Southeast Top Prospect/Underclass Showcase


Purple vs. Texas Orange >>

8/22/2010 3:57:39 PM

OF/1B Malcolm Barnes (2012 Chamblee HS, Ga.) went 1-for-3 with a solo home run Sunday afternoon for the Purple squad during the final slate of games during the Southeast Underclass Showcase.

Meanwhile, OF Nicholas High (2012 Marietta HS, Ga.) hit well also for Purple, going 2-for-3 with a RBI single, a double, and a stolen base with a run scored, and 1B Connor Jones (2013 Johns Creek HS, Ga.) went 2-for-3 with a single and a double with a run scored.

For Texas Orange, C/1B/2B Gant Davis (2012 Mill Creek HS, Ga.) went 2-for-4 with two singles in the lead-off spot, and OF Boyce Mullins (2012 Brookwood HS, Ga.) went 3-for-4 with three straight singles — one for a RBI.
Maroon vs. Gold >>

8/22/2010 3:41:22 PM

C/3B/1B Connor Lynch (2911 Pope HS, Ga.) went 2-for-3 with a single and a lead-off home run Sunday afternoon for the Maroon team during the final round of games at the Southeast Top Prospect Showcase. Lynch is a 6-0, 185-pounder committed to Georgia Tech.

1B/3B/OF Dalton Weightman (2011 Cass HS, Ga.) also went 2-for-3, hitting two singles — one for a RBI.

MIF Nate Kuhns (2011 South Aiken HS, S.C.) hit well for the Gold squad, going a perfect 3-for-3 with two singles and a triple. Kuhns (5-11, 175 pounds) is committed to Coastal Carolina.

OF Austin Meyer (2011 Winder-Barrow HS, Ga.) was perfect offensively as well, going 2-for-2 with two singles.

LHP Jared Walsh (2011 Peachtree Ridge HS, Ga.) threw two great innings for Maroon, allowing just one hit and striking out five of seven batters faced. Walsh topped out at 88 mph and sat between 85-87, showing a loose arm, smooth delivery, and a deceptive pick-off move to first. He also worked both sides of the plate well and wasn't afraid to challenge hitters on the inside half. He flashed good movement on his fastball and tight spin on his 2-8, 75-mph slider.

LHP Patrick Kulick (2-11 Stoneman Douglas HS, Fla.) also lit up the radar guns for Gold, touching 89 a few times and sitting between 85-88. Kulick had a loose and quick arm, occasional arm-side run, and tight spin on his 2-8, 72-mph curve. Through three innings, he allowed two hits — both singles by Weightman and Walsh.

RHP Jared Cheek (2011 Morgan County HS, Ga.) pitched two solid innings as well, allowing two hits, striking out three, and touching 87 mph. Cheek showed a smooth, minimal-effort delivery, a live arm, and good balance. He sat between 82-86 and had a 74-mph curve with tight spin, and a 78-mph change-up.
Red vs. Vegas Gold >>

8/22/2010 1:09:09 PM

3B/INF/1B Gregory Preston (2012 Morgan County HS, Ga.) went 3-for-3 with two singles and a late-game triple for the Red team Sunday afternoon, hitting the ball hard all day and showcasing a nice left-handed swing. Preston is a good hitter who stays through the ball well.

SS R Joshua Dobbs (2013 Wesleyan HS, Ga.) also went 3-for-3 with three singles, showing an opposite-field approach, a quick bat, a barrel-to-ball swing, and a lot of contact.

For Vegas Gold, C/3B Luke Miller (2012 Lowndes HS, Ga.) and C/3B Ivey Starling (2012 Middle Tennessee Christian HS, Tenn.) both went 2-for-3 each tallying a single and a double. Miller battled at the plate, while Starling showed a nice load, good bat speed, a good approach, and a good presence in the batter's box.

Meanwhile, C/1B/3B Hunter Schneider (2012 Dominion Christian HS, Ga.) and 3B/SS Brandon Barber (2013 Eastside HS, S.C.) both went 2-for-3 with two singles. Barber showed a nice barrel-to-bat swing, and a quick bat.

RHP Ray Castillo (2012 Russell County HS, Ala.) touched 84 mph and sat between 81-84, showing a hands-over-head delivery, some drop and drive, a pretty loose arm, and a quick arm circle.

RHP Hayden Jones (2012 Tift County HS, Ga.) hit 83 and sat between 81-83 with a sound, quick-paced delivery and plus command of his solid 78-mph slider and 69-mph curve.
Maroon vs. Navy >>

8/22/2010 12:08:53 PM

SS/OF Jamari Conway (2011 Westlake HS, Ga.) went 2-for-3 with two singles and two stolen bases. C/3B/1B Connor Lynch (2011 Pope HS, Ga.) went 1-for-2 with a two-run home run.

SS Austin Bryant (2011 Columbia Central HS, Tenn.) went 2-for-3 with a pair of singles. C/3B Jared Curry (2011 Millcreek HS, Ga.) went 2-for-4 with a single and a two-run home run.

RHP Bryan Everhart (2011 Greenville HS, Tenn.) topped out at 84 mph and sat between 79-83 in three innings. Everhart allowed two hits and showed good arm speed, some effort, a repeatable delivery, and a solid 72-mph change up.

LHP T.J. Montgomery (2011 Rockmart HS, Ga.) also touched 84 and sat between 82-83, showing a smooth, repeatable delivery, some arm-side run, easy effort, and tight spin on his 2-8, 73-mph curve.

RHP Tyler Barber (2011 Paulding County HS, Ga.) hit 84 in three innings of work, sitting between 81-83 and showing an on-line delivery, good mechanics, and a good 78-mph change-up.

RHP Jake Clark (2-11 Russell County HS, Ga.) pitched three shutout innings, totaling five strike outs and topping out at 83. Clark faced the minimum number of batters and showed a quick, on-line delivery, good balance, and good command. Clark worked in and out well and flashed tight spin on his 11-5, 71-mph curve.
Orange vs. Teal >>

8/22/2010 11:50:28 AM

OF Michael Andrews (2012 Niceville HS, Fla.) and SS/INF Travis Maezes (2012 Pioneer HS, Mich.) both hit solo home runs Sunday afternoon for the Teal squad. Andrews (6-0, 175 pounds) went 2-for-3, while Maezes (5-11, 185 pounds) went 3-for-3 with a homer and two doubles. Maezes showed a good stroke, a balanced approach in the box, and good pop.

SS Tyler Colson (2014 Marianna HS, Fla.) proved to be a very good youngster to keep an eye on. Colson swung the bat well and put together two nice at-bats, going 2-for-2 with a pair of singles — on for a RBI.

RHP Daniel Amos (2-12 Whitewater HS, Ga.) topped out at 85 mph in two innings of work. Amos, who had pitched an inning the day before, showed good arm speed and a nice, late-breaking 72-mph curve that had better actions than on Saturday.

Meanwhile, RHP Thomas Gulley (2012 Stow-Munroe HS, Ohio) topped out at 84 and sat between 80-83, showing a simple, on-line delivery, slight arm-side run with some life and a solid 72-mph change-up with some run.
Orange vs. Purple >>

8/22/2010 11:32:20 AM

After a period of heavy rain postponed the final two games Saturday afternoon, play resumed late Sunday morning with no stoppage in offense for either the Purple or Orange teams.

C/OF Joseph Barnes (2012 St. Joseph HS, Conn.) showcased a very nice swing for the Purple team, going 2-for-2 with a lead-off single and a solo home run — an opposite-field bomb to right field.

For Orange, OF Daniel Amos (2012 Whitewater HS, Ga.) hit a solo shot to go 1-for-1 on Sunday, and SS/3B Jabari Gayle (2012 Miller grove HS, Ga.) went 3-for-3 with two singles, a walk and a solo homer, showing some nice strength.

Meanwhile, MIF Ismael Reyes (2012 Liberty HS, Fla.) went 2-for-2 on Sunday and 2-for-3 overall with a pair of singles and a stolen base. C/3B Chandler Durham (2012 Russell County HS, Ga.) went 2-for-2 overall with a double, a single, and a run scored.

Amos also touched 88 mph during one inning on the mound on Saturday. He sat between 85-87 and showed plus arm strength and a 12-6, 74-mph curve.

RHP Anfernee Grier (2013 Russell County HS, Ga.) hit 83 and sat between 79-82. Grier threw strikes, hide the ball well, and had an on-line delivery. He also threw a 12-6, 71-mph curve with nice break.

LHP Connor Jones (2013 Johns Creek HS, Ga.) topped out at 84 in his three innings of work on Saturday, showing a compact arm circle, an easy delivery, good extension, clean arm actions, and some slight sink on his fastball. Jones also flashed a 70-mph curve that had some depth and 2-plane break.
Navy vs. Green >>

8/22/2010 10:48:07 AM

Several players recorded multiple hits Sunday morning during the first slate of games at the Southeast Top Prospect Showcase, including SS/3B Casey Gibson (2011 Cypress Lake HS, Fla.) who went 3-for-4 with three singles, a stolen base, and a run scored for the Navy team. One of Gibson's hits registered 85 mph off the bat.

OF/3B/SS Taelor Harris (2011 Dunwoody HS, Ga.) also hit well, showing good pop in his 2-for-4 effort in which he tallied a 2-RBI double and a RBI single with two runs scored. Harris amassed four RBI in total.

3B/OF Bryan Dionicio (2011 William Hall HS, Conn.) went 2-for-3 with two singles, two stolen bases, and two runs scored. Dionicio showed a balanced approach, a short, compact swing, and good defensive abilities, making a great play up the middle at shortstop.

SS Austin Bryant (2011 Columbia Central HS, Tenn.) and MIF Brent Wuestney (2011 Russell County HS, Ala.) both went 2-for-3 with a pair of singles apiece.

For the Green squad, C Alex Herceg (2011 Jackson Memorial HS, N.J.) went an impressive 2-for-3 with a RBI single and a RBI triple, showing good weight transfer and a very solid approach.

3B/SS Garrett Rizk (2011 Dakota HS, Mich.) also went 2-for-3, hitting two singles and showing patience at the place, in addition to a quick bat.

On the mound, LHP John Clark (2011 Duluth HS, Ga.) topped out at 84 mph and sat between 78-83 during his three innings for Navy. Clark had good extension, a loose arm with short arm actions, good command, and sharp bite on his 1-7, 71-mph curve. He also worked quickly and kept the ball down in the zone.

Meanwhile, RHP Stephen Collum (2011 Cartersville HS, Ga.) touched 86 for Green, sitting between 84-86 through two innings. Collum showed loose arm actions, some sink and run on his fastball, an effortless delivery, good arm speed, and solid command to both sides of the plate. He also worked in a hard and tight 75-mph slider and a 73-mph change-up.
Grey vs. Black >>

8/22/2010 9:32:46 AM

MIF Nikolas Alfonso (2011 Tampa Catholic HS, Fla.) went 2-for-3 with a double and a triple Sunday morning during the first slate of games at the Southeast Top Prospect Showcase. Alfonso showed some bat speed and a quiet approach, hitting through the ball and looking to stay up the middle.

OF/2B Derek Nunez (2011 Tampa Catholic HS, Fla.) also went 2-for-3 with a single and a double. Nunez had a quiet load, some bat speed, and an inside-out swing. He also displayed a solid knowledge of the strike zone and showed skills on the base paths.

OF/2B Luis Perez (2011 Southwest Miami Sr. HS, Fla.) showed good bat speed in his 1-for-3 effort. Perez tripled in the eighth.

RHP Jonathan Knapp (2011 Faith Baptist HS, Mich.) topped out at 84 mph and showed a full delivery, a fairly loose arm, and a nice 74-mph slider with some good spin.

RHP Kevin Burgee (2011 Hebron Christian HS, Ga.) topped out at 84 as well, showing good direction in his delivery and good late sink on his 74-mph change — a pitch he showed confidence in. Burgee also worked quickly on the mound and pitched downhill.
Grey vs. Green >>

8/21/2010 3:32:51 PM

RHP Nick Jones (2011 Etowah HS, Ga.) four solid innings Saturday afternoon for the Grey squad, allowing two runs on five hits while striking out six. Jones topped out at 90 mph and sat between 89-84. He also flashed an 11-5, 74-mph curve with some depth and a 73-mph change-up. At 6-4, 195-pounds, he boasts a nice pitcher's build and has good projection with a potentially high ceiling.

LHP Sam Howard (2011 Cartersville HS, Ga.) impressed as well, allowing two hits through four innings while striking out nine. Howard topped out at 85 mph and sat between 80-84. He flashed a 77-mph curve with some bite and a deceptive 76-mph change-up. He also showed a near-effortless delivery, good command, and smooth mechanics. Howard will also throw inside, keeping the baseball underneath the hands of right-handed hitters. At  6-3, 155 pounds, he has a nice pitcher's build and is very projectable. His velocity should increase with added strength.

RHP Ben Lumsden (2011 Hillgrove HS, Ga.) also pitched well, allowing two hits while striking out five through three innings. Lumsden, a Mercer University commit, sat between 86-88 with life on his fastball. He showed a near effortless delivery as well, going after hitters and maintaining his velocity nicely. Lumsden mixed in a nice 73-mph change-up that had sink and fade.

1B/OF Jacob Hoyle (2011 St. Stephens HS, N.C.) had a great day offensively for the Green squad, going 3-for-3 with three singles, ripping one back up the middle. Hoyle showed hard contact and a short, quick swing, staying on the ball well.

OF/2B Derek Nunez (2011 Tampa Catholic HS, FL.) swung the bat well also, going 2-for-3 with a double, a single, and a stolen base. Nunez battles well at the plate and is a solid contact-type hitter. One of his hits registered 86 mph off the bat, while the other topped 83.

OF/3B Collin Hunt (2011 Coral Springs Christian Academy) looked good with the bat going 2-3 with a ground rule double and a hard line drive single.
Red vs. Teal >>

8/21/2010 3:16:42 PM

MIF/3B Austin Loyd (2012 Providence Christian Academy, Ga.) went 2-for-3 with a single and a solo home run Saturday afternoon for the Teal team. Showing a power stroke and a nice approach in the batter's box, Loyd (6-1 170 pounds) proved to be a hitter to keep tabs on.

OF/1B Kyle Seeger (2012 Reading HS, Ohio) also went 2-for-3 with a single and a homer. Seeger hit a three-run bomb in the 10th inning. He showed good bat speed, a good stroke, hard contact, and a big load.

Meanwhile, SS Thomas Gulley (2012 Stow-Munroe HS, Ohio) also hit well, going 2-for-4 with back-to-back opposite-field, off-the-wall doubles late in the game. Gulley showed an easy swing with some strength and a good arm on defense.

OF/MIF David Coble (2012 Chamblee Charter HS, Ga.) went 2-for-3 with two singles and two stolen bases. Coble flashed a good swing to the opposite field and stayed inside the ball well.

SS/OF Travis Maezes (2012 Pioneer HS, Mich.) also went 2-for-3 with two pull-side singles and a run scored. Maezes had a good swing, some bat speed, and nice strength.

On the mound, RHP Tyler Ward (2012 West Jessamine HS, K.Y.) topped out at 86 mph and sat between 80-85. Through three innings, Ward allowed just one hit — a single by 3B/1B/IF Gregory Preston (2012 Morgan County HS, Ga.). Ward showed good arm speed, clean arm actions, some life on his fastball, and life on his 77-mph change-up. He also has a nice pitcher's body at 6-4, 190 pounds.
Southeast Underclass Top Outfield Velocities >>

8/21/2010 3:05:34 PM

Andernee Grier (2013, Phenix City, AL)         89 mph

Daniel Amos (2012, Fayetteville, GA)           86 mph

Sean Wilson (2013, Atlanta, GA)                 85 mph

Justin Brown (2012, Phenix City, AL)            81 mph

Spencer Harvey (2012, Guyton, GA)            81 mph

Christopher Valdes-Torres (2012,Tampa, FL) 81 mph

David Coble (2012, Lithonia, GA)                 81 mph

W Jackson Oliver (2012, LaGrange, GA)        81 mph
Southeast Top Prospect Best Outfield Velocities >>

8/21/2010 3:00:47 PM

Ryan Whaley (Pompano Beach, FL)         89 mph

Kyle Streicher (Grayson, GA)                 88 mph

Matthew Pelt (Dunwoody, GA)               87 mph

Tyler Andujar (Phenix City, AL)               86 mph

Taylor Naramore (Moss Point, MS)          86 mph

Adrian Farris (Lawrenceville, GA)             86 mph

Christopher Long (Williamson, GA)           86 mph

Heath Holder (Loganville, GA)                 85 mph
Southeast Underclass Top Pop Times/Velocities >>

8/21/2010 2:54:56 PM

Logan Koch (2013, Charlotte, NC)               1.90/78 mph

Blair Huggins (2012, Tallahassee, FL)           2.00/78 mph

Joseph Burns (2012, Shelton, CT)               2.00/77 mph

Ridge Smith (2013, Germantown, TN)           2.00/75 mph

Ivey Starling (2012, Brentwood, TN)            2.00/73 mph

Davis Marlar (2012, Carrollton, GA)              2.03/79 mph

Hunter Schneider (2012, Marietta, GA)         2.06/72 mph
Gold vs. Black >>

8/21/2010 2:53:05 PM

RHP Preston Johnson (2011 Peachtree Ridge HS, Ga.) topped out at 87 mph and sat between 83-86 during three great innings of work for the Gold team Saturday morning.

Johnson threw three innings, struck out three, and allowed one hit — a lead-off single in the seventh inning by Anthony Duran (2011 Southwest Miami Sr. HS, Fla.) a big, strong 1B/3B with some good bat speed. On the mound, Johnson showed solid mechanics and mixed his pitches well, flashing a 10-4, 74-mph curve and a straight 76-mph change.

RHP Austin Meyer (2011 Winder-Barrow HS, Ga.) also pitched four great innings for Gold. Meyer sat between 86-84, struck out eight, and allowed one run on one hit — a single by MIF Nelson Ward (2011 Lassiter HS, Ga.) who went 2-for-3 with two singles and two stolen bases for the Black squad. Meyer mixed his pitches well, showed a pretty repeatable delivery with short, circular arm actions.

For Gold, OF Patrick Kulick (2011 Stoneman Douglas HS, Fla.) went 2-for-3 with a two-run home run and a single. Kulick smoked his homer to right-center field, showing some big-time power, a quick swing, and aggressiveness in the batter's box.

C Brady Boling (2011 Bryan Station HS, K.Y.) went 2-for-4 with two singles. Boling showed a solid swing and stayed on the ball well. MIF Nate Kuhns (2011 South Aiken HS, S.C.) also tallied two singles, one registering 88 mph off the bat.

MIF John Holland (2011 Northview HS, Ga.) went 2-for-3 with two singles as well, stealing two bases in the process. Holland, committed to Florida State, has an athletic build at 5-10, 165-pounds. He had a quiet approach in the box, and quick hands, letting the ball get deep in the zone.
Southeast Top Prospect Best Pop Times/Velocities >>

8/21/2010 2:49:39 PM

Jared Cheek (Buckhead, GA)                     1.82/84 mph

Connor Lynch (Marietta, GA)                     1.85/82 mph

Kenny Reeves (Sharpsburg, GA)                 1.88/78 mph

Christopher Long (Williamson, GA)              1.93/79 mph

Brady Boling (Lexington, KY)                     1.94/77 mph

Alex Herceg (Jackson, NJ)                        1.95/79 mph

Taylor Wilson (Cartersville, GA)                  1.98/75 mph
Southeast Underclass Infield Highlights >>

8/21/2010 2:44:01 PM

3B Josh Howard (2012, Stuart, FL):  Balanced actions, clean arm, throws carry very well (80 mph).

3B Wililam Hartsell (2013, Central, SC):  Smooth actions, compact clean release, throws carry, good arm strength for age, will keep improving (78 mph)

SS Travis Maezes (2012, Ann Arbor, MI):  Excellent arm strength, easy arm, ball really carries, not listed as RHP but needs a look on the mound (87 mph)

IF Thomas Gulley (2012, Kent, OH):  6-3, 205 lbs, moves easy and athletic for size, good arm strength (86 mph)

SS Michael Trebendis (2013, Seabrook, SC):  Young look, long easy arm, very good arm for age, watch as RHP, too (78 mph)

SS Hayden Jones (2012, Tifton, GA):  Quick feet with good balance, polished footwork, clean easy arm, athletic actions (81 mph)
Southeast Top Infield Drills Highlights >>

8/21/2010 2:33:44 PM

Nelson Ward (Marietta, GA):  Easy actions, smooth to the ball, quick sure hands, high D1 defensive ability (88 mph)

Blake Butera (Madisonville, LA):  Medium build but good strength, good actions, throws carry well (86 mph)

Nikolas Alfonso (Oldsmar, FL):  Quick release with easy arm action, throws carry, solid actions to the ball (81 mph)

Jared Shelton (Columbus, MS):  Quick actions, circles the ball well, works through it, good carry on throws (81 mph)

Austin Bryant (Columbia, TN):  Lean projectable build, smooth actions, clean exchange, accurate arm, good footwork, arm a bit short for now put should get stronger (78 mph)

Casey Gibson (Fort Myers, FL):  Playing with tender elbow, didn't throw, very athletic actions, good balance, soft hands.
Texas Orange vs. Vegas Gold >>

8/21/2010 2:26:58 PM

OF/RHP/MIF Robert Staten (2012 Episcopal Collegiate School, Ark.) went 2-for-2 with a single and a double Saturday morning for the Vegas Gold squad.

Meanwhile, Texas Orange RHP Nathan Bates (2012 Stars Mill HS, Ga.) and RHP Todd Dial (2013 Russell County HS, Ala.) both sat between 84-80 mph during their time on the mound.

Bates threw four innings and allowed one run on two hits, topping out at 85 and flashing a 71-mph curve and a 76-mph change-up. He showed a controlled and on-line delivery, long and loose arm actions, and projectable command. He also threw downhill, repeated well, and had a tight, 11-5 curve. At 6-6, 185-pounds, Bates boasts an extra-tall, wiry build.

Dial also had a controlled and on-line delivery, clean arm actions, plus arm speed, and some arm-side run with life in the zone. He showed a 73-mph curve with tight, 11-5 spin and a 71-mph change-up with run.

Offensively for Texas Orange, 3B/1B/OF Alex Silon (2013 Fayette County HS, Ga.) went 2-for-3 with two singles and a double. Silon hits inside the ball well and loads to the opposite field.

OF Boyce Mullins (2012 Brookwood HS, Ga.) also hit well, going 2-for-3 with a single and a double with a run scored. Mullins had very quick hands, a short swing, a good eye at the plate, and quickness on the base paths with good base running instincts.

3B/1B Matt Brown (2013 Vianney HS, Mo.) went 2-for-3 as well with two singles, flashing a nice swing, some strength, and hard contact.
Underclass Batting Practice Highlights >>

8/21/2010 2:24:33 PM

SS Jabari Gayle (2012/Stone Mountain, GA):  Loose swing with bat speed, some uppercut/lift at contact, aggressive swings, gets the ball in the air, good strength.

OF Christopher Brown (2012, Douglasville, GA):  Swings hard, present bat speed, very aggressive to the ball, ball jumps on contact, mid field lift, should keep improving.

SS Jesse Nelson (2013, Phenix City, AL):  Good looking swing, sound mechanics, loose and extended out front, solid barrel, hard pull contact.

C Joseph Burns (2012, Shelton, CT):  Strong well proportioned build, long and strong swing, shows present power, ball carries hard off the barrel.

OF Jonathan Coleman (2012, Germantown, TN):  6-3 left handed hitter, nice short swing for his size, strength and leverage at contact, can improve looseness/extension out front.

3B Gregory Preston (2012, Covington, GA):  Easy tension free swing, sound fundamentals/balance, solid line drive pull contact, good hands to the ball, will keep improving with added strength.

3B Brandon Barber (2013, Greenville, SC):  Good quick hands, solid mid field contact, centers everything, shows some gap power, will keep improving.

1B Harry Norman (2012, Montgomery, AL):  + Projectable 6-4, 185 lb build, loose easy swing, hitter's hands, ball comes off the barrel hard, quick hands, potential high level hitter.

IF Kennon Menard (2013, Lafayette, LA):  Good hitting rhythm, quick to the ball, good swing, shows some gap to gap power, more to come.

SS Hayden Jones (2012, Tifton, GA):  Switch-hitter, better bat speed right handed, loose swing with good extension, ball comes off the bat hard.
SE Top Batting Practice Highlights >>

8/21/2010 2:09:12 PM

OF Adrian Farris (Lawrenceville, GA):  Sound mechanical swing, good fundamentals, has some occasional lift, has some strength in his swing, power will come with more pull contact.

OF Matthew Kinney (Alpharetta, GA):  High average approach from the left side, quick hands, short to the ball, solid consistent barrel, good overall balance.

RHP/1B Chris Weed (Huntington, WV):  Spread stance, looks to lift and pull, good loose swing, hit a couple of bombs into the trees in left field.

LHP/OF Patrick Kulick (Coral Springs, FL):  Big coiled left handed swing, open stance, uppercut swing, serious power and lift, bombed one off the scoreboard in.

IF Chris Long (Williamson, GA):  Switch-hitter but much better from right side, very good bat speed, ball jumps hard, very good flow through the ball.

IF Stephen Collum (Cartersville, GA):  Another switch-hitter, better bat speed right handed, very nice RH'd power, lift in his swing, aggressive approach, smooth and extended left handed just not as quick.

OF Zac Freeman (Lake Park, GA):  Quick left handed swing, has some pull/lift to his approach, barreled up everything, good strength for his size.

C Connor Lynch (Marrietta, GA):  Strong with very good bat speed, hit outstanding at East Coast Pro 2 weeks ago, tried to lift balls out today and got long, underrated prospect with commitment to Georgia Tech.

1B Keland Smith (Pleasant Grove, AL):  XXL build at 6-2, 255, surprising looseness/quickness for build, obvious strength, whips the bat head, very good looking hitter.

C Jared Curry (Buford, GA):  Good bat speed, solid overall strength, lift in his swing, lets the ball travel deep, showed his power very well.

MIF Jared Shelton (Columbus, MS):  Quick hands with some late lift, power for his size, good looking swing, squared everything up.
Southeast Underclass Top 60 Times >>

8/21/2010 1:52:18 PM

Southeast Underclass Top 60 Times

RHP Daniel Amos                     6.75
SS Travis Maezes                    6.83
OF Raheem Jackson                 6.85
OF Jarvis Miller                        6.90
MIF Kennon Menard                  7.01
1B Harry Norman                      7.02
OF Christopher Valdes-Torres     7.07
C Robbert Matthieu                   7.09
OF Parks Flowers                      7.10
OF Robert Staten                     7.11
Top 60 Times Southeast Top >>

8/21/2010 1:45:59 PM

Top 60 Times Southeast Top

OF Kyle Streicher              6.64
OF Matthew Pelt               6.66
OF Aaron Iglesias              6.75
RHP Nick Jones                 6.77
RHP James Lively              6.80
OF Zac Freeman               6.81
OF Ryan Whaley               6.85
OF Keith Grabowski           6.87
SS Casey Gibson               6.88
C Davis Knapp                  6.92
IF Nate Kuhns                  6.93
OF Adrian Farris                6.94
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