Showcase National Academic Showcase
Jun 1 - 2, 2013 5-Plex - Player Development Complex - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

- 5-Plex - Player Development Complex  
  4301 Edison Ave Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map   

- City of Palms Park  
  2201 Edison Avenue Fort Myers, FL 33901 Map   

May 31st:
7:00PM - 9:00PM Early Registration at Crowne Plaza (Highly Recommended)

6:00PM College Recruiting Seminar at Crowne Plaza (1)
8:00PM College Recruiting Seminar at Crowne Plaza (2)

CROWNE PLAZA Fort Myers at Bell Tower Shops
13051 Bell Tower Drive Fort Myers, Florida 33907

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
16-Royal1Evan Acosta Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold48Brady Acton Premium Content
16-Royal19Justin Ager Premium Content
16-Royal2Rafael Amanau Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold30Chandler Amason Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold31Matthew Anderson Premium Content
14-Crimson19Eddy Angelbello Premium Content
13-Black30Samuel Atwell Premium Content
20-White1Colton Austin Premium Content
20-White19Edgar Badaraco Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold32Ben Baggett Premium Content
14-Crimson1John Balke Premium Content
17-Teal30Brennan Batty Premium Content
15-Kelly Green1Louis Beck Premium Content
16-Royal3Chase Belk Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold33Andrew Beyer Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold34Alex Bialakis Premium Content
18-Tx. Orange1Jerry Biller III Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold35Charlie Bishop Premium Content
17-Teal31Peter Bocchino Premium Content
8-Purple18Nick Bodner Premium Content
15-Kelly Green2Michael Brenner Premium Content
14-Crimson2Blaise Brown Premium Content
14-Crimson3Trent Bryan Premium Content
20-White2Dakota Caldwell Premium Content
8-Purple25Liam Cotter Premium Content
15-Kelly Green28Tommy Coulter Premium Content
18-Tx. Orange2Joshua Crist Premium Content
17-Teal32Eduardo Cutillas Premium Content
17-Teal33Eliott Cutillas Premium Content
13-Black32Richard "Matt" Cyr Premium Content
18-Tx. Orange3Hunter Dawson Premium Content
18-Tx. Orange4Jacob Delk Premium Content
16-Royal4Chris Deranian Premium Content
15-Kelly Green3Alex Dickinson Premium Content
18-Tx. Orange19Anthony Dodd Premium Content
14-Crimson4Evan Dougherty Premium Content
14-Crimson5Brandon Etheridge Premium Content
15-Kelly Green4Jonathan Felicie Premium Content
16-Royal5Jascanel Ferreras Premium Content
16-Royal20Anthony Forte Premium Content
18-Tx. Orange5Currie Michael Gauvreau Premium Content
20-White3Houston Glad Premium Content
16-Royal6Justin Gregorius Premium Content
18-Tx. Orange24Michael Hall Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold36Andrew Hanke Premium Content
13-Black51Palance "PJ" Harris II Premium Content
18-Tx. Orange6Austin Heinz Premium Content
16-Royal21Griffin Helms Premium Content
20-White20Wade Hopper Premium Content
20-White4Brandon Houk Premium Content
14-Crimson6Andrew Howard Premium Content
20-White5Ryan Huber Premium Content
20-White28Tyler Huber Premium Content
17-Teal34Will Jauss Premium Content
16-Royal7Luke Johnson Premium Content
20-White6Matthias Johnson Premium Content
14-Crimson20Trevor Jones Premium Content
14-Crimson21Clay Joseck Premium Content
13-Black33Sam Joyce Premium Content
13-Black37Andrew Kane Premium Content
17-Teal35William Kelleher Premium Content
17-Teal37Camden Klein Premium Content
18-Tx. Orange7Michael Landestoy Premium Content
15-Kelly Green19Esteban Lasanta Premium Content
20-White7Noah Lee Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold37Mitchel Lindheim Premium Content
20-White8Kyle Link Premium Content
18-Tx. Orange8Christian Maldonado Diaz Premium Content
16-Royal8Roberto Malinowski Premium Content
14-Crimson7Ryan Manz Premium Content
16-Royal9Samuel Martin Premium Content
15-Kelly Green6Juan Martinez Premium Content
20-White9Carlos E Matos Premium Content
17-Teal38Austin McCullers Premium Content
17-Teal49Ryan McCullers Premium Content
17-Teal39Brendan McGuigan Premium Content
13-Black38Matthew Moore Premium Content
15-Kelly Green7Connor Morris Premium Content
16-Royal10Zach Moses Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold38Shunta Muto Premium Content
13-Black39Giovanny Ocampo Premium Content
14-Crimson8Grant Page Premium Content
17-Teal40James Pavelick Premium Content
18-Tx. Orange9Hunter Perez Premium Content
14-Crimson9Will Peters Premium Content
18-Tx. Orange10Grant Pfost Premium Content
14-Crimson10Deaven Phillips Premium Content
18-Tx. Orange11Konnor Pilkington Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold39Carlos Pino Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold57Thomas Prato Premium Content
14-Crimson22Will Preston Premium Content
15-Kelly Green14Gerrio Rahming Premium Content
18-Tx. Orange20Bradley Ramon Premium Content
13-Black40Daniel Riley Premium Content
14-Crimson17Sebastian Rivera Premium Content
17-Teal41Sage Roberts Premium Content
18-Tx. Orange12Blake Robertson Premium Content
20-White10Matt Rothenberg Premium Content
15-Kelly Green8Paul Rupnik Premium Content
16-Royal11Adam Saks Premium Content
13-Black41Casey Santos-Ocampo Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold50Sam Schaut Premium Content
16-Royal12Blaise Schillace Premium Content
17-Teal42Eric Sexton Premium Content
20-White11Arien Seymour Premium Content
20-White12Ryan Skalnik Premium Content
20-White21Connor Slagill Premium Content
13-Black42Ryan Smith Premium Content
14-Crimson11Bryan Soto Premium Content
16-Royal13Bruce Steel Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold42Eugene Brandon "Brad" Stewart II Premium Content
15-Kelly Green9Josh Sullivan Premium Content
17-Teal54Michael Templeton Premium Content
17-Teal43Tyler Thirion Premium Content
13-Black46Bobby Tippett Premium Content
15-Kelly Green10Christian Torres Premium Content
13-Black43Steven Valentine Premium Content
15-Kelly Green20Michael Van Degna Premium Content
15-Kelly Green11Robert Villanueva Premium Content
14-Crimson12Robert Wehman Premium Content
18-Tx. Orange13Ben Welch Premium Content
15-Kelly Green12Sammy White Premium Content
13-Black44Mack Wilkins Premium Content
18-Tx. Orange14Charlie Winek Premium Content
13-Black45Weston Wise Premium Content
13-Black47Peyton Woble Premium Content
15-Kelly Green13Cooper Wright Premium Content
17-Teal44Peter Zyla Premium Content
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