Sunshine South Showcase
Jun 2 - 3, 2012 Baseball USA - Houston, TX  

- Baseball USA  
  2626 W. Sam Houston Parkway North Houston, TX 77043 Map   

- St. Pius High School  
  811 W Donovan St Houston, TX 77018 Map   

The Sunshine South Showcase is now using Baseball USA and St. Pius HS for the event.
San Jacinto College will not be used.
Directions from Baseball USA to St. Pius High School

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Black15Chase Adams Premium Content
Teal12Shane Adams Premium Content
Teal2Richard Alamo Premium Content
Purple1Blake Allison Premium Content
Black1Michael Bailey Premium Content
Gold19Erin Baldwin Premium Content
Columbia Blue4Seth Ballew Premium Content
Kelly Green1Justin Barker Premium Content
Gold18Anthony Beam Premium Content
Purple2Patrick "Taylor" Beene Premium Content
Teal11Edouard Bosseloo Premium Content
Steel10James Bowker Premium Content
Crimson1Anthony Bowmaker Premium Content
Black2Alec Bradshaw Premium Content
TX Orange1Decker Branch Premium Content
Gold1Hunter Brannan Premium Content
White15Khevin Brewer Premium Content
Columbia Blue19Blaise Brown Premium Content
Columbia Blue9Derek Brown Premium Content
Navy1Andrew Bryan Premium Content
Gold17Tim Burr Premium Content
Teal8Tristan Burt Premium Content
Red1Bryan Byrd Premium Content
Steel2Carter Cammack Premium Content
TX Orange2Nicholas Campos Premium Content
Teal3Ryan Capel Premium Content
Royal2James Carr Premium Content
Black3Nathanial Carter Premium Content
White16Cody Carver Premium Content
Steel14Jorge Castano Premium Content
TX Orange17Desi Castillo Premium Content
Crimson2Esteban Chapa Premium Content
Red2Marlan Chatman Premium Content
Crimson3Patrick Christie Premium Content
Purple3James Clay Premium Content
TX Orange3Tamaz Conerly Premium Content
Red3Cristian Cooper Premium Content
Crimson4Thorn Cowley Premium Content
Royal3Antonio Cox Premium Content
Gold2Austin Cross Premium Content
Crimson5Jake Dame Premium Content
Dark Green1Jamie Downs Premium Content
Crimson15Andrew Dunlap Premium Content
Red4Carlos Elizondo Premium Content
Kelly Green2Zachary Ervin Premium Content
Steel17Austin Eschenburg Premium Content
Gold3John Fallon Premium Content
Columbia Blue8Andreus Faltesek Premium Content
Dark Green18Christopher Farish Premium Content
Steel3Darian Fleming Premium Content
Kelly Green3Jacob Foitek Premium Content
Columbia Blue14Cameron Fontenot Premium Content
Navy17Kane Fontenot Premium Content
Royal4Justin Fragale Premium Content
TX Orange4Blake Frampton Premium Content
Purple4Brady Frederick Premium Content
Purple5Gavin Fritz Premium Content
Kelly Green4Bradley Glasscock Premium Content
Black24Chris Glover Premium Content
Royal15William "Scott" Goins Premium Content
Teal5Adrian Gonzalez Premium Content
Navy2Ramon Gonzalez Premium Content
Black4Lane Graver Premium Content
Purple6Matthew Grayshon Premium Content
White2Garrett Greenwood Premium Content
Purple15Gavin Grissom Premium Content
Kelly Green16Jonathan Groff Premium Content
Columbia Blue17Hayden Guidry Premium Content
White18Mark Hammel Premium Content
Dark Green2Carter Hankins Premium Content
Steel4Charley Harber Premium Content
Royal16Jared Hardage Premium Content
Dark Green3Mitchell Harris Premium Content
Purple7Colin Harrison Premium Content
TX Orange5Nick Hartman Premium Content
White17Jordan Henderson-Lewis Premium Content
White3Torin Hickman Premium Content
White11Trevor Hickman Premium Content
Navy3Drew Higginbotham Premium Content
Columbia Blue15Ridge Hill Premium Content
Royal5Greg Hoffman Premium Content
Dark Green16J.R. Holloway Premium Content
Gold14Kolby Hopson Premium Content
Navy4Tyler Horn Premium Content
TX Orange6Eric Horton Premium Content
Navy5Garth Howard Premium Content
Dark Green4Logan Howell Premium Content
TX Orange7Ryan Huber Premium Content
Red5Michael Hungate Premium Content
TX Orange8Nathan Imig Premium Content
Teal13Alex Irion Premium Content
TX Orange9Tyler Irvine Premium Content
White4Brennen Isbell Premium Content
Steel5Cameron Jackson Premium Content
Gold16Jenner Jackson Premium Content
Gold4Jordan Jackson Premium Content
Navy6Nathan Jackson Premium Content
Royal6Reagan Jacobs Premium Content
Royal7Eric Johnson Premium Content
Black16Tyler Jones Premium Content
Steel16Jared Jordan Premium Content
Red15Clay Joseck Premium Content
Black5Troy Kacir Premium Content
Royal8Christopher Karstens Premium Content
Dark Green6Daniel Keene Premium Content
Purple23Andrew Kelley Premium Content
Crimson16Michael Ketchmark Premium Content
Steel18Gregory King Premium Content
Red16Jacob Kiser Premium Content
Columbia Blue3Zach LaFleur Premium Content
Black6Spencer Landry Premium Content
White5Lance LeDoux Premium Content
Crimson6Andrew Leilich Premium Content
Purple8Ryan Liggett Premium Content
Columbia Blue11Andrew Lightfoot Premium Content
Kelly Green6Brayson Longman Premium Content
White6Manny Loredo Premium Content
Purple9Jordan Lucks Premium Content
White7Charlie Lugo Premium Content
Navy7Joseph Lyall Premium Content
TX Orange10Brendan MacGregor Premium Content
Red6Ryan Manz Premium Content
TX Orange11Richard Marches Jr Premium Content
Gold15Wyatt Marks Premium Content
White8Andrew Aaron Martinez Premium Content
White9Sean Mathews Premium Content
Navy8Chase McClarty Premium Content
Navy16Steven McDuffey Premium Content
Navy9Colby McGee Premium Content
Red7Dylan McGee Premium Content
Royal9John Melody Premium Content
Dark Green7Kennon Menard Premium Content
Steel6Pasqual Mendoza Premium Content
Steel13Cameron Miller Premium Content
Dark Green8Jack Miller Premium Content
Teal1Cameron Mineo Premium Content
Steel12Madison Morales Premium Content
Dark Green9Blake Moss Premium Content
Royal10Austin Mourad Premium Content
Columbia Blue2Gregory Mula Jr Premium Content
TX Orange12Nick Nardone Premium Content
Kelly Green7Sterling Neal Premium Content
Columbia Blue10Matthew Nerz Premium Content
Columbia Blue1Anthony Obeid Premium Content
Kelly Green8Eddie Orpeza Premium Content
TX Orange13Blake Owen Premium Content
Royal11Grayson Padgett Premium Content
Red8Grant Page Premium Content
Crimson7Tyler Payne Premium Content
Crimson8Will Peters Premium Content
Gold5Eric Peterson Premium Content
Kelly Green13Roberto Petitto Premium Content
White10Quinn Petty Premium Content
Dark Green10Josh Podlin Premium Content
Kelly Green9Colton Poindexter Premium Content
Purple10Jay Poullard Premium Content
Red18Aaron Prado Premium Content
Red17Will Preston Premium Content
Dark Green11Colby Price Premium Content
Dark Green15Chris Ramirez Premium Content
Red10Chad Ramsey Premium Content
Columbia Blue12Johnny Rangel Premium Content
Kelly Green17Logan Ray Premium Content
Gold6Taylor Rich Premium Content
Teal16Cody Richey Premium Content
Purple11Reed Robinson Premium Content
Purple22Ryan Rogers Premium Content
Navy13Isaiah Rojas Premium Content
Gold7Santiago Rojas Premium Content
Navy11Will Rose Premium Content
Crimson9Brandt Roush Premium Content
Crimson10Matthew Russell Premium Content
Black7Cooper Sanders Premium Content
Purple21Kelby Schimming Premium Content
Gold20Lee (Clay) Schroeder Premium Content
Royal12Darrion Scott Premium Content
Columbia Blue7TJ Scott Premium Content
White24Collin Scribner Premium Content
Columbia Blue6Blayne Sebek Premium Content
Steel7Shane Selman Premium Content
Black17Brandon Selph Premium Content
Black8Kieran Severa Premium Content
Teal22Furquan Shorts Premium Content
Kelly Green10Devin Skapura Premium Content
Teal15Bret Smith Premium Content
Teal7Darryl Smith Premium Content
Steel8Riley Smith Premium Content
Kelly Green11Taylor Sorensen Premium Content
Black9Kenneth Sparks Premium Content
Crimson11Mason Spracklen Premium Content
Gold9Corey Spray Premium Content
Red11Sean Stacy Premium Content
Navy12Nathaniel Stein Premium Content
White12Hunter Stevens Premium Content
Kelly Green12Jeremy Stevenson Premium Content
Black18Dakota Stewart Premium Content
Columbia Blue5John Strutton Premium Content
Navy14Devan Stubblefield Premium Content
Dark Green17John Henry Styles Premium Content
Columbia Blue13Austin Sulik Premium Content
Red12Ashton Sullivan Premium Content
Royal13Alec Swofford Premium Content
TX Orange14Weston Talley Premium Content
Red13Jonathan Tauzin Premium Content
Teal6Jarred Taylor Premium Content
Gold10Derek Thomas Premium Content
Steel11Tyrone Thomas Premium Content
Purple12David "Logan" Thrailkill Premium Content
Steel9Tony Tordiglione Premium Content
Gold11Payne Townley Premium Content
Black10Skyler Valentine Premium Content
Teal10Harry Wadley Premium Content
Royal14Blake Walden Premium Content
Navy15Scott Walters Premium Content
Crimson12Robert Wehman Premium Content
Gold12Trevor Westmoreland Premium Content
Purple13Sam Wheatley Premium Content
Kelly Green14Jordan White Premium Content
Black11Colby Williams Premium Content
Royal17Daniel Williams Premium Content
Crimson13Mason Winters Premium Content
Steel15Ryan Zarella Premium Content
Black12Rolando Zepeda Premium Content
TX Orange15Cody Ziegler Premium Content
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