Showcase World Showcase
Jan 7 - 8, 2006 Terry Park - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Steel10Milton Alamo Premium Content
Red8Christopher Altieri Premium Content
Purple5John Amore Premium Content
Crimson17Gregory Annarummo Premium Content
Green20George Bahadue Premium Content
Green9Thomas Baker  Premium Content
Steel18Jared Bard Premium Content
Red20Domonic Brown Premium Content
Purple20Jace Brown Premium Content
Crimson20Michael Burgess Premium Content
Green16Jet Butler Premium Content
Navy20Stephen Cardullo Premium Content
Red3Joel Carranza Premium Content
Gold18Brando Casalicchio Premium Content
Gold20Joshua Chester Premium Content
Crimson14Cody Clinton Premium Content
  Gabe Cohen Premium Content
Crimson6Eric Cos Premium Content
Steel2Chris Cowart Premium Content
Crimson18Chris Cyr Premium Content
Green6Ohmed Danesh Premium Content
Royal5Gerard D'Angelo Premium Content
Steel16Danny Danielson Premium Content
Red6Kentrail Davis Premium Content
Crimson7Marc DeDecker Premium Content
Gold21Ray DeJesus Premium Content
Gold11Michael DeVito Premium Content
Steel3Dominic Diaz Premium Content
Red12Auburn Donaldson Premium Content
Royal12Chris Duncan Premium Content
Royal18Matt Dunn Premium Content
Purple13Jordan Durrance Premium Content
Purple18Justin Dutton Premium Content
Green17Scott Edwards Premium Content
Crimson2Alex Ernsberger Premium Content
Red9Daniel Esparza Premium Content
Royal17Matt Fairel Premium Content
Green10Abner Felicie-Moran Premium Content
Green18Manuel Fernandez Premium Content
Royal14Devin Foreman Premium Content
Gold17Cole Franklin Premium Content
Steel13Cody (Colton) Gabrielson Premium Content
Crimson5Rolando Gomez Premium Content
Purple19Bobby Greene Premium Content
Navy2Zackary Harwood Premium Content
Green15Ryan Heap Premium Content
Purple14Greg Hendrix Premium Content
Crimson1Chris Hernandez Premium Content
Navy18Edgar Herrera Premium Content
Gold7Justin Hess Premium Content
Steel4Alex Hilliard Premium Content
Gold14Jarred Holloway Premium Content
Gold16Sean Hotusing Premium Content
Crimson4Yaimel Javier Premium Content
Navy21Nicolas Javier-Beltran Premium Content
Steel12Courtney Jefferson Premium Content
Red5Brian Johnson Premium Content
Purple16Darrin Jones Premium Content
Navy4Christopher Jurado-Terreforte Premium Content
Royal16Nathan Karns Premium Content
Purple8Andrew Krushelnyski Premium Content
Navy22Michael Lane Premium Content
Gold6Ariesky Lapaix Premium Content
Gold8Chandler Laurent Premium Content
Green7William Lefever Premium Content
Green11Jeffrey Locke Premium Content
Gold12Rafael Lopez Premium Content
Crimson13David Manis Premium Content
Royal2Justin Marks Premium Content
Navy8Kaerien Marteja Premium Content
Royal8Jack Materne Premium Content
Navy12Victor Matias-Torres Premium Content
Red22Kyle McCarthy Premium Content
Purple10Phil McCormick Premium Content
Red23Nick McCoy Premium Content
Purple9Nick McCully Premium Content
Green3Andrew Mendez Premium Content
Red21Dustin Merrell Premium Content
Crimson24John Mitchell Premium Content
Navy11Jose Montanez-Wiscovich Premium Content
Steel17Mickey Monterroso Premium Content
Green19Sergio Morales Premium Content
Steel15Ryan Morris Premium Content
Purple11Mike Murray Premium Content
Steel11Nicholas Navarro Premium Content
Royal7Johnnie Neckar Premium Content
Red11Jeffery Nelms Premium Content
Purple15Hunter Ovens Premium Content
Steel5Michael Parker Premium Content
Gold13Kody Paul Premium Content
Steel9Brett Peeples Premium Content
Green1Desi Perez Premium Content
Crimson11Rossmel Perez Premium Content
Navy6Dennis Perez-Torres Premium Content
Royal4Garrett Perkins Premium Content
Green2Ryan Phillips Premium Content
Steel6Tyler Phillips Premium Content
Steel7Nicholas Pisula Premium Content
Steel14Jason Place Premium Content
Red7Kris Reiterman Premium Content
Royal13Scott Rembisz Premium Content
Red10Rafael Reyes Premium Content
Navy10Luis Rios-Rivera Premium Content
Gold10David Rivas Premium Content
Crimson9Derrick Robinson Premium Content
Navy5Ivan Rodriguez Premium Content
Navy7Jorge Rodriguez-Raldiris Premium Content
Purple6Kevin Sakofs Premium Content
Gold9Jhean Sanchez Premium Content
Red19Sam Sharpe Premium Content
Crimson15Austin Sheffield Premium Content
Gold5Tant Shepherd Premium Content
Crimson8Grant Simotes Premium Content
Royal11E.J. Smith Premium Content
Royal6Harold Smith Premium Content
Purple12Kenneth Smith Premium Content
Gold19Josh Stinson Premium Content
Royal3Jason Stoermer Premium Content
Purple17Nathan Striz Premium Content
White78D.J. Swatscheno Premium Content
Crimson19Michael Thomas Premium Content
Green12John Tolisano Premium Content
Navy9Luis Umpierre Premium Content
Gold4Joel Wall Premium Content
Royal10Zack Ward Premium Content
Crimson10Jake West Premium Content
Steel8Brandon White Premium Content
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