Florida Underclass Showcase
Aug 16 - 17, 2014 City of Palms Park - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
4-Navy1Michael Airey Premium Content
4-Navy2Brice Armistead Premium Content
7-Teal1Bobby Ballew Premium Content
7-Teal2Paul Benitez Premium Content
4-Navy5Seton Bentz Premium Content
5-Orange19Michael Blanco Premium Content
6-Royal1Cole Brannen Premium Content
6-Royal19Kieran Casey Premium Content
4-Navy6Mark Coleman Premium Content
5-Orange1Alejandro Coronado Premium Content
4-Navy7Drew Dawkins Premium Content
5-Orange2Dalton Deakins Premium Content
5-Orange3Pedro (Peter) Diaz Premium Content
4-Navy8Brian Dillingham Premium Content
6-Royal2Mason Doolittle Premium Content
4-Navy9Michael Dunn Premium Content
7-Teal3Cody Goggins Premium Content
7-Teal4Julian Gordon Premium Content
4-Navy19Silas Grinstead Premium Content
5-Orange4Michael Harkcom Premium Content
5-Orange6Myles Henson Premium Content
6-Royal20Jorge Hernando Premium Content
7-Teal5Jorge Iza Premium Content
6-Royal5Matthew Johnson Premium Content
6-Royal7Josh Kea Premium Content
7-Teal6Casey Keller Premium Content
6-Royal8Eric Kimsey Premium Content
5-Orange7Cameron Krzeminski Premium Content
7-Teal8Russell Libby Premium Content
5-Orange8Tyler Lopes Premium Content
4-Navy10Ubaldo Lopez Premium Content
4-Navy11Sam Marlatt Premium Content
5-Orange21Max McKinley Premium Content
4-Navy34Myles McKisic Premium Content
7-Teal10Jordan Morina Premium Content
4-Navy12Kasim Nabhan Premium Content
5-Orange9Jonathan Newman Premium Content
5-Orange10Nick Ortega Premium Content
6-Royal15Tyler Paige Premium Content
6-Royal22Matthew Patricio Premium Content
6-Royal9Michael Perez Premium Content
6-Royal10Owen Register Premium Content
4-Navy13John Resnik Premium Content
6-Royal11Jake Riffee Premium Content
7-Teal11Daniel Rivero Premium Content
6-Royal12Devin Roche Premium Content
5-Orange22Michael Rodriguez Premium Content
6-Royal13Michael Rothenberg Premium Content
6-Royal21Collier Rutledge Premium Content
7-Teal19Rafael Santos Premium Content
7-Teal12Will Sarsen Premium Content
7-Teal13Bo Seccombe Premium Content
4-Navy32Ethan Shea Premium Content
7-Teal14Christian Shinn Premium Content
6-Royal14Giovon Soto Premium Content
5-Orange11Robyn Steenstra Premium Content
5-Orange12Juan Francisco Teixeira Premium Content
7-Teal16Hunter Tinsley Premium Content
7-Teal7Travis Torosian Premium Content
4-Navy20Brandyn Ward Premium Content
4-Navy21Tyler Ward Premium Content
5-Orange13Ryley Zunica Premium Content
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