League Iowa Fall League
Sep 1 - Oct 7, 2012 Washington HS - Cedar Rapids, IA  

- Washington HS  
  2205 Forest Dr SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 Map   

- West Branch HS  
  900 West Main Street West Branch, IA 52358 Map   

- Brookside Park  
  1325 6th St Ames, IA 50010 Map   

- Patterson Field  
  1803 19th Ave South Fort Dodge, IA 50501 Map   

- Clear Creek Amana HS  
  551 W Marengo Rd. Tiffin, IA 52340 Map   

- Southwestern CC  
  1501 W. Townline St Creston, IA 50801 Map   

- Various Ballparks- Iowa  
  - -, IA 00000 Map   

- Walford  
  1st Avenue West Walford, IA 52351 Map   

- Woodland Park  
  N 19th Ave W & 1st St. N Newton, IA 50208 Map   

- Marion HS  
  675 S. 15th St Marion, IA 52302 Map   

- Jefferson HS  
  1301 15 Street SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Map   

- Kirkwood CC  
  6301 Kirkwood Blvd SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Map   

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Maroon1Tyson Abbott Premium Content
Navy1Tyler Africa Premium Content
Maroon15Brandt Ames Premium Content
Columbia Blue1Andrew Anderson Premium Content
Red1Ty Appleget Premium Content
Texas Orange1Nolan Arp Premium Content
Black15Cole Baker Premium Content
Gold1Coy Baker Premium Content
Black16Max Balzer Premium Content
Iowa Select Red Austin Banks Premium Content
Black1Jordan Baughman Premium Content
Maroon2Erik Beisker Premium Content
White1Ryan Belk Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Nick Belzer Premium Content
Black2Zevon Benoit Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Nick Biancalana Premium Content
Steel15Shane Bockenstedt Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Michael Bogert Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Colan Borchers Premium Content
Royal1Adam Bradley Premium Content
Royal2Brandon Bradley Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Cody Brandt Premium Content
Purple15Derek Brimmer Premium Content
White2Tyler Broders Premium Content
Red2Trey Bronner Premium Content
Purple1Peter Brooks Premium Content
Texas Orange2Zach Brown Premium Content
Purple16Noah Burdt Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Derek Burkamper Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Tyler Butz Premium Content
Maroon3Jarod Cadena Premium Content
Purple2Kyle Calvert Premium Content
Iowa Select Red Gage Carpenter Premium Content
Navy17Donovan Carty Premium Content
Kelly Green1Alex Charipar Premium Content
Kelly Green2Logan Charipar Premium Content
Iowa Select Red Chad Christensen Premium Content
Texas Orange3Anthony Clifton Premium Content
Kelly Green3Wyatt Colony Premium Content
Iowa Select Red Cole Crawford Premium Content
Gold2Camden Cressley Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Josh Crosby Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Kyle Crowl Premium Content
Texas Orange15Sam Danker Premium Content
Maroon4Corbin Day Premium Content
Black3Connor Dean Premium Content
Maroon18Spencer Dean Premium Content
Red17Madison Dehart Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Anthony Denkinger Premium Content
Navy18Marquis Dew Premium Content
Royal3John Dibel Premium Content
Columbia Blue2Drake Doud Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Declan Doyle Premium Content
Kelly Green4Javin Drake Premium Content
Purple17Grant Draper Premium Content
White15Elliott Duax Premium Content
Columbia Blue3Kyle Duncan Premium Content
Navy2Fischer Durbala Premium Content
Steel16CJ Eldred Premium Content
Steel17Luke Eldred Premium Content
Maroon6Zak Ellingson Premium Content
White16Brandon Engler Premium Content
Red3Connor Essary Premium Content
Columbia Blue4Logan Essy Premium Content
Columbia Blue15Broc Everett Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Luke Farley Premium Content
Columbia Blue16Zachary Ferguson Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Taylor Field Premium Content
Texas Orange16Austin Fink Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Jack Fitzgerald Premium Content
Gold3Matt Flummerfelt Premium Content
Maroon7Jarod Fogle Premium Content
Purple3Tyler Frasher Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Zachary Fricke Premium Content
Royal4Wesley Gaiser Premium Content
Black4Connor Gann Premium Content
Red4Taylor Gilson Premium Content
Iowa Select Red Jacob Gleason Premium Content
Gold4Alex Good Premium Content
Navy3Austin Goreham Premium Content
Navy19Bo Greenlee Premium Content
Iowa Select Red Kolby Greenslade Premium Content
Iowa Select Red Nathan Greve Premium Content
Maroon8Myles Gritsch Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Garret Grove Premium Content
Royal5Clay Gunzenhauser Premium Content
Steel1Tanner Hakert Premium Content
White3Aaron Halligan Premium Content
Gold5Spencer Halloran Premium Content
Gold15Zack Hamilton Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Brennan Hammer Premium Content
Texas Orange4Max Hammerberg Premium Content
Purple4Blake Hargens Premium Content
Purple5Michael Haring Premium Content
Iowa Select Red Devon Harms Premium Content
Purple6Christopher Harrington Premium Content
Texas Orange17Jacob Harriott Premium Content
Gold16Luke Hassman Premium Content
Navy20James Heine Premium Content
Kelly Green5Jon Henessee Premium Content
Purple18Trent Herman Premium Content
Columbia Blue17Ethan Herron Premium Content
Maroon9Joseph Hietpas Premium Content
Iowa Select Red Justin Hill Premium Content
Red5Ty Hoeksema Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Matt Hoffmann Premium Content
Steel2Logan Holtz Premium Content
Maroon10Garret Hotop Premium Content
Royal24Jackson Jacobs Premium Content
White4Eric Jagers Premium Content
Red18Colton Janssen Premium Content
Black17Ryan Jenn Premium Content
Royal15Nick Jennings Premium Content
White5Harrison Jestel Premium Content
Steel3Drew Johnson Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Matthew Johnson Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Brent Jones Premium Content
Purple7Dawson Jones Premium Content
Red19Gage Jurgensen Premium Content
Kelly Green6Caleb Kaufmann Premium Content
Steel10Payton Kauzlarich Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Mitch Keller Premium Content
Royal6Jacob Kelly Premium Content
Columbia Blue6Josiah Kisker Premium Content
Navy4Nick Kleitsch Premium Content
Kelly Green7Max Kober Premium Content
Purple8Matthew Kopernik Premium Content
Texas Orange5Ryan Kortemeyer Premium Content
Steel18Calvin Kragenbrink Premium Content
Texas Orange6Colton Krob Premium Content
Kelly Green8David Kuhn Premium Content
Steel4Lucas Larson Premium Content
Red6Taner Ledezma Premium Content
Maroon16Nathan Leisenring Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Ryan Lillard Premium Content
Red7Brandon Lincoln Premium Content
Kelly Green9Levi Lochner Premium Content
Purple9Rocky Lombardi Premium Content
Kelly Green15Greg Ludwig Premium Content
Columbia Blue18Cole Maharry Premium Content
Steel19Tony Maiers Premium Content
Black18Austin Marchant Premium Content
Navy5Trevor Martin Premium Content
Gold6Ben Mason Premium Content
Red8Patrick Maston Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Mason McCarville Premium Content
Navy6Chanse McChesney Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Keaton McKinney Premium Content
Red9Matt McMillan Premium Content
Maroon17Ben Milks Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Benjamin Miller Premium Content
Navy7Jentry Miller Premium Content
Royal7Ryan Miller Premium Content
Maroon11Alex Mixon Premium Content
Columbia Blue7Joseph Monosmith Premium Content
Navy8Camry Moore Premium Content
Columbia Blue8Zach Morrissey Premium Content
Purple10Matt Morrow Premium Content
White6"Chili" Moseley Premium Content
White7Wyatt Moseley Premium Content
Navy9Zach Moseley Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Mitchell Moser Premium Content
Steel5Nicholas Mougin Premium Content
Steel6Tyler Mougin Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Sam Mrstik Premium Content
Gold7Alex Muhlenburg Premium Content
Royal16Trey Muilenburg Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Brock Neuhaus Premium Content
Iowa Select Red Jordan Niehaus Premium Content
Royal8Thomas Niemeyer Premium Content
White24Russell Ogden III Premium Content
Royal9Brandt Ollinger Premium Content
Iowa Select Red Austin Orvis Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Zach Patterson Premium Content
Steel7Mitch Peters Premium Content
Iowa Select Red Austin Peterson Premium Content
Black5Tanner Peterson Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Adam Pick Premium Content
Black6Thomas Pierick Premium Content
Steel20Joey Polak Premium Content
Kelly Green16Tanner Poor Premium Content
Iowa Select Black AJ Puk Premium Content
  Andrew Quested Premium Content
Texas Orange18Jordan Ratz Premium Content
Royal17Caleb Reimer Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Jake Reinhardt Premium Content
Texas Orange7Hunter Robinson Premium Content
Texas Orange8Jake Robinson Premium Content
Purple11Tyler Roeder Premium Content
Gold8Trent Roose Premium Content
Navy10Lyle Rosson Premium Content
Black7Jordan Rozenboom Premium Content
Navy11Anthony Ruden Premium Content
Black8Colby Ruiter Premium Content
Iowa Select Red Cody Rutscher Premium Content
Maroon12Reilly Ryan Premium Content
Texas Orange9Brock Saunders Premium Content
Royal11Dane Schaffer Premium Content
Royal12Austin Schlabach Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Sam Schleisman Premium Content
Texas Orange10Ryan Schrantz Premium Content
Kelly Green17Thomas Schreiber Premium Content
Black9Levi Schreiner Premium Content
Texas Orange11Jake Schroeder Premium Content
Gold9Seth Schroeder Premium Content
Maroon13Aaron Schultz Premium Content
Black10Parker Schutt Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Nate Schweers Premium Content
Iowa Select Red Tommy Setterdahl Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Toran Shahidi Premium Content
Gold10Patrick Sheehey Premium Content
Kelly Green10Branden Shortt Premium Content
  Ryan Shull Premium Content
Royal13Jordan Sillman Premium Content
Gold11Nolan Sinning Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Kolton Smith Premium Content
Black11Sean Smith Premium Content
Iowa Select Black J.T. Sole Premium Content
Steel21Blake Stallman Premium Content
Red10Jared Staton Premium Content
Kelly Green11Caleb Stekl Premium Content
Kelly Green12Christian Stekl Premium Content
Iowa Select Red Mitch Stickney Premium Content
Purple12Alex Stockmaster Premium Content
Iowa Select Red Jack Strellner Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Austin Stroschein Premium Content
Red11Ben Styvaert Premium Content
Navy12Sage Sutter Premium Content
White18Jacob Tebrake Premium Content
Gold17Alexander Thousand Premium Content
Purple13Matt Troendle Premium Content
Red12Matt Turcotte Premium Content
Iowa Select Red Matthew Ulrich Premium Content
Steel8Spencer Van Scoyoc Premium Content
Kelly Green13Bobby Vanderlind Premium Content
Columbia Blue9Trey Vinzant Premium Content
Red13Brody Vogel Premium Content
Steel22Tyler Votroubek Premium Content
Columbia Blue10Toby Wall Premium Content
Navy13Trey Wall Premium Content
White8Cayton Wallace Premium Content
Kelly Green14Wesley Warwick Premium Content
White9Justin Waterman Premium Content
Texas Orange12Drake Wawro Premium Content
Red14Troy Weiman Premium Content
Navy21Connor Welch Premium Content
White10Drew Wescom Premium Content
Iowa Select Navy Jake Westphal Premium Content
Columbia Blue11Tyler Wiedner Premium Content
Gold12Corly Wilkerson Premium Content
Gold13Drew Woods Premium Content
Columbia Blue19Derek Wrage Premium Content
Maroon14Brant Wrede Premium Content
Black12Alex Wright Premium Content
Iowa Select Black Justin Wyant Premium Content
Royal14Ryan Wyant Premium Content
Maroon5Drew Yanecek Premium Content
Royal10Taylor Yoke Premium Content
Texas Orange13Luke Zupancic Premium Content
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