Drafted Players who attended in the history of this event

175 players
NameRdTeamDraft Yr
Delvin Perez 1Cardinals2016
Gavin Lux 1Dodgers2016
Jason Groome 1Red Sox2016
Christopher Seise 1Rangers2017
Hunter Greene 1Reds2017
Ryan Rolison 1Rockies2018
Cole Ragans 1 CompRangers2016
Jeter Downs 1 CompReds2017
Nicholas Schnell 1 CompRays2018
Bryce Denton 2Cardinals2015
Nolan Jones 2Indians2016
Ben Rortvedt 2Twins2016
Quentin Holmes 2Indians2017
Samuel Carlson 2Mariners2017
Reynaldo Rivera 2Tigers2017
Simeon Woods Richardson 2Mets2018
Braxton Ashcraft 2Pirates2018
Owen White 2Rangers2018
Josiah Gray 2Reds2018
Mario Feliciano 2 CompBrewers2016
Tyler Freeman 2 CompIndians2017
Nolan (Nonie) Williams 3Angels2016
Kole Enright 3Rangers2016
Jacob Pearson 3Angels2017
Freddy Tarnok 3Braves2017
Johnathan Rodriguez 3Indians2017
Mateo Gil 3Cardinals2018
Carlos A Cortes 3Mets2018
Chris Rodriguez 4Angels2016
Easton McGee 4Rays2016
Braydon Fisher 4Dodgers2018
Franklin German 4Yankees2018
Walker Robbins 5Cardinals2016
Conner Capel 5Indians2016
Alex Scherff 5Red Sox2017
Ulysses Cantu 6Indians2016
Ricardo De La Torre 6Twins2017
Alexuan Vega Baez 6Padres2018
Charles Mack 6Twins2018
Joel Urena 7Rangers2017
James Outman 7Dodgers2018
Francisco Thomas 8Brewers2016
Arbert Cipion 9Brewers2018
Kerby Camacho 11Twins2015
Travis Hosterman 11Blue Jays2016
Gabriel Rodriguez 11Twins2017
Michael Burrows 11Pirates2018
Nicholas Northcut 11Red Sox2018
Kelvin Maldonado 11White Sox2018
Hector Santiago 12Giants2015
Danny Nunan 12Angels2018
Sean Guilbe 12Padres2018
Rylan Kaufman 12Royals2018
Robert Peace 13Marlins2015
Jose Layer 13Giants2016
Abdiel Layer 13Brewers2017
Jan Mercado 13Marlins2017
Nathan Peden 13Mets2017
Eric Wagaman 13Yankees2017
Keegan Fish 13Marlins2018
Brian Rey 13Reds2018
Francisco Del Valle 14Angels2016
Luis Vazquez 14Cubs2017
Nick Lucky 14Red Sox2018
Erick Rivera 14Twins2018
Jack Suwinski 15Padres2016
Michael Wilson 15Red Sox2016
Bryan Lavastida 15Astros2018
Nick Thwaits 15Padres2018
Lean Marrero 16Twins2015
Alberto J Schmidt 16Red Sox2016
Mauro Conde 16Reds2016
Caleb Bolden 16Rays2017
Jonathan Edwards 16Rangers2018
Kidany Salva 17Twins2016
Jason Pineda 17Padres2017
Aldrich De Jongh 17Dodgers2018
Raymond Burgos 18Indians2016
Michael Smith 18Rays2017
Jake Zebron 18Orioles2018
Alberto Gonzalez 18Reds2018
AJ Brown 19Padres2016
Cordell Dunn 19Blue Jays2017
Seth Lonsway 19Reds2017
Mark Potter 19Phillies2018
Gabriel A Ortiz Abreu 19White Sox2018
Kevin Santiago 20Rays2016
Marcus Evey 20Yankees2018
Jose Montanez 21Orioles2017
Steve Hajjar 21Brewers2018
Angel Guzman Del Rio 21Giants2018
Eric Rodriguez 21Indians2018
Kevin Vargas 22Cardinals2018
Simon Landry 22Dodgers2018
Frainyer Chavez 22Rangers2018
Peter Serruto 22Reds2018
Bryan Torres 23Tigers2016
Myles McKisic 23Rangers2017
Nelson Alvarez 23Padres2018
Gage Hughes 24Royals2018
Caleb Ramsey 25Red Sox2018
Tyree Thompson 26Rangers2016
Rylan Thomas 26Reds2018
Michael Rivera 27Mariners2015
Daniel Bakst 27Orioles2016
Christian Robinson 27Padres2017
Davis Schneider 28Blue Jays2017
Noel Vela 28Padres2017
Shane Roberts 28Yankees2017
Tyler Moore 29Padres2015
Alerick Soularie 29Cardinals2018
Johnnie Schneider 29Reds2018
Kendrick Calilao 30Cardinals2018
Ryan Bliss 30Red Sox2018
Aaron Coates 31Cardinals2015
Adam Laskey 31Giants2016
Miles Sandum 31Yankees2016
Saul Garza 31Cardinals2017
Justin Vought 31Royals2017
Matthew Dillard 31Brewers2018
Luke Bandy 32Royals2016
Will Moriarty 32Rangers2017
Austin Bergner 32Diamondbacks2018
Christopher McMahon 33Braves2017
Joe Donovan 33Cubs2017
Ben Brown 33Phillies2017
Tyler Ras 33Cubs2018
Denny Bentley 33Twins2018
Bryce Bush 33White Sox2018
Charlie Ruegger 33Yankees2018
Ty Weber 34Reds2016
Gerardo Gonzalez 34Tigers2016
Jake Eder 34Mets2017
Luis Javier Torres 34Red Sox2017
Paul McIntosh 34Angels2018
Jared Poland 34Red Sox2018
Nick Slaughter 35Astros2016
Keegan Collett 35Orioles2017
Jeff Criswell 35Tigers2017
Brandon White 35Athletics2018
Will Gambino 35Mariners2018
Jeremiah Boyd 35Red Sox2018
Max Dineen 35Reds2018
Drew Mendoza 36Tigers2016
Tanner Allen 36Cubs2017
Logan Chapman 36Reds2017
Cole Ayers 36Astros2018
Kameron Guangorena 36Blue Jays2018
Jose Gutierrez 36Indians2018
William Freeman 36Padres2018
Billy Corcoran 36Rangers2018
Cayden Zimmerman 36Rockies2018
Kody Gratkowski 37Nationals2017
Antonio Cruz 37Astros2018
Tim Borden 37Indians2018
Steve Mann 38Tigers2017
Connery Peters 38Dodgers2018
Zack Gelof 38Indians2018
Bryce Miller 38Marlins2018
Cole Henry 38Tigers2018
Matt Mervis 39Nationals2016
Joshua Martinez 39Rays2016
Justin Lavey 39White Sox2016
Kai Nelson 39Nationals2017
DJ Stewart 39Phillies2017
Brandon Birdsell 39Astros2018
Tyler Acosta 39Diamondbacks2018
Isaiah Thomas 39Rockies2018
Mason Montgomery 39White Sox2018
Michael Chambers 40Mets2016
Carter Henry 40Red Sox2016
Sam Grace 40Orioles2018
Zachary Watson 40Red Sox2018
Ryan Cusick 40Reds2018
Luis Almanzar FAPadres2016
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