Showcase World Uncommitted Showcase
Jan 4 - 5, 2014 Terry Park - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
14- Navy18Nicholas Adorno Premium Content
13- Dark Green18Alan Alvarez Premium Content
14- Navy69Brayden Armstrong Premium Content
12- Col. Blue30Gabriel Ayala Premium Content
12- Col. Blue17Jamie Balevic Premium Content
12- Col. Blue16CJ Barone Premium Content
12- Col. Blue15Elias Bure Premium Content
14- Navy17Kevin Carbonneau Premium Content
13- Dark Green 2Luis Cintron Premium Content
11- Cardinal17Jacob Clay Premium Content
11- Cardinal16Nolan Clenney Premium Content
11- Cardinal15Gabriel Cotto Premium Content
11- Cardinal18Carey Cunningham Premium Content
12- Col. Blue14Will Dalton Premium Content
14- Navy16William De La Cruz Premium Content
12- Col. Blue54Anthony Dodd Premium Content
14- Navy15Albert Dominguez Premium Content
11- Cardinal14Michael Dorsainvil Premium Content
11- Cardinal13Arnold Escobedo Premium Content
11- Cardinal12George Escobedo Premium Content
13- Dark Green15Nate Ferrell Premium Content
13- Dark Green14Julius Forbes Premium Content
12- Col. Blue4Marc Garza Premium Content
11- Cardinal26Nick Goldsmith Premium Content
13- Dark Green13Gabriel Gomez Premium Content
12- Col. Blue13Jonathan Grainger Premium Content
13- Dark Green28Greg Hollman Premium Content
11- Cardinal25Adam Johnson Premium Content
12- Col. Blue12Patrick Kim Premium Content
12- Col. Blue11Trenton "Trent" Little Premium Content
11- Cardinal10Rob Long Premium Content
12- Col. Blue10Riquerdy Marinez Premium Content
13- Dark Green11Alexander Martinez Premium Content
14- Navy13Luis Martinez Premium Content
11- Cardinal5Russ McGlamry Premium Content
14- Navy26Robert McKendry Premium Content
14- Navy12Mike McKenna Premium Content
12- Col. Blue9Nicklaus McLees Premium Content
14- Navy22Donte Miller Premium Content
12- Col. Blue8Thomas Parker Premium Content
14- Navy25Keishan Pierce Jr Premium Content
13- Dark Green9Ramon Quintero Premium Content
12- Col. Blue7Raymond Ramos Hernandez Premium Content
12- Col. Blue49Greg Rengel Premium Content
13- Dark Green8Jori Rodriguez Premium Content
12- Col. Blue6Pedro Rodriguez Premium Content
11- Cardinal9Alex Salamanca Premium Content
11- Cardinal23Caedon Saltis Premium Content
11- Cardinal8Meriton Selmani Premium Content
13- Dark Green7Edward Serrano, Jr. Premium Content
14- Navy10Jordan Shaffer Premium Content
12- Col. Blue5Seaton Sheldon Premium Content
12- Col. Blue3Scott Stolberg Premium Content
14- Navy24Colby Sweat Premium Content
13- Dark Green6Tyler Thompson Premium Content
14- Navy9Tyler Tomaka Premium Content
12- Col. Blue27Zack Tyre Premium Content
13- Dark Green5Steven Valentine Premium Content
14- Navy8Kyle Vance Premium Content
13- Dark Green4Alec Wade Premium Content
13- Dark Green3Tyronn Walker Premium Content
14- Navy7Trevor Westmoreland Premium Content
11- Cardinal7Wilfredo Winolevoxchel Premium Content
11- Cardinal6Garrett Wise Premium Content
14- Navy6Nicholas Yambo Premium Content
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