2010 Jr National Showcase


Red vs Green Highlights >>

6/16/2010 6:17:43 PM

Red Team
  • Lance McCullers (SS/P-Tampa, FL) went 2-2 with a run scored. One double was 99 off of the bat to CF. On the mound, he was 94-95 with a plus 83-84 CB and a dirty 82-83 CH. Wow... 
  • Chris Chinea (C-Miami, FL) went 1-2 with a double. He also received very well behind plate.
  • Jesse Winker (OF-Orlando, FL) went 1-2 with an RBI. He showed a good approach and can really hit.
  • Trey Oest (RHP-Dover, FL) was 84-86 with a 71-72 CB. He showed a plus 11/5 CB.
  • Zak Wasilewski (LHP-Tazewell, VA) was 88-90 with a 74-75 CB. He proved to be very tough to hit.
  • Hunter DeVall (LHP-Baton Rouge, LA) was 82-83 with a 68-71 CB and 72-73 CH. He showed a fast arm and a deceptive 2/8 CB.
  • Sam Norman (1B/P-Des Moines, IA) was 82-83 with a 67-69 CB.
Green Team
  • Luke Lowery (C-Midlothian, VA) went 2-3 with a double, stolen base, and run scored.
  • Henry Weiler (P/3B-Leawood, KS) went 1-2 with a double and RBI.
  • Perry Rigby (SS-Decatur, AL) went 1-3 with a double off a CB to LCF gap showing some pop.
  • Kevin Davis (RHP-Brewton, AL) was 89-91 with a 74-75 CB and 72 CH. He is the only 2013 pitcher in the showcase and one of the top pitching prospects in the event.
  • Duane Underwood (RHP-Hiram, GA) was 87-89 with a 68-70 CB, and 78 CH. He showed a loose, fluid arm and flashed a sweeping 11/5 CB.
  • Jonathan Sandfort (RHP-Winter Springs, FL) was 88-90 with a 64-66 CB and 70-72 CH. He has a very easy arm and smooth mechanics.
  • Walker Weickel (OF/RHP-Orlando, FL) was 90-93 with a 74-76 CB. He has a sharp breaking 11/5 CB that sometimes are very dirty.
  • Perry Rigby (INF/P-Decatur, AL) was 78-81 with a 70-71 CB and 71-74 CB. He has a quiet delivery and a 10/4 CB and a plus CH.
Steel vs. Navy Highlights >>

6/16/2010 2:43:06 PM

Steel Team
  • Troy Lewis (MIF-Prarieville, LA) went 1-3 with a run scored. He showed fast hands and showed he can hit.
  • Josh Sborz (P/1B-McLean, VA) went 1-2 with a hard hit to RF.
  • Zach Ratcliff (OF-Blacklick, OH) went 1-2.
  • Jared West (LHP-Shreveport, LA) was 80-82 with a tailing 78 mph 2-seamer.
  • Daniel McKinney (RHP-Bowling Green, OH) was 83-85 with a 69-72 CB and 68 CH. He showed balance and good mechanics.
  • Matt Constance (RHP-Canton, MI) was 85-86 with a 74-77 SL and 77-79 CH. He flashed a very sharp slider and hid ball well.
  • Colyn O'Connell (RHP-Palm Harbor, FL) was 87-89 with a 75-77 CB and 80 CH. He has a fast arm with a sharp CB.
  • Joey Gallo (INF/P-Henderson, NV) was 91-92.
  • Carson Kelly (3B/P-Portland, OR) was 86-88.
Navy Team
  • Brett Worthen (P/INF-Albuerque, NM) was 1-3 with hard hit to RF.
  • Christopher Leduc (OF-East Palatka, FL) was 1-2 with some plus bat speed.
  • Kayden Porter (RHP-Spanish Fork, UT) was 89-93 with a 76-77 CB. His arm works very well and has a very balanced release.
  • Colin Rodgers (LHP-Baton Rouge, LA) was 85-86 with a 68-69 CB and 77 CH. He was very consistent hitting the strike zone.
  • Josh Palet (RHP-Chula Vista, CA) was 84-86 with a 77-79 hard breaking SL which is hit out pitch.
  • Tucker Linder (RHP-Tallmadge, OH) was 86-87 with a 75 SL and 75-76 CH. He showed good arm side run.
  • Tanner Bily (OF/P-Anahiem Hills, CA) was 81-82 with a 66 CB and 74 CH.
  • Cameron Saylor (C/P-West Covina, CA) was 87-88 with a 76 CB and showed plus pitchability. 
Royal vs Maroon Highlights >>

6/16/2010 10:53:54 AM

Royal Team
  • Russell Clark (C-Wexford, PA) went 2-2 with a very quiet approach at the plate.
  • Zach Gray (1B-Livingston, NJ) went 2-2 with a pair of doubles.
  • Christian Helsel (MIF-Altoona, PA) made a great defensive play at SS.
  • Max Schrock (MIF-Chapel Hill, NC) showed an advanced approach at the plate and plus bat control.
  • Curt Britt (RHP-Laurinburg, NC) was 89-91 with a 76 SL, 69 CB, and 79-83 CH. He locates his FB well, has a quick arm, and occasional run.
  • Tyler Gonzales (RHP-San Antonio, TX) was 88-89 with a 73-76 CB. He showed a very quick arm.
  • Ty Hensley (RHP-Edmond, OK) was 88-89 with a 76-78 CB and 79-80 CH. He flashed plus bite on 11/5 CB.
  • Christian Helsel (MIF/P-Altoona, PA) was 81-85 with a 72-73 CB and 76 CH. He has good sink on FB and showed a nice CH.
  • David Houser (C/P-West Columbia, SC) was 86-89 with a 74 CB. He was very explosive on the mound.
Maroon Team
  • Addison Russell (MIF-Pace, FL) went 1-2 with a run scored.
  • David Houser (C-West Columbia, SC) went 1-2 with a run scored.
  • Dalton DiNatale (3B-Parkland, FL) went 1-2 with a double and RBI. His double came when he turned on a 90mph FB.
  • Gabe Gunter (RHP-Crestview, FL) was 81-84 with a 65-67 CB and 74-75 CH.
  • Russell Reynolds (RHP-Baton Rouge, LA) was 86-87 with a 72 CB and 69-70 CH. He showed a fast arm and definitely has more velo to come.
  • Tyler Linabury (RHP-Tampa, FL) was 80-82 with a 67 CB. He threw his CB very consistently for strikes.
  • Parker Danciu (LHP-Delray Beach, FL) was 82-84 with a 64-67 CB and 72-74 CH. He has a big sweeping CB and a plus CH.
  • Jacob Roberts (SS/C-Plainfield, IL) was 78-81 with a 66-67 CB.  
Red vs. Navy Highlights >>

6/15/2010 10:02:17 PM

Red Team
  •  Christopher Chinea (C-Miami, FL) went 2-3 with a pair of hard hits to LF.
  • Adrian Marin (MIF-Miami, FL) 1-3 with a run scored. He showed some plus power at the plate.
  • Sam Norman (1B-Des Moines, IA) went 1-2 with a hard hit single past the shortstop.
  • Matthew Smoral (LHP-Solon, OH) was 87-89 with a 77-79 SL. He has a loose easy arm action and a sharp slider.
  • Dustin Cook (RHP-Huffman, TX) was 87-89 with a 73-74 11/5 CB.
  • Joe Warren (RHP-Fairfax Station, VA) was 81-83 with a 73-74 SL. He has a fastball that runs alot and 10/4 slurve.
  • Max Beerman (RHP-Tampa, FL) was 84-87 with a 68-69 10/4 CB.
  • Clayton Davis (RHP-The Woodlands, TX) was 80-82 with a 11/5 CB.
Navy Team
  • Taylor Gushue (C-Boca Raton, FL) was 3-3 with a double and 2 runs scored. He squared up each ball and has plus bat speed.
  • Kayden Porter (RHP/1B-Spanish Fork, UT) was 2-3 with a double and RBI. Double was 96 off bat.
  • Eliot Lowell (MIF/P-San Diego, CA) was 2-3 with a run and SB.
  • Parker Danciu (LHP/OF-Delray Beach, FL) was 2-2.
  • Thomas Woodrey (LHP-Lighthouse Point, FL) was 78-82 with a 60-62 CB and 65-66 CH. FB had plus arm side run with more velo to come.
  • Michael Gomez (RHP-Nutley, NJ) was 84-85 with a 74-75 SL and 76-77 CH. He showed a smooth motion on delivery and located pitches well.
  • Brett Worthen (RHP-Albuquerque, NM) was 85-87 with a big late breaking 74-75 CB. He attacked the plate very hard.
  • Deshaun Hewitt (LHP-St. Thomas, VI) was 78-80 with a 65-67 CB. He was very consistent and threw alot of strikes.
  • Ty France (RHP-West Covina, CA) was 84-85 with a 72-74 CB. He showed a sharp 10/4 CB and drops nicely.
Maroon vs Green Highlights >>

6/15/2010 7:49:24 PM

Maroon Team
  • Mathew Goodson (OF-Oxford, AL) went 1-3 witha stolen base and a run scored. He showed some good pop with a quiet approach.
  • Dalton DiNatale (3B-Parkland, FL) went 2-3 with a run scored.
  • Jason Goldstein (C-Highland Park, IL) went 1-3 with a hard line drive off a hanging slider.
  • Brett Lilek (LHP-South Holland, IL) was 86-89 with a 72 CB, 77-78 SL, and 80 CH. He showed a fast explosive arm and sharp 2/8 CB.
  • Brad Labozzetta (RHP-Lakeland, FL) was 87-90 with a 67-68 CB, and 78 CH. He has plus mechanics and a big breaking CB.
  • Alec Rash (RHP-Adel, IA) was 88-91 with a 74-75 CB. He flashed a sharp CB and short compact delivery.
  • Kyle Moore (RHP-Suffolk, VA) was 82-83 with a 75-76 slurve. The slurve was a plus pitch.
  • George Salem (RHP-Birmingham, AL) was 83-84 with a 69-70 CB, and 70 CH. He showed good arm side run.
Green Team
  • Walker Weickel (OF/P-Orlando, FL) was 2-3 with an RBI.
  • Kyle Overstreet (INF-Boaz, AL) was 2-3 with a pair of singles. Hit one 93 off of bat over SS.
  • DC Arendas (MIF-Greensboro, NC) showed quick hands and an advanced approach at plate.
  • Luke Lowery (C-Midlothian, VA) showed some good bat speed.
  • Will Hurt (MIF-Lexington, KY) showed good actions up the middle.
  • Tyler Jackson (C-Lexington, KY) had a hard hit line drive out to centerfield.
  • Grayson Long (RHP-Baytown, TX) was 87-88 with a 73-75 CB and a 74-75 CH. He showed good movement on FB and real good arm action.
  • Michael Peel (RHP-Claxton, GA) was 87-88 with an 81 SL, and 79-80 CH. He has a plus arm and sharp SL.
  • Henry Weiler (RHP-Leawood, KS) was 85-87 with a 69 CB, and 71-74 CH. He flashed a live FB and a plus CH.
  • Nathan Kirbly (LHP-Midlothian, VA) was 84-86 with a 69-70 CB. He showed some good arm side run.
Steel vs Royal Highlights >>

6/15/2010 7:15:53 PM

Steel Team
  • Stryker Trahan (C-Scott, LA) went 1-3 with a very hard hit single to centerfield which was 95 off the bat. He also had a stolen base.
  • Tyler Kendall (SS-Boynton Beach, FL) went 1-3 with a double off of an 88 mph fastball.
  • Fernando Perez (3B-Chula Vista, CA) showed + bat speed and good hand control.
  • Matthew Crownover (LHP-Ringgold, GA) was 87-89 over 2 innings with a 74-75 changeup. He should very polished mechanics and good arm side run.
  • Josh Sborz (RHP-McLean, VA) was 86-89 with a 73-74 curveball and 78-80 changeup. He has a very quick arm and good break on his 10/4 CB.
  • Patrick Kenney (RHP-Gurnee, IL) was 83-85 with a 70-72 curveball and 74-75 changeup. He has very good sink on his changeup which makes it a very dirty pitch.
  • Jack Czeszewski (LHP-Elk Grove, IL) was 78-80 witha 70-71 slider and 70-72 changeup.
 Royal Team
  • Christian Helsel (INF-Altoona, PA) went 1-3 with a stolen base and a run scored.
  • Boomer White (C-Houston, TX) went 2-3 with a double and an RBI. He showed a very compact swing.
  • Tyler Gonzalez (SS-San Antonio, TX) went 2-3 with an RBI.
  • Zach Gray (1B-Livingston, NJ) went 1-3 with a double to deep left field and a run scored.
  • Connor Lien (OF-Windermere, FL) went 1-2 with 2 stolen bases and an RBI.
  • Connor Joe (MIF-Poway, CA) showed a very sound mechanical swing and made a great diving play at 2B.
  • Ty Hensley (C/3B-Edmond, OK) showed some very good defensive play at third base.
  • Tucker Simpson (RHP-Oxford, AL) was 88-91 with a 74-76 CB and 79-80 CH. He has an easy arm action and a sharp 10/4 curveball.
  • Tyler Honahan (LHP-Parker, CO) was 83-85 with a 63-64 CB and 71-72 CH. He good control and arm side run. He also showed good sink on changeup. Changeup is a plus-pitch.
  • Jason Carmichael (RHP-Cape Coral, FL) was 88-90 with a 64-65 CB and 77-81 CH. He has a fluid loose arm with gun run. He shows good arm speed on CH and flashed a good CB.
  • Myles Gentry (RHP-Gulfport, AL) was 86-89 with a 65-66 CB and 72-74 CH. He showed an explosive FB with alot of run. He also showed good break on a 10/4 CB.
  • Jamie Paulding (RHP-Palm City, FL) was 84-88 with a 66-68 CB and 74 CH. He showed good movement on CH and a big breaking CB.
Steel BP >>

6/15/2010 6:32:30 PM

Several Steel hitters really impressed during their respective BP sessions.  Stryker Trahan (2012/Acadiana/Scott, LA) lead the way.  Trahan is a physical 6'1"/215 with serious strength in his swing.  His strength translates directly to his bat, with strong hands and wrists.  He drove a pair of balls into the RF bleachers at the Trop.

Also showing his power stroke was Joey Gallo (2012/Bishop Gorman/Henderson, NV) a tall and lean prospect with very good bat speed.  Gallo drove the last ball from his round out, hooking it around the RF foul pole.  Carson Kelly (2012/Westview/Portland, OR) showed a raw fast swing with bat speed.  Troy Lewis (2012/Dutchtown/Prarieville, LA) chipped in with a great round of his own.  Lewis uses a rock-back load and showed a solid and loose swing, driving the ball from gap to gap.

Other notables were Patrick Kenney (2012/Warren Township/Gurnee, IL), Scott Williams (2012/Conestoga/Berwyn, PA), Fernando Perez (2012/Otay Ranch/Chula Vista, CA) and Gavin Cecchini (2012/Barbe/Lake Charles, LA). 
Royal BP >>

6/15/2010 6:16:20 PM

Notable Hitters from the Royal team's BP session:

Tyler Gonzales (2012/James Madison/San Antonio, TX) has a long and lean projectable build.  His hands are quick to the ball and he has natural lift in his swing.

Max Schrock (2012/Cardinal Gibbons/Chapel Hill, NC) has a simple approach at the plate and uses quick hands to help create hard pullside contact.  He drove several balls during his session and he produced consistent hard barrel contact.

Connor Lien (2012/Olympia/Windermere, FL) has an athletic frame and hits with a no stride style, displaying a quick bat with lift in his swing and good raw hitting tools to continue to develop.

Curt Britt (2012/Scotland/Laurinburg, NC) has a strong build at 6'2"/215 and generates good power from a compact squatty stance - incoporating his lower half well.  His physical strength translates well to his swing and he generates above average power.
Red BP >>

6/15/2010 6:05:49 PM

Lance McCuller's impressive showing from the early part of the workout carried over into the Red Team's BP session.  McCullers showed high level bat control during his session, beginning with several hard hit line drives before putting his power stroke on display and sending balls into the seats.  When combined with his slick fielding and his arm strength (97mph across the diamond) it is easy to see why McCullers is our top ranked player in the 2012 class.

His Red teammates showed off a few impressive swings of the own during their session.  Matt Campbell (2012/Hickory/Chesapeake, VA), Christopher Chinea (2012/Gulliver Prep/Miami, FL), Michael McClellan (2012/Union Grove/McDonough, GA), and Jesse Winker (2012/Olympia/Windermere, FL) showed well with Winker and Chinea showcasing themselves as the future power prospects from this quartet.     
Navy BP >>

6/15/2010 5:53:30 PM

Navy's BP was highlighted by the power stroke of 1B/OF Keon Barnum (2012/King/Tampa, FL) who drove balls hard from centerfield to the right field line, including a pair into the seats here at Tropicana field.  Barnum has serious lift and leverage in his swing and he's as strong as they come at this age. 

Also turning in fine performances were Jordan Ebert (2012/Baldwin County/Perdido, AL), Ty France (2012/South Hills/West Covina, CA), and Christopher Leduc (2012/Palatka/East Palatka, FL).

Kayden Porter (2012/Spanish Fork/Spanish Fork, UT) joined his teammate Barnum by adding a BP homerun of his own, flashing good pullside power.  He has an XL frame at 6'4"/230, and handles the ball well on the inner half of the plate, using a strong lower half to generate his power. 
Maroon BP >>

6/15/2010 5:39:17 PM

Maroon's BP session featured several impresive performances.  Lead by RHP/OF Courtney Hawkins (2012/Copus Christi Carroll/Corpus Christi, TX) has an excellent frame at 6'2"/213, and showed strength in his swing during his BP session.  He shows good bat control and batspeed and has easy pop.

Also strong in the BP session for Maroon were Jalen Phillips (2012/Dr. Phillips/Ocoee, FL), Addison Russell (2012/Pace/Pace, FL), Mathew Goodson (2012/Oxford/Oxford, AL), and Dalton DiNatale (2012/Calvary Christian Academy/Parkland, FL).  All displayed high level hitting tools, while Phillips DiNatale and Goodson look to be legitimate power threats down the road.

Brett Lilek (2012/Marian Catholic/South Holland, IL) also showed well, demonstrating quick hands with good pullside power from a well balanced swing.
Green Team BP >>

6/15/2010 4:36:16 PM

Here is a quick list of top 5 BP hitters for the Green Team:

Nathan Mikolas (OF - Kenosha, WI) showed quick hands and plus bat speed.

Perry Rigby (SS - Decatur, AL) has present strength, quick bat as the ball jumps off the bat.

Matthew Dacey (1B - Wyckoff, NJ) has good power, quick bat, and uses lower half well.

Kyle Overstreet (3B - Boaz, AL) has good power for size and good balance.

Tomas Nido (C - Guaynabo, PR) linedrive hitter, has some power, good leverage, ball jumps off bat.

Other top hitters: Max White (OF-Williston, FL), Duane Underwood (P/UT-Hiram, GA), Walker Weickel (OF/P-Orlando, FL)

Top Catcher POP Times >>

6/15/2010 1:41:57 PM

Here is a list of the participants that popped 2.00 or lower.

Team No Name Pop
Maroon 18 David Houser 1.75
Navy 7 Cameron (CJ) Saylor 1.79
Red 3 Christopher Chinea 1.83
Royal 11 Boomer White 1.84
Maroon 2 Jason Goldstein 1.85
Steel 22 Scott Williams 1.88
Maroon 6 Jacob Roberts 1.88
Royal 17 Ty Hensley 1.90
Royal 8 Maxwell McDowell 1.91
Green 18 Luke Lowery 1.93
Green 5 Tomas Nido 1.96
Navy 22 Kyle Woodford 1.97
Top Catcher Arms >>

6/15/2010 1:33:33 PM

Here is a list of the participants that threw 76 mph or harder from behind the plate.

Team No Name C
Steel 22 Scott Williams 86
Navy 7 Cameron (CJ) Saylor 84
Royal 17 Ty Hensley 81
Maroon 18 David Houser 81
Green 5 Tomas Nido 80
Red 3 Christopher Chinea 80
Maroon 2 Jason Goldstein 78
Steel 11 Dalton Todd 78
Maroon 6 Jacob Roberts 77
Green 18 Luke Lowery 77
Royal 8 Maxwell McDowell 76
Top 1b Arms >>

6/15/2010 1:16:53 PM

Here is a list of the participants that threw 83 mph across the infield from 1st base.

Team No Name 1B
Navy 24 Kayden Porter 94
Navy 15 Keon Barnum 88
Maroon 19 Brett Lilek 86
Royal 15 Curt Britt 85
Navy 16 Ty France 84
Red 20 Trey Oest 84
Green 8 Nathan Kirby 83
Top INF Arms >>

6/15/2010 1:14:10 PM

Here is a list of the participants that threw 84 mph or harder across the infield:

Team No Name IF
Red 18 Lance McCullers 97
Steel 15 Joey Gallo 94
Royal 7 Kenny Koplove 91
Royal 4 Tyler Gonzales 89
Steel 16 Carson Kelly 89
Green 2 Will Hurt 88
Maroon 1 Max Dutto 88
Maroon 7 Addison Russell 88
Steel 2 Gavin Cecchini 88
Red 7 Adrian Marin 87
Royal 14 Connor Joe 87
Green 22 Jonathan Sandfort 86
Navy 9 Brett Worthen 86
Red 8 Joe DeCarlo 86
Steel 10 Troy Lewis 85
Maroon 6 Jacob Roberts 84
Royal 5 Christian Helsel 84
Steel 19 Josh Sborz 84
Top OF Arms >>

6/15/2010 1:04:09 PM

Here are the participants that threw 86 mph from the outfield or harder:

Team No Name OF
Maroon 8 Georgie Salem 94
Red 22 Zak Wasilewski 94
Maroon 15 Mathew Goodson 93
Green 19 Walker Weickel 92
Green 12 Duane Underwood 91
Royal 17 Ty Hensley 91
Maroon 19 Brett Lilek 91
Red 7 Adrian Marin 90
Green 7 Max White 90
Maroon 4 Kyle Moore 90
Navy 7 Cameron (CJ) Saylor 90
Red 23 Jesse Winker 90
Red 10 Bo Decker 89
Steel 3 Matt Constance 89
Navy 19 Christopher Leduc 88
Navy 4 Deshaun Hewitt 88
Navy 1 Tanner Bily 88
Royal 12 Connor Lien 86
Steel 1 Gabriel Aurrecoechea 86
Steel 8 Cameron Dishon 86
Royal 1 Kyle Barrett 86
Red 3 Christopher Chinea 86
Red 5 Clayton Davis 86

Top Sixty Times >>

6/15/2010 12:58:38 PM

Here is a list of the sixty times there were 7-flat or lower:

Team No Name Sixty
Maroon 15 Mathew Goodson 6.57
Red 7 Adrian Marin 6.62
Maroon 8 Georgie Salem 6.63
Royal 12 Connor Lien 6.63
Steel 1 Gabriel Aurrecoechea 6.67
Steel 8 Cameron Dishon 6.67
Navy 19 Christopher Leduc 6.73
Green 2 Will Hurt 6.74
Royal 1 Kyle Barrett 6.77
Green 19 Walker Weickel 6.78
Maroon 7 Addison Russell 6.79
Royal 11 Boomer White 6.81
Navy 4 Deshaun Hewitt 6.87
Green 4 Landon Lassiter 6.89
Green 12 Duane Underwood 6.93
Steel 2 Gavin Cecchini 6.93
Steel 12 Fernando Perez 6.95
Green 7 Max White 6.96
Navy 5 George Iskenderian 6.98
Red 1 Matt Campbell 6.98
Navy 9 Brett Worthen 7.00
Red 3 Christopher Chinea 7.00
Royal 9 Max Schrock 7.00
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