Showcase Southeast Top Prospect Showcase
Sep 10 - 11, 2005 East Cobb Complex - Marietta, GA  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Purple5Adam Akin Premium Content
Gold16Joseph Alexander Premium Content
Steel3Brett Allman Premium Content
Cedar2Ramon Antigua Premium Content
Black1Ben Baker Premium Content
White8Thomas Baker  Premium Content
Purple2Eric Barclay Premium Content
Gold7Jonathan Barton Premium Content
Green17Dave Basham Premium Content
Green24Philip Basham Premium Content
White16Chad Basma Premium Content
White20Carey Belter Premium Content
Royal1Kevin Bishop Premium Content
Navy24Kyle Blackburn Premium Content
White5Branden Blake Premium Content
Orange4Ben Blanton Premium Content
Steel8TJ Brennan Premium Content
Purple10Michael Bridges Premium Content
Green1Adam Brown Premium Content
Columbia18Cody Brown Premium Content
White13Jonathan Brown Premium Content
Red8Shane Brown Premium Content
Orange22John Bunder Premium Content
Orange5Jason Butts Premium Content
Purple6Josh Caldwell Premium Content
Orange11Will Casey Premium Content
Navy1Edward Cassidy Premium Content
Steel17Jameil Chambers Premium Content
Steel4Heath Cheverton Premium Content
White2Michael Chiarelli Premium Content
Gold22Collin Chrisman Premium Content
Purple17Bryan Cole Premium Content
Green7Justin Colvenback Premium Content
White4Robbie Conver Premium Content
Black19Wynn Corliss Premium Content
Black16Robert Corriveau Premium Content
Red9Josh Crabtree Premium Content
Cedar19Kel Cudsik Premium Content
Orange9Charlie Culberson Premium Content
Royal20David Cunningham Premium Content
Columbia8Josh Daniel Premium Content
Green2Justin Davidson Premium Content
Royal6Michael Demperio Premium Content
Green8Michael DeVito Premium Content
Green15Mark Diapoules Premium Content
Gold9Kevin Dodson Premium Content
Gold20Chip Duncan Premium Content
Royal13Scott Edwards Premium Content
Orange3Christopher Epps Premium Content
Gold4Alex Ernsberger Premium Content
White1Christopher Evans Premium Content
Columbia2Jacob Fenoglio Premium Content
Royal16Mark Fleury Premium Content
Red4Daniel Fowler Premium Content
Red14Cole Franklin Premium Content
Green14Kevin Gaid Premium Content
Black18Max Gertz Premium Content
Black6Jake Gibson Premium Content
Columbia21Michael Glantz Premium Content
Cedar6Thomas Gray  Premium Content
Green9Roman Grimaldi Premium Content
Columbia13BJ Groover Premium Content
Navy5NaVarro Hall Premium Content
Purple3Ryan Hansen Premium Content
Navy18David Harden Premium Content
Green19Taylor Hashman Premium Content
Orange10Jamaal Hawkins Premium Content
Steel5Trey Hayes Premium Content
White6Eric Heath Premium Content
Black2Seth Henderson Premium Content
Steel15Greg Hendrix Premium Content
Cedar22William Henley Premium Content
Columbia19Jon Henry Premium Content
Steel19Merit Hicks Premium Content
Gold13Andrew Hockenbury Premium Content
Gold2Greg Houston Premium Content
Red6Scooter Houston Premium Content
Columbia1Boomer Hudson Premium Content
Royal3Cedric Hunter Premium Content
Royal8Jared Jeffries Premium Content
Navy19Chad Jenkins Premium Content
Red7Derek Jeter Premium Content
Cedar4Ryan Jordan Premium Content
Navy15Matt Kallaoun Premium Content
Cedar1Danny Kern Premium Content
Columbia5Ryan Kirby Premium Content
Columbia3Colin Kirschner Premium Content
Navy16Ryan Kroko Premium Content
Purple14John Little Premium Content
Gold19Brad Long Premium Content
Gold6Dayton Lupton Premium Content
Green5Chad Lusted Premium Content
Cedar17Joshua Lyons Premium Content
Steel9Ralph MacDonald Premium Content
Gold3Sterling Mack Premium Content
Green4Timothy Mahler Premium Content
Red3David Marbert Premium Content
Black5Luke Martin Premium Content
Orange14Matt Mason Premium Content
Royal12Chris Masters Premium Content
Steel16Charles Matthews Premium Content
Green18Christian Maula Premium Content
Royal7Brandon May Premium Content
Black13Brian McCormick Premium Content
Purple7Davis McCracken Premium Content
Orange17Josh Means Premium Content
Red1Tyler Minto Premium Content
Purple1Ben Mirsky Premium Content
Navy23Kyle Mitchell Premium Content
Red15Dustin Moneymaker Premium Content
Navy2Tanner Moore Premium Content
Cedar16John Moreland Premium Content
Orange20Hunter Morris Premium Content
Royal23Andy Moye Premium Content
Steel20Walter Myers Premium Content
Gold1Jeffery Nelms Premium Content
Gold17Cameron Nester Premium Content
Navy13Andrew Nettune Premium Content
Cedar14Charley Olson Premium Content
White19Brandon Owens Premium Content
Green3Peter Panarelli Premium Content
Cedar20Jarrod Parks Premium Content
Royal4Evan Parrish Premium Content
White18Evan Patterson Premium Content
Columbia14Kody Paul Premium Content
Green6Max Pavy Premium Content
Cedar3Arnold Perez Premium Content
White14Peter Perez Premium Content
Cedar5Chris Pethan Premium Content
Red18Daniel Petitti Premium Content
Black4Justin Phillips Premium Content
White15Blake Pohlman Premium Content
Columbia15Kevin Rabinowitz Premium Content
Orange7Chris Ramos Premium Content
Orange2Clay Remole Premium Content
  Chris Reynolds Premium Content
Royal19David Ricker Premium Content
Purple13Matthew Rinaldi Premium Content
Purple4Mario Rivera Premium Content
White7Joseph (J J) Rizzo Premium Content
Red5Matthew Roberts Premium Content
Royal5Andrew Robinson Premium Content
Royal2Scott Robinson Premium Content
Steel1Ethan Rodgers Premium Content
Steel10Michael Root Premium Content
Navy20Steven Rosado Premium Content
White3Louis Savastano Premium Content
Cedar21Wade Schepper Premium Content
Purple11Craig Schnell Premium Content
Cedar13Jody Sellars Premium Content
Red13Mike Shaw Premium Content
Columbia9Aziel Shea Premium Content
Gold14Spencer Shelton Premium Content
Orange19Matt Simonds Premium Content
Black17Steven Simpson Premium Content
White22Kenneth Smith Premium Content
Steel6Rhett Smith Premium Content
Orange16Joshua Smoker Premium Content
Red21Kyle Snedeker Premium Content
Green13Jack Snodgrass Premium Content
Columbia4Zack Stanton Premium Content
Purple15Brian Stewart Premium Content
Purple9Taylor Stillwell Premium Content
Royal21Charlie Strohecker Premium Content
Black21Alex Stuenkel Premium Content
Cedar18Ross Tendler Premium Content
Steel2Mark Thomas Premium Content
Black3Jonathan Thoms Premium Content
Gold8Jarrod Toner Premium Content
Steel7Marcos Torres Premium Content
Black7Justin Tramble Premium Content
Navy17Thomas Ulmer Premium Content
Navy6Thomas Valera Premium Content
Cedar15Matthew Vazquez Premium Content
Purple16Kyle Vincent Premium Content
Orange18Nathan Vineyard Premium Content
Navy3Allen Ward Premium Content
Black15David Wenger Premium Content
Steel14Cody Whitlow Premium Content
Royal17Jace Whitmer Premium Content
Black14Jason Wilkins Premium Content
Columbia17Mitch "Ty" Williams Premium Content
Navy14David Williamson Premium Content
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