Showcase Sunshine East Showcase
Jun 2 - 3, 2012 5-Plex - Player Development Complex - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
14-Teal1Emilio Abreu Premium Content
14-Teal2Payne Adams Premium Content
14-Teal14Nicholas Adorno Premium Content
7-Maroon10Steven Alvarez Premium Content
11-Red1DiAndre Amion Premium Content
1-Black13Garrett Anderson Premium Content
6-Kelly Green1Raphael Andrades Premium Content
10-Purple15Brion Ashley Premium Content
9-Orange1Samuel Atwell Premium Content
14-Teal3Tanner Barnhard Premium Content
15-Texas Orange1Tyler Bender Premium Content
11-Red2Jarod Bowling Premium Content
15-Texas Orange21David Boyle Premium Content
15-Texas Orange2Chase Brewis Premium Content
14-Teal5Cody Brickhouse Premium Content
11-Red3Marcus Brisson Premium Content
15-Texas Orange3Zack Britt Premium Content
15-Texas Orange4Christopher Brown Premium Content
9-Orange2Malik Brown Premium Content
6-Kelly Green2Cristian Burgos Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold1Franco Camacho Premium Content
8-Navy1Evan Cannan Premium Content
10-Purple12James Cardona Premium Content
15-Texas Orange5Elton Carrion Premium Content
8-Navy17Raymond Catena Premium Content
12-Royal14Garrett Cave Premium Content
9-Orange3Luis Ciuro Premium Content
10-Purple11Blake Coleman Premium Content
13-Steel1Matt Coleman Premium Content
15-Texas Orange20Louis Companioni Premium Content
10-Purple10Sean Coonan Premium Content
7-Maroon9Tyler Corbin Premium Content
9-Orange4Daniel Costello Premium Content
13-Steel16Nathan Cracraft Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold2Tylor Craft Premium Content
8-Navy4Cory Crow Premium Content
7-Maroon1Jordyn Cruz Premium Content
8-Navy5Jason Cryar Premium Content
13-Steel2Kyle Cunningham Premium Content
9-Orange5Michael Cusenza Premium Content
12-Royal1Kalam (KK) Daniel Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold3Brandon Davis Premium Content
7-Maroon17Cameron Davis Premium Content
7-Maroon16Chase Day Premium Content
6-Kelly Green19Derian De los Santos Premium Content
6-Kelly Green3Mark DeCicco Premium Content
14-Teal6Derek Deler Premium Content
15-Texas Orange6Luis O Diaz Premium Content
7-Maroon2David Do Campo Premium Content
6-Kelly Green4Alex Dorso Premium Content
15-Texas Orange43Evan Dougherty Premium Content
8-Navy6Ted Epps Premium Content
11-Red16Antonio Estenoz Premium Content
11-Red4Jay Feathers Premium Content
10-Purple9Jay Feliciano Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold4Joseph Felix Premium Content
6-Kelly Green13Luis Ferrer Premium Content
11-Red5Joey Figueroa Premium Content
8-Navy7Jesse Ford Premium Content
15-Texas Orange7Tyler Fuhr Premium Content
7-Maroon3Mitchell Gallagher Premium Content
7-Maroon4Nicholas Gallo Premium Content
9-Orange6Gabriel Garcia Premium Content
12-Royal21Brandon Gomez Premium Content
6-Kelly Green5Ranfi Gomez Premium Content
10-Purple13Sebastian Gomez Premium Content
12-Royal2Andrew Gottfried Premium Content
14-Teal17Jordan Gubelman Premium Content
10-Purple8Fernando Guerrero Premium Content
9-Orange15Scott Handler Premium Content
12-Royal3Wyatt Hawes Premium Content
13-Steel3Kairon Henry Premium Content
7-Maroon5Kyle Hintz Premium Content
12-Royal20Trey Holditch Premium Content
15-Texas Orange8Syd Hopkins Premium Content
13-Steel15Adam Jelovic Premium Content
13-Steel4Yahriel Jimenez Premium Content
10-Purple7Trent Johnson Premium Content
7-Maroon6Zac Johnson Premium Content
15-Texas Orange19Greg Jones Premium Content
13-Steel5Frank Joyner Premium Content
9-Orange16Justin Juarbe Premium Content
7-Maroon15Adam Kelly Premium Content
11-Red6Austin Kimbler Premium Content
6-Kelly Green6Derek (DJ) King Premium Content
6-Kelly Green18Brent Kyzar Premium Content
8-Navy8Richard Lacell Premium Content
7-Maroon8Robert Langdon Premium Content
8-Navy15Justin Lawrence Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold15Nicholas Lawrence Premium Content
8-Navy9Tyler Lawrence Premium Content
8-Navy10Michael Lo Bello Premium Content
12-Royal4Cody Lowe Premium Content
12-Royal5Josue Marcano Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold6Anthony Martel Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold7Onix Arnaldo Martinez Premium Content
15-Texas Orange16Ryan Maya Premium Content
10-Purple14Ryan McCullers Premium Content
13-Steel6Daniel McEvoy Premium Content
6-Kelly Green17David McKay Premium Content
9-Orange8KJ Mendelsohn Premium Content
6-Kelly Green16Dustin Miller Premium Content
12-Royal6Andrew Mink Premium Content
11-Red7Chris Minor Premium Content
11-Red8Nicholas Mira Premium Content
6-Kelly Green7Colton Misko Premium Content
10-Purple6Nelson Molina Premium Content
6-Kelly Green8Cody Moore Premium Content
6-Kelly Green9Hector Morales Premium Content
8-Navy11Cory Moran Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold8Anthony Munoz Premium Content
12-Royal7Anthony Navarro Premium Content
11-Red9Reid Neal Premium Content
11-Red10Ryan Nicoll Premium Content
10-Purple5Stephen Nobles Premium Content
15-Texas Orange9Jose Nunez Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold9Bernardo Ocasio Premium Content
11-Red11Carlos Ocasio Premium Content
10-Purple4Avery Owens Premium Content
11-Red12John Pacheco Premium Content
12-Royal41Matt Paciello Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold11Christian Padilla Premium Content
9-Orange9Kolten Palmer Premium Content
12-Royal8Luke Parker Premium Content
13-Steel7Fenway Parks Premium Content
12-Royal19Jordan Parnell Premium Content
14-Teal16Austin Pate Premium Content
6-Kelly Green10Luis Payano Premium Content
10-Purple16Clayton Payne Premium Content
9-Orange11Manuel Pazos Premium Content
11-Red13Billy Pearson Premium Content
10-Purple3Juan Perez Premium Content
14-Teal8Steven Perez Premium Content
13-Steel8Oscar J Perez Guadalupe Premium Content
14-Teal9Austin Puller Premium Content
15-Texas Orange15Bradley Ramon Premium Content
13-Steel9Alffredi Ramos Premium Content
7-Maroon11Marcus Ramos Premium Content
12-Royal9Tyler Renner Premium Content
13-Steel10Matthew Reynolds Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold10Jack Rhodes Premium Content
8-Navy12Carlos Rivera Premium Content
15-Texas Orange10Nicholas Rivero Premium Content
12-Royal18Elier Rodriguez Premium Content
6-Kelly Green11Frankie Rodriguez Premium Content
14-Teal15Yuliano Rodriguez Premium Content
13-Steel11Erven Roper Premium Content
6-Kelly Green15Angel Ruiz Premium Content
7-Maroon12Anthony Russell Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold19Ronnie Savidge Premium Content
6-Kelly Green12Garrett Schrantz Premium Content
8-Navy16Alex Schulz Premium Content
14-Teal10Kevin Scranton Premium Content
13-Steel12Jake Senich Premium Content
9-Orange12Will Shanahan Premium Content
11-Red15Sam Shields Premium Content
13-Steel13Madison Skillings Premium Content
6-Kelly Green14Steven Sodrel Premium Content
13-Steel17Angel Soto Premium Content
15-Texas Orange14Gerson Sotolongo  Premium Content
11-Red14Michael Soza Premium Content
8-Navy13Bruce Steel Premium Content
12-Royal13Maison Taylor Premium Content
12-Royal11Colin Tindall Premium Content
10-Purple2Mitchell Turner Premium Content
13-Steel14Brady Van Hook Premium Content
12-Royal12Jorge Velez Premium Content
8-Navy14Chad Wagner Premium Content
14-Teal11Thomas Anthony "AJ" Walden, Jr Premium Content
8-Navy2Joshua Walker Premium Content
9-Orange13Justin Walker Premium Content
9-Orange14Anthony Watson Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold13Chase Watt Premium Content
16-Vegas Gold14Dalton Williams Premium Content
14-Teal12Bailey Wilson Premium Content
10-Purple1Cooper Wright Premium Content
14-Teal13Michael Zimmerman Premium Content
15-Texas Orange22Bradley Zunica Premium Content
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