Showcase SE Underclass Showcase
Sep 3 - 5, 2005 East Cobb Complex - Marietta, GA  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Red9Brandon Alexander Premium Content
Navy8Luke Arnett Premium Content
Gold4Jonathon Ashley Premium Content
Gold15Samuel "Brock" Bailey Premium Content
Red13Evan Bates Premium Content
Red10Ashby Baum Premium Content
Green9Chad Baxley Premium Content
Navy2Ben Blanton Premium Content
Green6Jordan Bloomer Premium Content
Orange1Tim Bondell Premium Content
Green12Jeremy Boyd Premium Content
Gold2Kameron Brunty Premium Content
Orange10Jason Butts Premium Content
Navy14Jeff Caldwell Premium Content
Royal7Collan Campbell Premium Content
Green11Justin Carpenter Premium Content
Orange14Joseph Castellanos Premium Content
Orange4Chris Caudillo Premium Content
Navy6Tyler Cooper Premium Content
Gold8Ryan Danbury Premium Content
Royal15Ryan Ely Premium Content
Green5Christopher Epps Premium Content
Royal16Justice French Premium Content
Royal5R. John Gainey Premium Content
Gold10Ryan Gallardo Premium Content
Orange9Mikah Garcia Premium Content
Green15Grayson Garvin Premium Content
Gold6Steven Grimsley Premium Content
Navy1Tyler Hannah Premium Content
Royal10John Harris Premium Content
Orange7Koby Hearn Premium Content
Navy20Joey Henshaw Premium Content
Gold14Joseph Herrmann Premium Content
Orange6Andy Hilty Premium Content
Green7Mark Hoban Premium Content
Orange21Dan Hobby Premium Content
Navy9Sean Howard Premium Content
Red6Blake Hudson Premium Content
Royal2Joshua Hughen Premium Content
Navy4Jake Huxtable Premium Content
Red5AJ Jones Premium Content
Royal8Reed Keeling Premium Content
Red7James Kimsey Premium Content
Royal6Orie King Premium Content
Royal9Russell Kirn Premium Content
Royal1Graham Lapolla Premium Content
Gold3Chris Lindgren Premium Content
Red1Alan Locke Premium Content
Orange5Jamel Mann Premium Content
Navy5John Mantecon Premium Content
Gold11Ethan Martin Premium Content
Green1Evan Martin Premium Content
Gold1Austin Mason Premium Content
Orange11Marc Overstreet Premium Content
Orange16Michael Palazzone Premium Content
Navy16Michael Panicaro Premium Content
Red11Drew Parker Premium Content
Orange2Gabriel Perez Premium Content
Red8David Port Premium Content
Gold12Kyle Putkonen Premium Content
Red15Kevin Quackenbush Premium Content
Navy17Stephen Shackleford Premium Content
Green8Jake Sharrock Premium Content
Orange12Alex Sherrod Premium Content
Green14Jonathan Sholar Premium Content
Navy13Matt Simonds Premium Content
Green10Austin Smith Premium Content
Green13Will Smith Premium Content
Green2Briggs Smotherman Premium Content
Gold9Timothy Sparkman Premium Content
Green3Sean Steen Premium Content
Navy15Derrick Stultz Premium Content
Orange13Brandon Swann Premium Content
Royal3Robert Theisen Premium Content
Royal14Spencer Theisen Premium Content
Navy7Mat Turner Premium Content
Red3Tyler Uhrman Premium Content
Green4Mark Vaughn Premium Content
Royal4Christopher Vazquez Premium Content
Red4Chris Wood Premium Content
Orange3Cameron Wright Premium Content
Orange8Will Young Premium Content
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