Showcase World Showcase
Jan 5 - 6, 2013 Terry Park - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
7-Orange15Kevin Abraham Premium Content
8-Purple14Horacio Acosta Premium Content
11-Steel1Tyson Albert Premium Content
10-Royal1EJ Alejandre Premium Content
8-Purple1Angel Alicea-Nieves Premium Content
6-Navy19Jose Almonte Premium Content
3-Dark Green1Joe Alsina Premium Content
4-Gold1Luis Alvarado Premium Content
7-Orange16Alan Archer Premium Content
5-Maroon1Michael Arroyo Premium Content
12-White15Bruno Aurnhammer Premium Content
7-Orange17Jordon Austin Premium Content
10-Royal2Juan Avila Premium Content
6-Navy1Jordan Baker Premium Content
11-Steel2Anderson Baldy Premium Content
6-Navy2Cameron Baranek Premium Content
12-White16Glenn Batson Premium Content
11-Steel3Patrick "Taylor" Beene Premium Content
5-Maroon2Jonathan Bermudez De Jesus Premium Content
7-Orange1Taylor Blatch Premium Content
9-Red1Edwin Bonilla Premium Content
10-Royal3Jose Bonilla Premium Content
3-Dark Green2Dulvis Borjas Premium Content
12-White1Bailey Brown Premium Content
11-Steel15Clif Bryant Premium Content
1-Black15Kevin Buckley Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue1Jamar Burnette Premium Content
5-Maroon3Kalier Carrion Premium Content
10-Royal15Miguel Castellanos Premium Content
6-Navy16Mike Castilla Premium Content
8-Purple15Gerald Ceballos Premium Content
9-Red15Francisco Chaparro Premium Content
10-Royal4JanCarlos Cintron Premium Content
8-Purple2Luis Ciuro Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue2Doug Clapperton Premium Content
9-Red16James Clark Premium Content
6-Navy14Bryan Collazo Rivera Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue3Malik Collymore Premium Content
3-Dark Green3Bryant Colon Premium Content
5-Maroon4Bryan Colon-Negron Premium Content
9-Red17Kevin Connor Premium Content
8-Purple16Jacob Constante Premium Content
12-White3Cristian Cooper Premium Content
8-Purple3Jacob Cordero Kuilan Premium Content
3-Dark Green4Elliot Correa Premium Content
4-Gold2Nestor Cortes Premium Content
5-Maroon5Alexander Cortes Torres Premium Content
11-Steel4Jansen Cosart Premium Content
3-Dark Green9Francisco Javier Cruz Premium Content
10-Royal19Sydney Daley Premium Content
9-Red18Cameron Davis Premium Content
11-Steel5Weston Davis Premium Content
5-Maroon14Alexander De La Cruz Premium Content
1-Black1Jon Denney Premium Content
6-Navy17Colton Dennis Premium Content
8-Purple4Rafael Devers Premium Content
3-Dark Green5Carlos Diaz Premium Content
8-Purple5Edwin Diaz Premium Content
11-Steel6Luis O Diaz Premium Content
9-Red2Keyshawn D'Orso Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue15Taylor Doyle Premium Content
7-Orange2Dalton Duty Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue16Evin Einhardt Premium Content
6-Navy3Karl Ellison Premium Content
9-Red3Mason Eng Premium Content
12-White17Juan Escarra Premium Content
4-Gold3Elys Escobar Premium Content
6-Navy4Kameron Esthay Premium Content
9-Red19Willie Estrada Premium Content
3-Dark Green6Wilfred Estrella Premium Content
11-Steel7Brandon Evans Premium Content
3-Dark Green7Johneshwy Fargas Premium Content
12-White4Freddy Fermin Perez Premium Content
5-Maroon6Christian Flecha Astacio Premium Content
9-Red4Jorge Flores Premium Content
9-Red5Garrett Foster Premium Content
7-Orange3Nicholas Gallo Premium Content
10-Royal17Joshua Garcia Premium Content
11-Steel20Daniel Garmendia Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue17Kreg Garner Premium Content
4-Gold4Cory Garrastazu Premium Content
1-Black2Clayton Gelfand Premium Content
3-Dark Green15Jorge Gil Premium Content
9-Red6Andrew Gist Premium Content
4-Gold5Jacob Gleason Premium Content
5-Maroon7Steven Gomez Premium Content
8-Purple6Christopher Gonzalez Premium Content
8-Purple7Jeremie Gonzalez Premium Content
9-Red7Jonathan Gonzalez Premium Content
23-Maroon45Roberto Gonzalez Premium Content
1-Black3Nicholas Gordon Premium Content
6-Navy24Ross Grosvenor Premium Content
12-White5Fernando Guerrero Premium Content
4-Gold6Adan Gutierrez Premium Content
9-Red8Jeremy Hadley Premium Content
7-Orange18Ian Hagenmiller Premium Content
7-Orange4Dustin Hagy Premium Content
6-Navy5Ian Hays Premium Content
1-Black4Connor Heady Premium Content
7-Orange5Ronnie Healy Premium Content
12-White18Jordan Henderson-Lewis Premium Content
3-Dark Green8Jan Alexis Hernandez Premium Content
1-Black5Juan Hillman Premium Content
7-Orange19Evan Holland Premium Content
7-Orange20Hunter Hope Premium Content
4-Gold7Brent Huber Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue4Garrett Hudson Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue6Alvie James Premium Content
4-Gold8Brad Jarreau Premium Content
3-Dark Green16Eduardo Javier Jimenez Premium Content
3-Dark Green17Joe Alexander Jimenez Premium Content
5-Maroon18Zac Johnson Premium Content
7-Orange7Connor Justus Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue23Sean Kamhoot Premium Content
1-Black16Kyle Kemp Premium Content
9-Red9Christian Khawam Premium Content
6-Navy6Jack Kruger Premium Content
6-Navy7Trey Lang Premium Content
12-White6Joseph Lansford Premium Content
8-Purple17Jesse Lepore Premium Content
10-Royal6Ernesto Liberatore Premium Content
11-Steel8Michael Lo Bello Premium Content
7-Orange8Nick Longhi Premium Content
9-Red10Roberto Lopez Premium Content
3-Dark Green10Nicholas Lugo Premium Content
9-Red11Luis Madero Premium Content
8-Purple8Josue Marcano Premium Content
12-White7Hunter Martin Premium Content
5-Maroon15Luis Martinez Premium Content
10-Royal7Onix Arnaldo Martinez Premium Content
1-Black6Donovan May Premium Content
10-Royal8Harrison McClure Premium Content
5-Maroon19Rene Melendez Pena Premium Content
1-Black17Nick Melvin Premium Content
8-Purple9Pedro Mercado Ramirez Premium Content
6-Navy9Brett Milazzo Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue7MT Minacci Premium Content
4-Gold14Milton Miranda Premium Content
4-Gold9Nelson Molina Premium Content
3-Dark Green11Joseph Monge Premium Content
12-White19Jesse Moore Premium Content
5-Maroon8Jason Morales Premium Content
3-Dark Green18Roy Morales Rivera Premium Content
5-Maroon9Luis Navedo Premium Content
11-Steel9Ryan Nicoll Premium Content
11-Steel10Stephen Nobles Premium Content
3-Dark Green12Carlos Ocasio Premium Content
4-Gold10Kevin Olmeda Ahedo Premium Content
4-Gold16Victor Ortiz Premium Content
4-Gold11Jancarlo Ortiz Marrero Premium Content
8-Purple10Rafael Otero Premium Content
8-Purple11Christian Padin Premium Content
7-Orange12Michael Paez Premium Content
5-Maroon10Yamil Pagan Premium Content
5-Maroon11Alexis Pantojas Premium Content
6-Navy18Daniel Pellinen Premium Content
8-Purple12Angel Luis Perez Rodriguez Premium Content
5-Maroon20Tyrone Perry Premium Content
11-Steel11Philip Prendergast Premium Content
9-Red20Jextin Pugh Premium Content
10-Royal9Alexander Rios Premium Content
10-Royal10Sulliam Rios Reyes Premium Content
8-Purple13Felipe Rivera Adorno Premium Content
5-Maroon12Alexander Rivera Centeno Premium Content
12-White8Brandon Rodriguez Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue22Elier Rodriguez Premium Content
10-Royal11Frankie Rodriguez Premium Content
12-White9Manuel Rodriguez Premium Content
10-Royal16Jose Raul Rodriguez Ortiz Premium Content
12-White10Jose Rodriguez-Navarro Premium Content
1-Black7Jake Rogers Premium Content
11-Steel12Luis Roman De Jongh Premium Content
6-Navy10Alex Rominski Premium Content
4-Gold12Kevin Roque Premium Content
12-White11Adam Rosenfield Premium Content
4-Gold17Pablo Rubio Premium Content
8-Purple18Manuel Sanchez Premium Content
6-Navy11Cooper Sanders Premium Content
10-Royal5Kevin Santa Premium Content
10-Royal12Joshua Santiago Premium Content
1-Black19Joe Schindler Premium Content
11-Steel16Steven Sensley Premium Content
11-Steel13Sam Shields Premium Content
4-Gold13Alian Silva Premium Content
1-Black8Luis Silverio Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue19Hunter Simmons Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue9Demetrius Sims Premium Content
6-Navy12Kwestin Smith Premium Content
8-Purple19Juan Soriano Premium Content
10-Royal18Angel Soto Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue10Owen Spiwak Premium Content
11-Steel17Cole Stapler Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue20Conner Stevenson Premium Content
10-Royal14Andres Sthormes Premium Content
9-Red12Collin Strall Premium Content
11-Steel18Cole Taylor Premium Content
7-Orange9Cory Thompson Premium Content
5-Maroon16Ian Francisco Torres Premium Content
5-Maroon13Ricardo Torres Cruz Premium Content
5-Maroon17Miguel Valles Premium Content
4-Gold15Daniel Vasquez Premium Content
1-Black12Jeremy Vasquez Premium Content
3-Dark Green13Marcos Ventura Premium Content
3-Dark Green14Walter J Vives Premium Content
11-Steel14Thomas Anthony "AJ" Walden, Jr Premium Content
1-Black9Brody Weiss Premium Content
7-Orange11Bryan White Premium Content
12-White13Braxton Wilks Premium Content
1-Black10Eric Williams Premium Content
11-Steel19Sean Wilson Premium Content
1-Black11Shane Wise Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue21Jordan Zazulak Premium Content
12-White14Andrew Zellner Premium Content
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