Showcase Southeast Underclass Showcase
Aug 25 - 26, 2012 East Cobb Complex - Marietta, GA  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
9-Purple1Jake Alba Premium Content
6-Kelly Green1Wahid Ali Premium Content
6-Kelly Green2Hunter Anderson Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue2Troy Andrew Premium Content
9-Purple20Tucker Baca Premium Content
1-Black15Avery Bass Premium Content
10-Red1Davis Baty Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue37Connor Bennett Premium Content
9-Purple2James Hunter Bland Premium Content
8-Navy1Garrett Blinkhorn Premium Content
1-Black1Eli Boggess Premium Content
1-Black2Nick Boswell Premium Content
3-Crimson1Luke Bumgardner Premium Content
10-Red2Greg Bundrage Premium Content
7-Maroon1Chandler Burgess Premium Content
3-Crimson2Zack Canada Premium Content
1-Black16Jordan Carroll Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue3Rhett Carroll Premium Content
3-Crimson3Christopher Cerniglia Premium Content
7-Maroon15Chase Chambers Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue4Jacob Clay Premium Content
9-Purple3Cory Coggins Premium Content
1-Black3Zack Coker Premium Content
6-Kelly Green3Trevor Craport Premium Content
1-Black4Reid Crawford Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue5Samuel Cruze Premium Content
4-Dark Green12Amilcar De Cesare Premium Content
4-Dark Green1Brett Decker Premium Content
  Bradley Dixon Premium Content
3-Crimson5Jordan Einstein Premium Content
1-Black5Emil Ellis Premium Content
4-Dark Green2James Ethredge Premium Content
3-Crimson6Jake Ferry Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue20Tyler Fiscella Premium Content
10-Red3Julian Fitts Premium Content
6-Kelly Green15Stephen Frederico Premium Content
3-Crimson7Aaron Fuller Premium Content
4-Dark Green3Bakari Gayle Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue21Ryan Girard Premium Content
1-Black11Austin Godfrey Premium Content
4-Dark Green4Sam Gohacki Premium Content
4-Dark Green5Andrew Gottfried Premium Content
6-Kelly Green5Benjamin Hall Premium Content
6-Kelly Green6Zachary Hall Premium Content
3-Crimson21Blake Hamilton Premium Content
5-Gold2John Hennen Premium Content
1-Black17Alex Hess Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue22Jake Hollis Premium Content
4-Dark Green16Will Hudgins Premium Content
5-Gold3Josh Huggins Premium Content
4-Dark Green19Jonathan Hughes Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue7Dalton James Premium Content
10-Red4Michael James Premium Content
5-Gold22Thomas Johns Premium Content
3-Crimson8Luke Johnson Premium Content
4-Dark Green17Ryan Johnson Premium Content
6-Kelly Green7Peyton Jones Premium Content
5-Gold4Todd Jones Premium Content
5-Gold5Noah Karst Premium Content
9-Purple4Duke Kinamon Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue8Geoffrey King Premium Content
4-Dark Green6Carter Landreth Premium Content
10-Red5Walker Lawrence Premium Content
7-Maroon3Rollin Layton Premium Content
6-Kelly Green8Harrison Lee Premium Content
7-Maroon4JG Lipscomb Premium Content
8-Navy3Ben Lowe Premium Content
3-Crimson9Jalen Luter Premium Content
1-Black7Mark Maguire Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue9Christian Maldonado Diaz Premium Content
10-Red6Adam Martin Premium Content
7-Maroon5Ross Martin Premium Content
1-Black8Juan Martinez Premium Content
9-Purple5Evan Mask Premium Content
9-Purple6Taylor Maxey Premium Content
8-Navy4Wyatt Maxwell Premium Content
5-Gold6Terrell McCall II Premium Content
8-Navy5Parker McCoy Premium Content
10-Red16Josh McCullar Premium Content
8-Navy6James McGhee Premium Content
7-Maroon6Matthew McGuire Premium Content
7-Maroon7Drew McPherson Premium Content
7-Maroon8John Melson Premium Content
1-Black19AJ Moore Premium Content
7-Maroon9Brian Morgan Premium Content
10-Red7Braxton Morris Premium Content
9-Purple7Travis Moths Premium Content
3-Crimson10Cade Mullins Premium Content
4-Dark Green18Brandon NeSmith-Hicks Premium Content
6-Kelly Green11Adam Nun Premium Content
7-Maroon10Tucker Pate Premium Content
7-Maroon11Tyler Payne Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue23Austin Perez Premium Content
5-Gold24McKay Petitta Premium Content
4-Dark Green7Nick Pinelli Premium Content
9-Purple8David Posas Premium Content
5-Gold7Nathan Purcell Premium Content
5-Gold8Adam Reed Premium Content
6-Kelly Green12Zach Reid Premium Content
10-Red15Troy Riggs Premium Content
8-Navy8TJ Riles Premium Content
4-Dark Green8Andres Rios Premium Content
5-Gold20Mitchell Robbins Premium Content
10-Red8Brandon Robinson Premium Content
9-Purple18Cannon Rodgers Premium Content
9-Purple9Isaac Rodgers Premium Content
5-Gold9Johnny Rodgers Premium Content
8-Navy15Aaron Rzucidlo Premium Content
10-Red9Alejandro Salazar Premium Content
5-Gold12Michael Sandle Premium Content
7-Maroon16Alex Schulz Premium Content
5-Gold13Adam Sellers Premium Content
4-Dark Green9Alex Shipman Premium Content
10-Red10John Micheal Shirley Premium Content
6-Kelly Green13Harrison Siegal Premium Content
9-Purple19Brady Smith Premium Content
8-Navy17Ryan Stamler Premium Content
5-Gold28Evan Steele Premium Content
5-Gold14Ryan Stewart Premium Content
10-Red11Michael Strait Premium Content
8-Navy9Thomas Strange Premium Content
5-Gold23John Stratton Premium Content
9-Purple10Will Sutton Premium Content
7-Maroon33Michael Swint Premium Content
8-Navy10Hunter Sykes Premium Content
5-Gold25CJ Tatum Premium Content
8-Navy11Christopher Taylor Premium Content
8-Navy12Jordan "JoJo" Taylor Premium Content
9-Purple11Tyler Thompson Premium Content
9-Purple12Gabe Tiller Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue12Tate Upton Premium Content
6-Kelly Green17Davis Vainer Premium Content
3-Crimson11Hector Vazquez Premium Content
4-Dark Green10Ryan Vega Caballero Premium Content
1-Black18Kyle Warman Premium Content
4-Dark Green11Earnest Watson, Jr. Premium Content
10-Red12Brad Weaver Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue14Alex Webb Premium Content
3-Crimson12Preston White Premium Content
3-Crimson20Will White Premium Content
5-Gold29Caleb Whitenton Premium Content
10-Red14Mack Wilkins Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue36Kevin Williams Premium Content
1-Black9Sid Williams Premium Content
1-Black10Connor Wilson Premium Content
6-Kelly Green16Patrick Wiseman Premium Content
3-Crimson13Peter Zyla Premium Content
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