2011 Ohio Valley Showcase

Aug 05, 2011 - Aug 07, 2011

Whitaker Bank Park - 207 Legends Ln Lexington, KY 40505 Map

- Whitaker Bank Park
  207 Legends Ln Lexington, KY 40505 Map   

- Transylvania's William A. Marquard Field
  Radcliffe Rd and Haggard Ln Lexington, KY 40505 Map   

WEATHER UPDATE SUNDAY  The first game at both site is just starting now. That will push the 2nd games at each site to approximately 1:45PM starts. Please be at the field 1 hour prior to your start time.

Event Rosters

White1Marko Adams
Green1Dallas Adkins
Red1Austin (DJ) Allinger
Columbia Blue1Corbon Angermeier
White2Chase Armstrong
Orange1Chris Arnold
Orange2Joey Avioli
White17Matthew Avromov
Maroon1Ian Bach
Maroon2Alec Bahnick
Orange3Ryan Bale
Black1Clay Barton
Maroon3Joey Batuello
White19Michael Bollmer
Gold1Conor Bowers
Red2Seth Bowles
Black2Tyler Bozeman
White4Samuel Brashear
Green24Ray Brewer
Maroon4Jeremy Brinegar
White5Tyler Brummer
White6Eric Burnett
Red15Ryan Butcher
Columbia Blue2Josh Bynum
Red3Connor Callery
Green2Marcus Carson
Red4Connor Combs
Maroon13Ryne Combs
Orange4Chase Compton
White7Tyler Cox
Black3Max Crabtree
Columbia Blue3Tanner Dallas
Gold2Alex Del Rio
White8William DuPont
Columbia Blue4Kyle Elliott
Green14Ethan Eversole
Red16Zach Farmer
Orange5Michael Fearer
White9Braxton Fields
Columbia Blue15Ben Fisher
Maroon5Brendan Flood
Orange15Evan Fraliex
Black15Mitch Gade
Green3Joe Gaines
Gold3Josh Garbrecht
White10Marshall Gei
Gold4Devin Hairston
Orange6Joseph Hampton
Maroon11Tanner Hart
Maroon15Zachary Haynes
Orange7Ian Hays
Black4Nick Hedge
Red17Ty Helton
Maroon12Lincoln Henzman
Black16Kevin Herren
Gold5Zachary Herrin
Gold20John Hisel
Columbia Blue12Clinton Hollon
Green4Andrew Hunt
Green5Riley Jackson
Green6Tyler Jackson
Columbia Blue5Matthew Johnson
White18Dylan King
Black24Austin Lane
Columbia Blue6Christopher Laporte
White11Clay Lawless
Orange8Daniel Little
Orange16Matt Livingston
Green7Will Lundquist
Columbia Blue7Tyler Mason
Maroon6Brent Mathias
Black5Jackson McAnally
Maroon7Brandon McClure
Red18Andrew McDonald
Black17Wade McNabb
Gold6Connor McVey
White15Eric Meyer
Gold15Kevin Meyer
Green8Brennan Miller
Columbia Blue16Penn Murfee
Maroon8Dallas Murphy
Columbia Blue8Jayson Nash
Green15Daniel Neal
Maroon16Jordan Nester
Black18Griffin Neuer
Orange9Andrew Olson
White12Daniel Patterson
Columbia Blue24Zachary Patton
Gold16Tanner Payton
Gold7Tony Piccirilli
Black19Dylan Plvan
Columbia Blue17Shane "Sam" Pung
Green9Trevor Putzig
Red19Joe Ramstetter
Gold8Justin Reinke
Gold17Justin Reynolds
Columbia Blue9Jack Rhodes
Gold9Brandon Roberts
Orange10Jacob Roberts
Green10Andrew Rossman
Orange17Jared Ryan
Orange11Karl Schultz
Green16Alex Sears
White13Jordan Seeberger
Green11Ryan Shears
Black6Javon Shelby
Gold10Alec Shull
White16Stephen Shunk
Orange12Jeff Sinchak
Gold11Chris Slivka
Black7Sam Smith
Black8Joe Snyder
Green12Tad Sobieszczanski
Black20Alex Sova
Maroon17William Stechschulte
Gold12Landon Steiner
Red5Tom Stoffel
Red20Thomas (TJ) Storer
Gold18Robert Strader
Columbia Blue10Taran Stuckman
Orange13Tyler Sullivan
Black9Logan Taylor
Columbia Blue11Wyatt Terrell
White3Ryne Terry
White14Ryan Thurston
Red6Blake Tiberi
Columbia Blue25Hunter Tipton
Gold19Paul Trick
Orange18Michael Turner
Orange14Sam Vincenzo
Red7Justin Wampler
Green13Nathan Waters
Red21Cameron Whitehead
Maroon18Cable Wright
Black10Jimmy Wright
Red22TJ Zeuch
Maroon9Eric Zmuda
Maroon10Matthew Zmuda

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