Showcase Southeast Underclass Showcase
Aug 23 - 24, 2014 Perfect Game Park at LakePoint - Cartersville, GA  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
16-Purple3Brady Abrahamsen Premium Content
16-Purple4Matthew Allred Premium Content
18-Vegas Gold30Alex Alvord Premium Content
9-Kelly Green1Jordan Anderson Premium Content
9-Kelly Green19Logan Arnett Premium Content
9-Kelly Green20Kobe Atkins Premium Content
22-Black30Hunter Baiden Premium Content
14-Maroon3Charles Bailey Premium Content
8-Royal16Ryan Barday Premium Content
16-Purple5Jamarkist Barnette Premium Content
9-Kelly Green3Noah Barron Premium Content
8-Royal1Will Baumbach Premium Content
13-Dark Green3Matthew Becker Premium Content
11-Orange1Hunter Bennett Premium Content
20-White30J.T. Bernard Premium Content
17-Teal3Anthony Bernardez Premium Content
18-Vegas Gold31Luke Berryhill Premium Content
12-Gold1Will Bianca Premium Content
12-Gold2Corbin Bice Premium Content
17-Teal4Ty Bolt Premium Content
10-Cardinal1Jackson Braden Premium Content
11-Orange2Logan Bradford Premium Content
12-Gold17Blake Brady Premium Content
18-Vegas Gold47Kip Brandenburg Premium Content
13-Dark Green4Treyvon Bridges Premium Content
17-Teal5Jonathan Broughton Premium Content
10-Cardinal3Jeb Brown Premium Content
22-Black50Kevin Bryant Il Premium Content
13-Dark Green5Danny Bullard Premium Content
19-Orange30Garrett Busby Premium Content
17-Teal39CJ Bush Premium Content
13-Dark Green6Kendrick Butler Premium Content
15-Steel3Colton Byars Premium Content
11-Orange3Kitt Capell Premium Content
10-Cardinal5Logan Carey Premium Content
15-Steel24Jacob Carlsen Premium Content
19-Orange31Michael Cherwenka Premium Content
22-Black33Harrison Clark Premium Content
14-Maroon4Shelton Clevenger Premium Content
8-Royal2Luke Coker Premium Content
18-Vegas Gold32Noah Cole Premium Content
15-Steel25Denzel Coley Premium Content
23-Royal30Will Cooke Premium Content
21-Red30Landon Cooper Premium Content
14-Maroon39C.J. Copeland Premium Content
17-Teal6R.J. Cox Premium Content
8-Royal3Brandon Crews Premium Content
15-Steel15Austin Crisp Premium Content
20-White46Nolan Crisp Premium Content
17-Teal7Charles Crosby Premium Content
13-Dark Green7Thomas Keegan Crum Premium Content
23-Royal33Brent Culberson Premium Content
18-Vegas Gold33Austin Cullen Premium Content
15-Steel4Steven Curry Premium Content
12-Gold4Gant Darden Premium Content
20-White32Gabe Davenport Premium Content
19-Orange32Clay Davis Premium Content
11-Orange4Matt Delfino Premium Content
8-Royal4Pete Derkay Premium Content
15-Steel35Nick DiPonzio Premium Content
19-Orange33John Paul Dobbs Premium Content
19-Orange34Colin Dore Premium Content
18-Vegas Gold34Aaron Douglas Premium Content
11-Orange5JT Duncan Premium Content
10-Cardinal25David Dunn Premium Content
21-Red33Payton Dycus Premium Content
17-Teal40Alex Eitenmiller Premium Content
19-Orange35Chase Evans Premium Content
18-Vegas Gold35Matthew Facciponti Premium Content
19-Orange36Antoine Malique Ferguson Premium Content
10-Cardinal6Ryan Ferguson Premium Content
23-Royal34Justin Foscue Premium Content
22-Black34Nickolas Fowler Premium Content
8-Royal15Jerry Freeman Premium Content
16-Purple6Patrick Frick Premium Content
15-Steel5Easton Gallman Premium Content
15-Steel6Tanner Gallman Premium Content
11-Orange6Nicholas "Cole" Gardner Premium Content
23-Royal35Jeffrey Michael Gayles Premium Content
8-Royal5Erickie Godfrey Premium Content
21-Red34Christian (Taylor) Goodwin Premium Content
18-Vegas Gold48Brady Greene Premium Content
16-Purple7Jackson Greer Premium Content
23-Royal36Richard Gregory Premium Content
9-Kelly Green4Owen Griffith Premium Content
20-White33Richard Trey Groves Premium Content
20-White34Joe Gruszka Premium Content
21-Red35Garrett Guthrie Premium Content
10-Cardinal7Zachary Haines Premium Content
12-Gold51Robert "Rob" Hamby Premium Content
20-White47Grayson Harbin Premium Content
21-Red36Paul Haupt Premium Content
21-Red49Brandon Henderson Premium Content
14-Maroon5Dakota Henry Premium Content
8-Royal6Austin Hittinger Premium Content
22-Black35Josh Hollifield Premium Content
9-Kelly Green5Gabriel Holt Premium Content
13-Dark Green9Jake Howard Premium Content
20-White35Jesse Howard Premium Content
17-Teal43Matt Hughes Premium Content
19-Orange37Wyatt Hughes Premium Content
18-Vegas Gold45Brant Hurter Premium Content
14-Maroon6Brandon Jackson Premium Content
18-Vegas Gold36Cameron Jensen Premium Content
19-Orange38Austin Jeter Premium Content
23-Royal37Will Johns Premium Content
18-Vegas Gold37Ian Johnson Premium Content
11-Orange7Lance Johnson Premium Content
10-Cardinal8Troy Jones Premium Content
21-Red37Tyrik Jones Premium Content
22-Black37Stephen Karis Premium Content
22-Black38Parker Kauffmann Premium Content
13-Dark Green8Kirk Kemp Premium Content
18-Vegas Gold38Mitchell Ketcham Premium Content
23-Royal38Riley King Premium Content
21-Red50Nathan Kinney Premium Content
14-Maroon7Brandon Knight Premium Content
17-Teal8Preston Krummel Premium Content
19-Orange39Dillon Lancaster Premium Content
12-Gold5Nick Laster Premium Content
21-Red38Walker Lawrence Premium Content
11-Orange8Jack Layrisson Premium Content
21-Red54Carter Lewis Premium Content
11-Orange9Robbie Lively Premium Content
21-Red39Daniel Livnat Premium Content
8-Royal7Ben Lloyd Premium Content
11-Orange10Trevor Lloyd Premium Content
10-Cardinal9Patrick Long Premium Content
10-Cardinal10Stephen Long Premium Content
14-Maroon8Hunter Lyons Premium Content
12-Gold6Victor Major Premium Content
20-White40Johnny Mangini Premium Content
17-Teal9Kevin Marth Premium Content
19-Orange40Grant Martin Premium Content
19-Orange41Javier Martinez Premium Content
13-Dark Green23Logan Martinez Premium Content
10-Cardinal11Colin Masterson Premium Content
14-Maroon9Derek Matta Premium Content
18-Vegas Gold39Tothan Matthews Premium Content
15-Steel7Benjamin McCardle Premium Content
10-Cardinal13Parker McCoy Premium Content
8-Royal9Conner McRae Premium Content
12-Gold7Mervyl "MJ" Melendez Premium Content
20-White39Jared Miller Premium Content
19-Orange42Nathan Miller Premium Content
16-Purple8Sims Miller Premium Content
8-Royal10Logan Miracle Premium Content
18-Vegas Gold46Andrew Mitchell Premium Content
15-Steel8Jenard Morris Premium Content
17-Teal30Ben Mottern Premium Content
12-Gold8Houston Mullinix Premium Content
15-Steel9John Mullis Premium Content
8-Royal11Jace Newton Premium Content
14-Maroon30Connor Nitterauer Premium Content
21-Red40James Noblin Premium Content
16-Purple9James Nolan Premium Content
23-Royal39Brooks O'Brien Premium Content
14-Maroon33Jeffrey Omohundro Premium Content
14-Maroon34Yerald Pagan Premium Content
21-Red55Tucker Pate Premium Content
14-Maroon35Connor Pavolony Premium Content
17-Teal44K. Brice Peaden Premium Content
15-Steel12Carter Phillips Premium Content
17-Teal33Will Pierce Premium Content
16-Purple33Cade Pollard Premium Content
8-Royal12Anthony Porter Premium Content
22-Black53Connor Prado Premium Content
16-Purple34Daniel Pritchett Premium Content
14-Maroon36Brandon Puckett Premium Content
8-Royal13Jackson Pyles Premium Content
23-Royal40Kyle Rabinowitz Premium Content
22-Black39Michael Ray Premium Content
12-Gold9Travis Ray Premium Content
12-Gold10C. Dustin Renfroe Premium Content
23-Royal43Zach Richardson Premium Content
9-Kelly Green6Corey Roberts Premium Content
14-Maroon37Angel Rojas Premium Content
13-Dark Green30Ryan Roon Premium Content
23-Royal44MacKenzie (Mac) Ruedt Premium Content
10-Cardinal30Jackson Rumley Premium Content
22-Black40Alec Sanchez Premium Content
23-Royal50Zachary Savage Premium Content
11-Orange11Davis Schwartz Premium Content
9-Kelly Green7Adam Sellers Premium Content
22-Black43Christian Shinn Premium Content
13-Dark Green33Christian Shiver Premium Content
21-Red43James (J.T) Siekerman Premium Content
22-Black45James Simmons Premium Content
10-Cardinal33Zachary Skeen Premium Content
20-White42Austin Slaten Premium Content
13-Dark Green34Bryson Smeltzer Premium Content
17-Teal34Brady Smith Premium Content
12-Gold16Quinn Smith Premium Content
15-Steel13Reed Smith Premium Content
17-Teal35Skylar Stalcup Premium Content
15-Steel36Jack Stamler Premium Content
12-Gold12Tyler Sylvester Premium Content
12-Gold13Devin Symlar Premium Content
13-Dark Green35Collin Taylor Premium Content
8-Royal14Crews Taylor Premium Content
11-Orange12Henry Taylor Premium Content
9-Kelly Green8Nick Taylor Premium Content
10-Cardinal36Josh Teague Premium Content
14-Maroon40Beau Thompson Premium Content
20-White43Chris Thompson Premium Content
9-Kelly Green9John Tighe Premium Content
20-White45Malcolm Tipler Premium Content
13-Dark Green36Colby Tobin Premium Content
23-Royal45Ethan Tressler Premium Content
9-Kelly Green10Malcolm Van Buren Premium Content
22-Black44Will Varnadore Premium Content
16-Purple35Hector Vazquez Premium Content
11-Orange13Booth Vogel Premium Content
19-Orange43Griffin Walker Premium Content
18-Vegas Gold40Drew Waters Premium Content
20-White48Drew Watts Premium Content
9-Kelly Green11Max Weeks Premium Content
20-White44Austin Weir Premium Content
13-Dark Green37Cole Welch Premium Content
13-Dark Green41Christopher West Premium Content
23-Royal46Colby White Premium Content
9-Kelly Green13Bailey Whitlock Premium Content
16-Purple36Taylor Wilkes Premium Content
9-Kelly Green14Jakareon Williams Premium Content
15-Steel14Nolan Wilson Premium Content
16-Purple38Spencer Wilson Premium Content
19-Orange44Thomas Wilson Premium Content
16-Purple40Austin Wojick Premium Content
11-Orange16Daniel Wright Premium Content
16-Purple0Jarrett Wright Premium Content
9-Kelly Green15Luke Yelverton Premium Content
11-Orange17Payton Young Premium Content
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