chris Wilson Premium Content
Orange13Jordan Worley Premium Content
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