Showcase Mid Atlantic Showcase
Aug 25 - 26, 2012 Mercer County Park - West Windsor, NJ  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Navy14Michael Abate Premium Content
White1Brandon Abdul Premium Content
Royal1Faiez Ahmed Premium Content
Royal23Brandon Alberto Premium Content
White49Michael Alescio Premium Content
Red1Robert Andreoli Premium Content
Royal8Ara Aprahamian Premium Content
Royal2Nazar Aprahamian Premium Content
White2Luke Aprile Premium Content
Royal3Johnny Arancio Premium Content
Navy12Thomas Asbaty Premium Content
Texas Orange14Andrew Ashur Premium Content
Royal4Kyle Baker Premium Content
Royal5Jason Beneducci Premium Content
Royal6Joe Beneducci Premium Content
Gold14Vincent Bongiorno Premium Content
Red15Nicholas Brigandi Premium Content
Red16Patric Bronson Premium Content
Royal7Bailey Brown Premium Content
Vegas Gold3Joe Buoni Premium Content
Gold13Patrick Campo Premium Content
Vegas Gold5Vincent Careghini Premium Content
White13Kyle Cassidy Premium Content
Gold15Tanner Cebula Premium Content
Navy11Joe Cenci Premium Content
Royal22Matthew Coffey Premium Content
Crimson23Christopher Constantino Premium Content
White8Josh Cote Premium Content
Navy3Zachary Craven Premium Content
White50Peter Crawford Premium Content
Red2Alex Cruz Premium Content
Navy21Brenden Cuni Premium Content
White9Thomas Curry Premium Content
Texas Orange13Cayton Curtis Premium Content
White3Chris Dannenfelser Premium Content
White48Peter Dassoni Premium Content
Crimson22Christian De Luca Premium Content
Texas Orange52Sean Deely Premium Content
Red4Adam Dell'Isola Premium Content
Red5Philip Dell'Isola Premium Content
White7Garrett Demers Premium Content
Gold10Matthew DiCerbo Premium Content
Vegas Gold6Michael Diiusto Premium Content
Red6Daniel DiMaio Premium Content
Crimson6Brendan Donovan Premium Content
Texas Orange51Taylor Doyle Premium Content
Navy10Anthony Duen Premium Content
Vegas Gold7Santos Duran Premium Content
Red7Robert Ehrhard Premium Content
Texas Orange11Michael Fischer Premium Content
Texas Orange7Ryan Fischer Premium Content
Crimson7Joey Fisco Premium Content
Royal9Kewin Franco Premium Content
Vegas Gold2Ryan Furnish Premium Content
White23Michael Gagliardi Premium Content
Navy9Anthony Galanoudis Premium Content
Royal10Anthony Garner Premium Content
Texas Orange23Mickey Gasper Premium Content
Crimson21Joseph Gatto Premium Content
White4Michael Gianci Premium Content
Navy8Nicholas Gilley Premium Content
Red18Dylan Ginsburg Premium Content
Navy20Mackenzie Glavin Premium Content
Texas Orange6Marquis Gonzalez Premium Content
Navy7Brian Goodwyn Premium Content
Royal11Harrison Guber Premium Content
White5Fernando Guerrero Premium Content
Crimson20Brady Hall Premium Content
Texas Orange22Wyatt Hamilton Premium Content
Red8Andrew Hart Premium Content
Crimson19Patrick Hayduk Premium Content
Crimson8Brandon Hillier Premium Content
Red9EJ King Premium Content
White14Angelo Koutsavlis Premium Content
Vegas Gold8Michael La Face Premium Content
Vegas Gold9Nick Lafferty Premium Content
Gold12Mark Lyman Premium Content
Red10Ryan Lynch Premium Content
Royal12Tarun Malik Premium Content
Crimson9Alex Maryanski Premium Content
Gold9John Mastrangelo Premium Content
Texas Orange10Greg Mayer Premium Content
Gold8Brett McCutcheon Premium Content
Navy6Michael Miraglia Premium Content
Gold17Victor Molle Premium Content
Gold7Luiny Monegro Premium Content
Gold6Tom Muratore Premium Content
Gold5Robert Nadel Premium Content
Vegas Gold27Chuck Olsen Premium Content
Gold3Zachary Orchard Premium Content
Red12Erasmo Ortega Premium Content
Crimson10Derek O'Shea Jr Premium Content
Red17Anthony Pacillo Premium Content
Gold2Raj Palekar Premium Content
White10Brandon Peart Premium Content
Vegas Gold28Aderly Perez Premium Content
Red13Zachary Perlman Premium Content
Gold1Stanley Petteway Premium Content
Navy5Anthony Polanco Premium Content
Crimson11Mark Powell Premium Content
Vegas Gold29Austin Prendergast Premium Content
Navy4Daniel Procopio Premium Content
Texas Orange8Eugene Quirk Premium Content
Crimson12Daniel Rabbitte Premium Content
Vegas Gold22Brian Rapp Premium Content
Vegas Gold23Charlie Riechers Premium Content
Gold23Tyler Roberts Premium Content
Crimson13Thomas Rodriguez Premium Content
Navy23Patrick Ryan Premium Content
Crimson14Rafael Sandoval Premium Content
Texas Orange2Nick Santos Premium Content
Texas Orange1Robert Shannon Premium Content
Vegas Gold32Dean Sheridan Premium Content
Texas Orange5Anthony Shkrelja Premium Content
Texas Orange4Mark Shkrelja Premium Content
Texas Orange3Adam Sisk Premium Content
Crimson24Tyler Smith Premium Content
Royal13Brandon Soto Premium Content
Crimson2John Stanziale Premium Content
Navy22Kyle Stefanic Premium Content
Vegas Gold30Matt Steimling Premium Content
Vegas Gold33Austin Stern Premium Content
Gold16Hunter Tracy Premium Content
White6Taylor Vazquez Premium Content
White51Troy Vazquez Premium Content
Royal14Alex Wolf Premium Content
Crimson1Frederick Wortman Premium Content
Navy2Matthew Yuhas Premium Content
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