League Wisconsin Fall League Southern Division
Aug 18 - Oct 7, 2012 Various Ballparks- WI - -, WI  

- Various Ballparks- WI  
  - -, WI 00000 Map   

- Genesee Town Park  
  S42 W31800 Depot Road Town of Genesee, WI Set in Edi Map   

- Village Park  
  325 Capitol Drive Pewaukee, WI 53072 Map   

- Joeck's Field  
  7468 n. lannon road Lannon, WI 53046 Map   

For weather related schedule updates call 319.261.0650

Joeck's Field is unplayable for Sunday Sept 9th. Please check the schedule as it has been changed so that every team will get one game today at Village Park.

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
STEEL Kirby Annis Premium Content
BLACK1Samuel Aschliman Premium Content
WHITE1Michael Balistreri Premium Content
NAVY1Michael Barnes Premium Content
NAVY2Jason Baron Premium Content
NAVY3Kyle Baron Premium Content
WHITE2Drew Barth Premium Content
STEEL3Trevor Bednarek Premium Content
ROYAL1Kyle Bellin Premium Content
ROYAL2Andrew Bilek Premium Content
NAVY4Oskar Bjornstad Premium Content
ROYAL16Trent Borgardt Premium Content
WHITE4Zach Brennan Premium Content
BLACK2Samuel Brink Premium Content
BLACK3Craig Carey Premium Content
BLACK4Nick Cheaney Premium Content
MAROON1Zeke Cullen Premium Content
ROYAL3Ty Curran Premium Content
BLACK5Matthew Dake Premium Content
WHITE5Doug DeVoe Premium Content
MAROON2Justin Donnelly Premium Content
ROYAL4Mitchell Dubnicka Premium Content
BLACK 15Zach Emerson Premium Content
ROYAL5Colin Englebert Premium Content
WHITE6Dallas Espegard Premium Content
WHITE7Zakary Felkner Premium Content
GOLD1Lucas Filbert Premium Content
ROYAL 6Alex Fish Premium Content
MAROON15Eddie Fitting Premium Content
BLACK6David Gasper Premium Content
MAROON Callen Gavic Premium Content
STEEL Lucas Grefsheim Premium Content
GOLD2Austin Hallett Premium Content
ORANGE1Nate Hanner Premium Content
WHITE8Evan Hansen Premium Content
MAROON3Jake Harley Premium Content
WHITE16Jordan Hass Premium Content
ROYAL7Michael Haugh Premium Content
NAVY5Mitchell Hlava Premium Content
BLACK7Adam Hogden Premium Content
ROYAL8Vincent Hubli Premium Content
ORANGE2Sam Hunt Premium Content
WHITE9Robby Hurda Premium Content
ROYAL9Jacob Hyland Premium Content
ORANGE3Griffin Jack Premium Content
ORANGE4Nathan Jack Premium Content
ORANGE5Aaron Kieweg Premium Content
GOLD3Nick Kluge Premium Content
NAVY6Travis Knudsvig Premium Content
BLACK8Sam Koziol Premium Content
ORANGE6Benjamin Kramlich Premium Content
ROYAL10Cooper Lang Premium Content
STEEL24Dallas Lawlor Premium Content
ORANGE7Sidney Lehman Premium Content
BLACK7Joe Lehrmann Premium Content
NAVY8Sam Leinon Premium Content
STEEL Andrew Liebner Premium Content
STEEL Nathan Liepert Premium Content
MAROON4Griffin Lynch Premium Content
NAVY9Nick Makoski Premium Content
STEEL10Dan Malak Premium Content
ORANGE8Brendan Meissner Premium Content
NAVY10Trent Metzger Premium Content
WHITE11Connor Moroder Premium Content
ORANGE9Austin Myers Premium Content
NAVY11Alec Nelson Premium Content
BLACK9Joshua Nelson Premium Content
GOLD4Joseph Nettesheim Premium Content
MAROON16Sean O'Brien Premium Content
  Parker Parrish Premium Content
BLACK10Brad Parsons Premium Content
ORANGE10Jack Paulson Premium Content
WHITE12Kyle Petoskey Premium Content
GOLD12Danny Pichette Premium Content
GOLD5Nicholas Pierce Premium Content
ROYAL11Colten Poellinger Premium Content
GOLD6Jacob Pohlman Premium Content
MAROON5Ryan Pomeranz Premium Content
STEEL Henry Posnanski Premium Content
GOLD7Trevor Rahn Premium Content
BLACK11Logan Rehn Premium Content
MAROON9Jacob Rosenthal Premium Content
MAROON17Ryan Rouse Premium Content
MAROON6Mike Rufer Premium Content
ROYAL12Noah Sadler Premium Content
MAROON7Zachary Schmidt Premium Content
MAROON18Andrew Schneider Premium Content
BLACK12Aaron Schroeder Premium Content
ROYAL13Kyle Schulz Premium Content
STEEL13Alex Schwartz Premium Content
ORANGE14Joseph Seegers Premium Content
  Bennett Serchen Premium Content
MAROON8Jarred Shipman Premium Content
GOLD8Devin Simon Premium Content
GOLD20Jared Stewart Premium Content
STEEL Salvatore Tarantino Premium Content
WHITE14Chris Tredwell Premium Content
NAVY13Ryan Warzon Premium Content
NAVY14Trevor Wesline Premium Content
ORANGE11Max Wickman Premium Content
GOLD9Hunter Williams Premium Content
STEEL George Wilson Premium Content
ORANGE12Matthew Woelky Premium Content
ORANGE13Michael Woelky Premium Content
GOLD24Logan Wonn Premium Content
STEEL Levi Zacharyasz Premium Content
GOLD10John( Jack) Zoeller Premium Content
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