Pitcher/Catcher Indoor Showcase
Feb 11 - 12, 2012 Perfect Game Indoor Facility - Cedar Rapids, IA  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Gold16Brady Arenson Premium Content
Green47Nick Bertram Premium Content
Gold13Corey Binger Premium Content
Gold17Mitchell Brown Premium Content
Green38Derek Burkamper Premium Content
Red3Eduardo De La Riva Premium Content
Gold18Troy Dykhuis Premium Content
Gold30Ryan Erickson Premium Content
Gold19Matt Fultz Premium Content
Gold31Kyle Garcia Premium Content
Gold32Brett Garwood Premium Content
Gold34Colby Green Premium Content
Gold35Lucas Grefsheim Premium Content
Green39Nathan Greve Premium Content
Green40Austin Groth Premium Content
Gold20Michael Hadden Premium Content
Gold36Matt Hall Premium Content
Green76Joseph Hallock Premium Content
Green41Luke Hammerberg Premium Content
Gold21Jonathan Harris Premium Content
Gold22Luc Henke Premium Content
Green37Brandon Hensel Premium Content
Gold23Jake Henson Premium Content
Green23Dan Herrmann Premium Content
Green42Joseph Hietpas Premium Content
Gold37Shane Hummel Premium Content
Green45Adam Jelovic Premium Content
Green33Addison Johnson Premium Content
Gold33Matt Jones Premium Content
Red0Mitch Keller Premium Content
Gold38Jeremy Knight Premium Content
Green11Max Kober Premium Content
Gold42Anthony Landi Premium Content
Red6Ethan Landon Premium Content
Green21Alex Lange Premium Content
Red8Colton Lee Premium Content
Green19Tyler Leonard Premium Content
Green75Eamonn Manion Premium Content
Red24C.J. (Christian) Martin Premium Content
Green22Calvin Mathews Premium Content
Green43Jake Matthys Premium Content
Green83Mack Mattke Premium Content
Gold43Pete McCoy Premium Content
Green44Blake McFadden Premium Content
Green34Cody Migliore Premium Content
Green18Benjamin Miller Premium Content
Green35Cody Miller Premium Content
Green74JD O'Donnell Premium Content
Gold44Joseph Perez Premium Content
Green25Robert Plohr Premium Content
Green49Joey Polak Premium Content
Green1John Pryor Premium Content
Green50AJ Puk Premium Content
Green31Kasey Ralston Premium Content
Green30Alec Rash Premium Content
Gold39Kevin Rex Premium Content
Gold40Anthony Ruden Premium Content
Gold41Michael Ryner Premium Content
Gold80Chad Spanberger Premium Content
Gold45William Stechschulte Premium Content
Green51Austin Stroschein Premium Content
Gold46Nick Stroud Premium Content
Green10Matthew Sturchio Premium Content
Green52Ryan Thomas Premium Content
Gold79Jacob Turner Premium Content
Gold78Dylan Valentyn Premium Content
Green5Lawson Vassar Premium Content
Red10Jonathan Vlk Premium Content
Green6Heinrich Walder Premium Content
Green36Justin Waterman Premium Content
Gold53Ricky West Premium Content
Red13Devin Williams Premium Content
Red14Hayden Willner Premium Content
Red42Bryce Wright Premium Content
Green32Justin Wyant Premium Content
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