League Wisconsin Fall League
Aug 24 - Oct 13, 2013 Joeck's Field - Lannon, WI  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players GradSchoolCitySt.CountryPosCommitPG Rank
Texas Orange Gunner Amelunk2016Kettle MoraineWalesWIUSASS  Premium Content
Kelly Nate Anderson2015MukwonagoMukwonagoWIUSAOF Heartland CC  Premium Content
Royal Cameron Anfang2017JeffersonSullivanWIUSARHP  Premium Content
Maroon Matthew Ausloos2014CentralBrookfieldWIUSARHP  Premium Content
Teal Michael Balistreri2015Waukesha WestWaukeshaWIUSA1B  Premium Content
Red Colin Barrington2016Random LakeRandom LakeWIUSAC  Premium Content
Kelly Travis Bednarek2017MuskegoMuskegoWIUSAOF  Premium Content
Kelly Trevor Bednarek2014MuskegoMuskegoWIUSASS  Premium Content
Teal Zach Brennan2015PewaukeePewaukeeWIUSAC  Premium Content
Kelly Craig Carey2015NicoletRiver HillsWIUSALHP  Premium Content
  Andrew Cervantes-Kerwin2014West Allis CentralWest AllisWIUSAOF  Premium Content
Royal Killian Chamberlain2016Beloit MemorialBeloitWIUSAC  Premium Content
  Brandon Crum2019MukwonagoMukwonagoWIUSA1B  Premium Content
  Carson Crum2017MukwonagoMukwonagoWIUSAOF  Premium Content
Red Nathan Dallas2015East TroyEast TroyWIUSA3B  Premium Content
Maroon Michael Daniel2016GermantownGermantownWIUSA3B  Premium Content
Texas Orange0Turner Doornink2014ClintonvilleClintonvilleWIUSA3B St. Cloud Technical College  Premium Content
Kelly Alex Doud2015MukwonagoWaukeshaWIUSAOF  Premium Content
Maroon Quinn Eyre2016GermantownGermantownWIUSAOF  Premium Content
  Joe Franke  MilwaukeeWIUSA   Premium Content
Maroon David Gasper2015New Berlin MiddleNew BerlinWIUSALHP  Premium Content
Teal Christian Gaytan2015ArrowheadHartlandWIUSA3B  Premium Content
Maroon Zach Gill2016GermantownGermantownWIUSAOF  Premium Content
Kelly Joseph Glembocki2017MuskegoMuskegoWIUSASS  Premium Content
Red Michael Glomski2014CedarburgGraftonWIUSA2B  Premium Content
Royal0Brett Grafmeier2015NeenahNeenahWIUSARHP  Premium Content
Teal Justin Haessly2015ArrowheadPewaukeeWIUSAOF  Premium Content
Teal Tyler Haessly2017ArrowheadPewaukeeWIUSALHP  Premium Content
  Nate Hanner2014WilmotGenoa CityWIUSA3B  Premium Content
Teal Barrett Hartmann2015Waukesha WestWaukeshaWIUSAOF  Premium Content
Red Michael Haugh2015BradfordKenoshaWIUSAC  Premium Content
Maroon Michael Hensel2016GermantownGermantownWIUSAC  Premium Content
Texas Orange Matt Hock2016Kettle MoraineDelafieldWIUSA3B  Premium Content
Kelly Trevor Hogenson2016St Mary CentralNeenahWIUSAC  Premium Content
Red Luke Hutterer2016LincolnWhitelawWIUSAOF  Premium Content
Maroon Quinn Hyndiuk2016Brookfield EastElm GroveWIUSA1B  Premium Content
Maroon Michael Klebesadel2016GermantownGermantownWIUSARHP  Premium Content
Texas Orange Brady Kleinschmidt2015OconomowocOconomowocWIUSA2B  Premium Content
Kelly Kalvin Kuepper2015Saint Mary CentralMenashaWIUSAC  Premium Content
Royal Alec Lindfors2016Whitefish BayWhitefish BayWIUSASS  Premium Content
Teal Mathew Luedtke2015 BrownsvilleWIUSARHP St. Norbert College  Premium Content
Red Andrew Luscomb2014BradfordKenoshaWIUSA2B Wisconsin-Parkside  Premium Content
Kelly Dan Malak2015MuskegoWind LakeWIUSAOF McHenry County College  Premium Content
Royal Bryce McDonald2015OconomowocOconomowocWIUSA3B  Premium Content
Red Connor Mitchell2015East TroyWaukeshaWIUSA2B  Premium Content
Red Tyler Moua2015LoganLa CrosseWIUSASS  Premium Content
Red Alec Nelson2014ShorewoodShorewoodWIUSARHP  Premium Content
Red Joshua Nelson2015CudahyCudahyWIUSASS  Premium Content
Texas Orange Joseph Nettesheim2015OconomowocOconomowocWIUSAC  Premium Content
Royal Sean O'Brien2014Menomonee FallsMenomonee FallsWIUSARHP  Premium Content
Red Ryan Olsen2016East TroyEast TroyWIUSAOF  Premium Content
Red Josh Oswald2014East TroyElkhornWIUSA1B  Premium Content
Texas Orange Danny Pichette2014Fond Du LacFond du LacWIUSA3B  Premium Content
Texas Orange Nick Pierce2014OconomowocOconomowocWIUSAC  Premium Content
Kelly Taylor Pietrzak2016MuskegoWind LakeWIUSASS  Premium Content
Kelly Sam Platow2017MuskegoMuskegoWIUSAC  Premium Content
Texas Orange Jacob Pohlman2014Kettle MoraineDousmanWIUSAOF  Premium Content
Teal Ryan Pomeranz2014Menomonee FallsMenomonee FallsWIUSA2B  Premium Content
Teal Tommie Redmond2017PewaukeePewaukeeWIUSASS  Premium Content
Maroon Logan Reindl2016GermantownGermantownWIUSAOF  Premium Content
Teal Ben Reinhardt2017West Allis Central High SchoolWest AllisWIUSA1B  Premium Content
Teal Sam Reinhardt2015West Allis CentralWest AllisWIUSA2B  Premium Content
Texas Orange Zac Riemer2015ClintonvilleClintonvilleWIUSASS  Premium Content
Teal Heath Roberts2016HomeschoolWaukeshaWIUSARHP  Premium Content
Marron Mike Rufer2015CentralBrookfieldWIUSAC  Premium Content
Red Santino Ruffolo2015Kenosha BradfordKenoshaWIUSA1B Wisconsin-Parkside  Premium Content
Royal Matthew Rupprecht2014Milwaukee LutheranMenomonee FallsWIUSASS  Premium Content
Kelly Jordan Schmidt2014Saint Mary's CentralMenashaWIUSAOF  Premium Content
Maroon Zachary Schmidt2015CentralBrookfieldWIUSARHP  Premium Content
Marron Andrew Schneider2014CentralBrookfieldWIUSALHP  Premium Content
Red Kyle Schulz2015BradfordKenoshaWIUSALHP  Premium Content
Texas Orange Joseph Seegers2014Home SchoolOconomowocWIUSASS  Premium Content
Maroon Jarred Shipman2015CentralBrookfieldWIUSAOF  Premium Content
Texas Orange Devin Simon2014Fond du LacFond du LacWIUSAOF  Premium Content
Royal Jared Stewart2015OconomowocOconomowocWIUSA1B  Premium Content
Texas Orange Garrett Stocker2014Lakeside LutheranOconomowocWIUSARHP  Premium Content
Royal Matt Sukovich2015OconomowocOconomowocWIUSAOF  Premium Content
Royal Ryan Wenzel2015OconomowocSullivanWIUSAOF  Premium Content
Red Evan Wick2015East TroyEast TroyWIUSAC  Premium Content
  Michael Wilcox2017West Allis CentralMilwaukeeWIUSAC  Premium Content
Kelly George Wilson2015NicoletFox PointWIUSALHP  Premium Content
Teal Derek Wnuk2016Hartland ArrowheadPewaukeeWIUSAC  Premium Content
Royal Matthew Woelky2015CedarburgCedarburgWIUSAMIF  Premium Content
Texas Orange Logan Wonn2015OconomowocOconomowocWIUSARHP Jacksonville  Premium Content
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