Showcase South Underclass Showcase
Aug 11 - 12, 2012 The Ballfields at Craig Ranch - McKinney, TX  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
18-Crimson1Dalton Atnip Premium Content
18-Crimson2Colton Austin Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold1Cross Austin Premium Content
18-Crimson3Dillon Barrington Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold3Preston Betz Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold2TJ Black Premium Content
15-Texas Orange1Chandler Blake Premium Content
18-Crimson4Max Bodker Premium Content
17-White30Edouard Bosseloo Premium Content
18-Crimson5Will Bradshaw Premium Content
15-Texas Orange2Connor Brady Premium Content
13-Steel1Kyle Brann Premium Content
14-Teal1Austin Brushaber Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold15Brian Canida Premium Content
15-Texas Orange3Marcelle Carter Premium Content
13-Steel2Colter Castleman Premium Content
14-Teal3Matthew Cerfolio Premium Content
14-Teal4Zack Chastain Premium Content
13-Steel3Yuuki Chilcutt Premium Content
18-Crimson17Elijah Christenson Premium Content
13-Steel4Dezmond Chumley Premium Content
13-Steel5Austin Clifton Premium Content
12-Royal1Cole Coker Premium Content
14-Teal2Daniel Colasanto Premium Content
9-Kelly Green1Carter Constien Premium Content
18-Crimson6Brett Cook Premium Content
17-White31Harrison Cornforth Premium Content
11-Red14Carson Cox Premium Content
12-Royal2Trey Cox Premium Content
9-Kelly Green2Cade Cruce Premium Content
11-Red1Cole Daniels Premium Content
10-Purple1Josh Davis Premium Content
15-Texas Orange4Francisco DeJesus Premium Content
9-Kelly Green3Andrew Diaz Premium Content
18-Crimson14Dominick DiBella Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold5Joseph Dimaline Premium Content
9-Kelly Green4Brennan Dooly Premium Content
14-Teal5Dillon Drabble Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold6Ryan Dubbels Premium Content
12-Royal3Grant Eastman Premium Content
17-White32Tyler Eberlan Premium Content
17-White33Bailey Ehlinger Premium Content
13-Steel6Samuel Etter Premium Content
15-Texas Orange5Seth Even Premium Content
15-Texas Orange6Jeremy Fernando Premium Content
18-Crimson7Wayne Figg Premium Content
18-Crimson18Tyler Fiscella Premium Content
18-Crimson8Andrew Flanagan Premium Content
17-White34Andrew Fletcher Premium Content
9-Kelly Green5Davis Fletcher Premium Content
15-Texas Orange7Blake Foster Premium Content
15-Texas Orange8Brett Gannaway Premium Content
14-Teal6Hill Garbo Premium Content
15-Texas Orange9Troy Garcia Premium Content
13-Steel24Tag Gatlin Premium Content
17-White45Benjamin Gautschy Premium Content
12-Royal4Austin Gehle Premium Content
13-Steel7Nicholas Gibson Premium Content
18-Crimson9Logan Gipson Premium Content
14-Teal7Patrick Granados Premium Content
13-Steel8Owen Grant Premium Content
14-Teal15Palance "PJ" Harris II Premium Content
17-White36Benjamin Hawkins Premium Content
11-Red2Chase Hawthorne Premium Content
9-Kelly Green6Joseph Heineman Premium Content
12-Royal5Joshua Heller Premium Content
11-Red3Michael Higgins Premium Content
10-Purple2Kyle Hill Premium Content
11-Red4Ryan Hoecker Premium Content
10-Purple3Jack Hrncir Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold7Jared Irvine Premium Content
10-Purple4Stephen Cole Jackson Premium Content
9-Kelly Green7Jared Janczak Premium Content
17-White37Trey Jeans Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold8Daniel Jones Premium Content
15-Texas Orange10Brock Keener Premium Content
10-Purple5Jared Kerr Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold9Reid Kjerstad Premium Content
15-Texas Orange11Jordan Knight Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold10Justin Koger Premium Content
9-Kelly Green8Sam Kraybill Premium Content
10-Purple6Mason Kukowski Premium Content
11-Red15Troy Lamarque Premium Content
12-Royal6Brandon Lewis Premium Content
13-Steel9Jacob Limas Premium Content
11-Red6Carter Linck Premium Content
14-Teal16Jon Littell Premium Content
12-Royal7Andrew Lord Premium Content
12-Royal8Austin Lord Premium Content
15-Texas Orange17Ryan Cole McKay Premium Content
10-Purple7John McPherson Premium Content
18-Crimson10Brennan Messina Premium Content
12-Royal9Michael Minifee Premium Content
11-Red7Paul Montealvo Premium Content
18-Crimson13Jake Moore Premium Content
9-Kelly Green15Nicholas Moore Premium Content
11-Red16Sterling Motley Premium Content
17-White44BJ Myers Premium Content
13-Steel10Caylon Nichols Premium Content
9-Kelly Green9Robert Noren Premium Content
17-White38Grant Ozarchuk Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold11Jacob Palmer Premium Content
18-Crimson19Jacob Parrott Premium Content
12-Royal15Erik Patterson Premium Content
13-Steel11Stephen Pena Premium Content
12-Royal10Parker Pennington Premium Content
9-Kelly Green10Tres Perez Premium Content
11-Red8Brady Pessel Premium Content
15-Texas Orange18Dakota Phillips Premium Content
9-Kelly Green11Brian Prescott Premium Content
10-Purple8Ford Proctor Premium Content
11-Red9Mario Ramirez III Premium Content
14-Teal9Connor Reich Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold12Jason Reitmeier Premium Content
17-White39Christian Reyes Premium Content
10-Purple9Luke Reynolds Premium Content
11-Red10Robert "Taylor" Reynolds Premium Content
10-Purple10Tristin Rizek Premium Content
13-Steel12Rolando Rocha Premium Content
17-White40Gunnar Rogers Premium Content
9-Kelly Green12James Rudkin Premium Content
17-White41Victor Saca Premium Content
12-Royal11Jacob Salim Premium Content
14-Teal10Jordan Salim Premium Content
10-Purple11Joshua Salim Premium Content
13-Steel13Tanner Scarborough Premium Content
11-Red17Chris Scherff Premium Content
15-Texas Orange43Chance Schlenk Premium Content
15-Texas Orange12Ross Scott Premium Content
13-Steel15Kevin (Alex) Shelton Premium Content
13-Steel14Darien Simms Premium Content
10-Purple12Marshall Skinner Premium Content
12-Royal16Jarrett Smith Premium Content
14-Teal12Zachary Smith Premium Content
14-Teal13Daniel Sobarzo Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold16Michael Stephens Premium Content
15-Texas Orange31Xaiver Sundman Premium Content
9-Kelly Green13S. Connor Sweeney Premium Content
17-White42Jacob Taylor Premium Content
12-Royal12Sheyan Thompson Premium Content
18-Crimson11Nate VanDyke Premium Content
12-Royal13Brad Vassar Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold14Jerod Vick Premium Content
17-White43James (Jay) Walters Premium Content
11-Red12Dalton Warner Premium Content
18-Crimson20Morry Watson Premium Content
10-Purple13Riley Wayland Premium Content
12-Royal14Sam Wheatley Premium Content
10-Purple15Eric White Premium Content
10-Purple16Matthew Williams Premium Content
17-White35RJ Williams Premium Content
18-Crimson12Sean Williams Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold13Hunter Wilson Premium Content
9-Kelly Green14Garrett Wolforth Premium Content
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