Sunshine East Showcase
Jun 10 - 11, 2006 5-Plex - Player Development Complex - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Black3Marschal Abdon Premium Content
Silver5Bryan Abis Premium Content
Orange14Brian Albano Premium Content
Purple8Raiko Alfonso Premium Content
Navy7Armando Alvarez Premium Content
Gold11Raul Alvarez Premium Content
Red10Michael Amador Premium Content
Cedar10Marc Asta Premium Content
Dark Green12Sam Bean Premium Content
Purple3Joey Belviso Premium Content
Kelly Green13Landon Bennett Premium Content
Orange13Matt Bertino Premium Content
Cedar15Travis Blackburn Premium Content
Columbia Blue10Michael Bridgeman Premium Content
Orange4Joseph Budnick Premium Content
Gold15Peter Burd Premium Content
Navy8Ryan Burke Premium Content
Cedar2Chris Campli Premium Content
Royal2Tyler Carman Premium Content
Red15Justin Carpenter Premium Content
Black1Andrew Cobb Premium Content
Kelly Green4Jarett Cook Premium Content
Cedar16Ben Cornwell Premium Content
Cedar11Nick Costopoulos Premium Content
Cedar5Garrett Cox Premium Content
Royal5Nick Cox Premium Content
Dark Green4Dalton Cross Premium Content
Dark Green11Kyle Cross Premium Content
Kelly Green5C J Crowder Premium Content
Purple2Patrick Cullinane Premium Content
Columbia Blue6Brian Daley Premium Content
Columbia Blue8Adam Daugherty Premium Content
White14Trace Davidson Premium Content
Kelly Green14Manuel Delgado Premium Content
Kelly Green7Timothy Deos Premium Content
Navy3DeAndre Derico-Lewis Premium Content
Orange1Dane Derstine Premium Content
Silver3Alexander Diez Premium Content
Purple5Don DiPetta Premium Content
Silver14Logan Dodds Premium Content
Purple15Shawn Donovan Premium Content
Black8Chris Duncan Premium Content
Maroon5Hector Echemendia Premium Content
White13Will Ellert Premium Content
Black15Taylor Elrod Premium Content
Dark Green1Tyler Erickson Premium Content
Cedar6Kevin Feldman Premium Content
Orange10Sergio Flores Premium Content
Maroon6Josh Fretz Premium Content
Maroon17Kelly Funk Premium Content
Gold13Justin Gabriel Premium Content
Orange2Andrew Garcia Premium Content
Kelly Green16Dillon Geraghty Premium Content
Black6Ryan Giffin Premium Content
Kelly Green9Nate Goldstein Premium Content
Black18Victor Gomez Premium Content
Maroon15Yasmani Grandal Premium Content
Silver16Garrett Gregory Premium Content
Kelly Green6Justin Griffin Premium Content
Royal1Jake Guengerich Premium Content
Gold12Victor Guerra Premium Content
Silver7Taylor Hammond Premium Content
Silver17Matthew Hancock Premium Content
Kelly Green15Austin Harclerode Premium Content
Silver13Kyle Hardy Premium Content
Cedar3Cyrus (Rus) Harper Premium Content
Purple4Cole Harrison Premium Content
Royal9Nathan Hartman Premium Content
Dark Green14K. Ryan Harvey Premium Content
Red7Jonathan Heredia Premium Content
Navy10Omar Hernandez Premium Content
Royal12Isaac Hicks Premium Content
White1Jason Higdon Premium Content
Cedar4Corey Hlavacek Premium Content
White10Alex Hogge Premium Content
Silver15Andrew Hopple Premium Content
Maroon10Ben Hornsby Premium Content
Black5Brandon Howell Premium Content
Cedar13Robert Hubbard Premium Content
Maroon13Cole Hudson Premium Content
Columbia Blue11Kai Huff Premium Content
Purple12Daniel Ilibassi Premium Content
Red5Dustin Javins Premium Content
Maroon16Bobby Jones Premium Content
Gold3Kyle Austin Jones Premium Content
Columbia Blue15Sam Jones Premium Content
Royal8Ismael Jorro Premium Content
Maroon7Kevin Kacer Premium Content
Dark Green15Michael Kalis Premium Content
Columbia Blue24Tim Kiley Premium Content
Black9Tyler Koronas Premium Content
Royal14David Kubiak Premium Content
White3Tyler Lacertosa Premium Content
Red4John LaCorte Premium Content
Navy4Graham Lapolla Premium Content
Purple13Kyle Lepine Premium Content
Purple10Nicholas Lettas Premium Content
Kelly Green2Austin Lieberman Premium Content
Orange3Hank Lindeman Premium Content
White8Kevin Lindheim Premium Content
White5Torre Locascio Premium Content
Purple16Drew Longley Premium Content
Royal3Brent Lozano Premium Content
Purple14Dan Marcacci Premium Content
Gold14Zack Marcus Premium Content
Red12Steven Maroshick Premium Content
Kelly Green3Chris Martin Premium Content
Maroon3Shane Masters Premium Content
Kelly Green12Jaime Matos Premium Content
Maroon14Jeramy Matos Premium Content
Gold10Wayne McCullough Premium Content
Black13Cassidy McDaniel Premium Content
Red9Hunter McIntyre Premium Content
Navy1Drew McKnight Premium Content
Red14Alex Michaels Premium Content
Silver6Jared Miklos Premium Content
Dark Green3Jordan Miller Premium Content
Dark Green24Mike Miranda Premium Content
Columbia Blue13Lars Mitchell Premium Content
Red1Justin Molvie Premium Content
Red13Shawn Molvie Premium Content
Maroon2Zack Montalbano Premium Content
Kelly Green10Hunter Montgomery Premium Content
Kelly Green18Julio Morales Premium Content
Columbia Blue3Robert Morgalo Premium Content
Maroon12Aaron Navarro Premium Content
Black17Bryan Nicolini Premium Content
Gold7Brandon Nieves Premium Content
Gold1Zack North Premium Content
Purple11Sean O'Connor Premium Content
Gold2Bert Olsen Premium Content
Gold9Alex Pacheco Premium Content
White4Jason Paolucci Premium Content
Maroon8Alex Parker Premium Content
Orange12Tyler Pastornicky Premium Content
Purple17Louis Pazo Premium Content
Columbia Blue17Kyle Pearson Premium Content
Silver4Bryan Penalo Premium Content
Navy2Jonathan Perea Premium Content
Black7Gabriel Perez Premium Content
Columbia Blue16Matthew Phillips Premium Content
Navy5Ryan Phillips Premium Content
Columbia Blue2Zack Pierce Premium Content
Columbia Blue1Jason Postill Premium Content
Royal10Anthony Powell Premium Content
Orange15Tom Pruim Premium Content
Silver2Michael Quintana Premium Content
Dark Green10Justin Rahm Premium Content
Navy13Alex Ramon Premium Content
Navy14Michael Ramos Premium Content
White11Jordan Rasinski Premium Content
Purple6Frankie Ratcliff Premium Content
White7Jason Redshaw Premium Content
Cedar17J. Ryan Rennspies Premium Content
Purple1Andrew Rivera Premium Content
Royal15Anthony Rizzo Premium Content
Navy24Carlos Rodriguez Premium Content
Royal4Jose Rodriguez Premium Content
Navy6Juan Carlos Rodriguez Premium Content
Navy9R Rodriguez Premium Content
Navy16Felix Roque Premium Content
White9Tyler Ross Premium Content
Orange8Pierce Rukrigl Premium Content
Gold16Christopher Sale Premium Content
Cedar1Dayan Sanchez Premium Content
Maroon1Roberto Sanchez Jr Premium Content
Kelly Green11Gaspar Santiago Premium Content
Columbia Blue9Drake Sasser Premium Content
Red8Nicholas Schumacher Premium Content
Royal6Matt Schurig Premium Content
Orange11Jacob Shaffer Premium Content
Royal11Billy Shannon Premium Content
Gold4Blake Shay Premium Content
Dark Green2Luke Smierciak Premium Content
Gold5Kevin Smith Premium Content
Red3Christopher Snyder Premium Content
Orange9Kenny Socorro Premium Content
Orange5Bradley Sprague Premium Content
Black24Kellen St Luce Premium Content
Cedar14Kenneth Stalls Premium Content
Maroon4Eric Stampfl Premium Content
Cedar8Michael Stancik Premium Content
Red11Derek Stupski Premium Content
Cedar7Raul Suarez Premium Content
Silver8Patrick Talbot Premium Content
Black4Andrew Thompson Premium Content
Dark Green7Nate Titus Premium Content
Columbia Blue14Michael Tomasi Premium Content
Columbia Blue4Rey Valdes Premium Content
Dark Green13William Van Winkle Premium Content
Columbia Blue7Arnulfo Vazquez Premium Content
Black14Frank Vega Premium Content
Orange7Christopher Velazquez Premium Content
Royal7Eddy Villalta Premium Content
Royal13Anthony Vlahovic Premium Content
Dark Green5Reese Wade Premium Content
Silver10William Wardell Premium Content
Dark Green8Adam Webster Premium Content
Kelly Green8Kevin White Premium Content
White2Tyrone Willey Premium Content
Cedar9Robert Willis Premium Content
Gold8Alfonso Yevoli Premium Content
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